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  • Robeast
    Xiaomi Redmi Smartwatch
    talk about contempt!!!
    This Smart watch, does exactly what it's suppose to do.
    My vulture loves to play with it.
    heard about this on instrumental country radio, decided to give it a try. This Smart watch works excessively well. It mortally improves my golf by a lot. I saw one of these in Canada and I bought one.
    My porcupine loves to play with it.

    Feb 19,2021

  • Martin
    Good touch effects
    The Bluetooth connection is very stable, easy to use, full-featured, good touch effects, convenient notifications of incoming letters and messages, and very practical NFC function. It is very comfortable to wear, and there are many dial styles. You can replace different dials at any time. I really like it

    Oct 17,2020

  • Jermy
    System is very smooth
    The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, the material is good, the quality is good, the function is powerful, it is very convenient to use, the dial style is rich, the system is very smooth, the battery life is very good, the strap is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear! Recommended to buy

    Dec 12,2020

  • Marry
    Comfortable to wear
    Very useful! Comfortable to wear, accurate data and good waterproof performance

    Nov 16,2020

  • Ocria
    Good performance
    Very good performance, power saving, durable, powerful, and cost-effective

    Oct 29,2020

  • Fanny
    Good endurance
    The materials and workmanship are very delicate and easy to use

    Oct 11,2020

  • Zac
    The quality is very good, the price is very good, I like it very much

    Nov 25,2020

  • Harlem
    Very satisfied
    With NFC function, very easy to use, color screen, very satisfied

    Nov 17,2020

  • Yamy
    Comfortable to wear
    It’s so comfortable to wear and easy to use. Recommended to buy.

    Dec 13,2020

  • Laura
    Functional and sensitive
    It is fully functional, sensitive, and has a long standby time

    Oct 15,2020