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  • Alessandro
    The best way to avoid traffic
    I'm using it almost every day to commute to work. It's a 10km trip on cycling paths, and I can recharge the scooter at the office.
    I'm over 1000km and the battery seems as good as it was when new, the tires are good and the handlebar has just a bit of wear. It's way faster than all other cyclists, and I'm not sweating to go to work. It's also very fun to drive, if you are just a bit fit you can make it jump up and down really high steps, and the structure seems to support my "extreme" riding mode really well.
    I've used the scooter in rain, snow and ice with no problem (surely the tyres will not help you to stay on the road).
    It is also fairly compact when closed, and easy to lift. It fits also in my Miata trunk!
    In 10 months I have already repaid the price of the scooter saving fuel and car wear (here in Italy gasoline price is insane).

    Only some little cons:
    - It really suffers the slopes (and I'm 65kg). If your place is hilly, no way.
    - I have destroyed the rear fender, putting the scooter in the car trunk with the handlebar locked in closed position. Laying on the side, the force was applied longitudinally to the fender, and the support broked. I'm waiting the replacement, but I will have to solder the backlight wires because they are cutted.
    - You have to periodically fasten the bolts on the front, to reduce the squeaks and the tolerance backlash of the joints.

    Anyway, this is really a good product. And definitely not a toy, but a real personal transportation device.

    Oct 03,2018

  • Jose Javier
    Excelente producto a precio inmejorable
    Compre este producto con un cupón descuento que encontré y la verdad es que estoy encantado con la relación calidad-precio.

    Ya había indagado mucho en la red sobre las características del patinete, y la marca (Xiaomi) me inspiraba mucha confianza. Lo cierto es que el producto ha cumplido con mis expectativas (y estas eran bastante altas) puesto que es un producto bien diseñado, bien construido y con buenos materiales (la batería que es una pieza clave es LG).

    Era la primera vez que hacía una compra en Gearbest y al comprar un producto tan caro estuve dudando muchísimo pero mi experiencia ha sido perfecta de principio a fin. Pude seguir el envío online y este tardó mucho menos de lo previsto (unos 15 días) por lo que mi nerviosismo desapareció rápido.

    Compra altamente recomendada, tanto por el producto en sí como por la web.
    Habría sido perfecto tener una mayor autonomía pero la edición Youth esta pensada para abaratar costes sacrificando kilómetros de uso.

    Jun 04,2018

  • Michal
    Expensive, heavy but fun
    The range seems to be way shorter in reality that it says.
    With original pumped tires it goes fast. I mean really fast, but only for a moment (2-5 minutes after full charge).
    - >>> After changing to full (tubeless) it looses A LOT of speed and … well a lot. - NOT RECOMMENDED

    The rear tire popped 3 times in 250km (repaired it myself, and there were new holes in new places later) and front just once. (The front one popping was the reason for tire change to tubeless, but I think of going back to original ones.
    Worth having the APP to connect to, just to adjust Cruise Control to yourself. Also there appered an update to the scooters software so also you should get it.

    All in all a great product, just use it carefully, do not let it 0% discharge and avoid screws on the sidewalk and high curbs.

    Nov 29,2018

  • Berni
    Very happy
    I received my (big) parcel exactly 36 working days after ordering. It was well packed and assemble it only took 5 min. I didn't have to pay custom fees. The product matches the description and specifications. I am now using it to go to work or to the fitness center and it works perfectly. It climbs the small hills without problem and I have an real autonomy of about 15km at full speed (20km indicated when fully charged, full speed is around 20km/h, I reached 22km/h last day). I am leaving in Denmark and for the moment it works fine even on wet roads.
    I hope it will work a long time now!
    For the price I have any!

    Dec 04,2017

  • bofred
    Very nice
    The bike was packed nicely but with no protecting plastic bag around it so dust from the cardboard was all over the bike. Not that big of a package I suspected.
    Assembling the bike was 4 screws with thread lock and tool included. Don’t over-tighten the soft screws, that what the thread lock is for. After the 4 screws it works flawless. Tires was pumped up and ready to roll. Easy to charge. Styling is nice.
    Quality feel is very good and easy to use. A bit heavy to carry long distances but you are able to roll it like a travelling bag besides you.
    Battery not tested yet due to the snow on the ground.
    Shipping took more than 2 month, that made us even wanting it more. Less battery than original version.

    Jan 11,2018

  • Mariusz
    Xiaomi Electric Scooter ( Youth Edition )
    Very high quality build und it looks so awesome in black with red parts. It\'s very much fun to drive it and it\'s very quiet while driving. It looks like it\'s made in year 2118 and its smart too with abs, the energy recovery system, Tempomat and the app is very useful as well. Very nice product xiaomi!
    maly zasieg

    Mar 07,2018

  • Len
    Amazing Scooter for the Price
    This thing is just perfect, the range is about 13-15km with the youth version, which is EASILY enought for all the grocery shopping you'll ever do.

    Furthermore, this thing only weights about 12kg, which is easy to carry upstairs so it won't get stolen and the battery can stay inside during the cold winter.

    The electric and mechanical brake are good complimentary tools to operate this safely. Imagine not having a mechanical brake and the electric brake not working...

    Last but not least: Build quality - absolutely amazing. You won't find any better build quality up to 1.000€, except by Xiaomi ^.^

    Nov 10,2018

  • Azat
    Xiaomi Electric Scooter (Youth Edition)
    Great scooter. Original. Delivery to Russia Ufa a little over a month, the courier brought the goods home. On the action with delivery I bought for 19,000 rubles.
    Отличный скутер. Оригинал. Доставка до России Уфы чуть больше месяца, курьер привёз товар домой. По акции с доставкой купил за 19000 рублей.

    Feb 17,2018

  • yoghi
    Xiaomi Electric Scooter ( Youth Edition )
    I received the package well packed, I wanted to start it although without showing -1gC, it is very ok. I am pleased with the fact that after the first road of about 4 km, the rear wheel was deflated, but I also ordered others (8.5 inch Wearproof Rubber Solid Tire for Xiaomi Electric Scooter)
    if we knew the wheels were so weak, we also ordered solid wheels

    Jan 05,2018

  • Mica
    Magnifique Trottinette Xiaomi
    Super rapport qualité-prix, imbattable, fidèle à cette marque qu'est Xiaomi,la version youth à moins d'autonomie,mais charge plus vite et pour un usage de loisirs, reste très correct!
    Super prix, livraison très longue 1mois et demi mais sans problèmes,sans frais supplémentaires,prennez votre mal en patience,allez y les yeux fermés.
    Prévoyez les pneus pleins et protéger votre feux stop arrière par le dessous.

    Jan 31,2018