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  • Antony-john
    Amazing wowoto t8e projector
    This is my first projector i have owned and have been thoroughly impressed i was skeptical but im now very positive that i made an amazing purchase and feel that its going to be a great start to me becoming a big fan of home theatre entertainment.I gave this t8e projector 5 * as i was thouroghly impressed with build quality ,design & image quality.Pro's -Easy to set up and straight forward.Great size compact could easily throw it in a bag.It has a built in battery so it be used anywhere.Image quality is excellent crisp and clear and colours are vivid. I haven't had chance to try out 3d capabilities yet but as soon as I get the requires dlp glasses I will sure to try it. The built in speaker sounds great and not like your in a tin can this is always a big worry for me because I like a decent quality of sound and this didn't disappoint me when watching movies.It's also easy to connect games consoles via the inbuilt HDMI port. For me there was no noticeable lag and impressed me that I could play a high 60fps game and come out unhindered.Con's - Battery life has not been amazing I have used it for 1hr30min before I get notified to plug in but maybe I haven't found the right settings to get the most out of it.beside that I cannot think of anything elseI would highly recommend this product and would easily purchase another The value for money is great and has not had any regrets after the purchase.

    Jan 09,2019

  • robson sanches
    nossa top de mais o projetor .. ligo meu home theater atraves do bluetooth som fica top e tem o equalizador do projetor ainda fica melhor ainda..imagem muito massa . filmes 1080p fica perfeito ..mega silencioso parece que nen ta ligado ..kkkkkkkktela pintura na parede . 1 litro branco fosco com quatro acrilex prata ...102 polegadas ..coloquei um mouse sem fio , ficou top acessar os aplicativo ..cores perfeitas 3d top mesmo .melhor que cinema ... oculos dlp link ativo ..fazendo umas 75 polegadas fica igual uma tv fullhd ....
    unica coisa que percebi foi uma pequena falta do branco sabi , o constrast .. mais isso se resolve com uma manipulação da tela ....

    May 07,2018

  • Gregor
    I can see why it’s so popular
    We have our projector for a week now and it is beating all our expectations. Didn’t want another bulky TV on the wall, so opted for something more discrete. It’s proving to be perfect for occasional use. The in built speakers are quite powerful, though we are likely to get some external ones. Image quality is great with lots of controls over various aspects. Highly recommendable.

    Nov 29,2018

  • JordanS
    The pico projector wasn't bright enough for presentations or a home theater, the colors are vivid and the picture is clear, i'm using it along with a Verizon Fios DVR and the quality of the picture is really good, considering how large the image is on the screen, you'd be much better off using external speakers

    Oct 18,2018

  • wowoto t8e
    wowoto t8e
    This is a great projector the picture is clear. It is easy to work and has built in bluettooth and wifi you can add apps such as Netflix and Amazon prime ect...I have been using this projector for a few months and I have no problems with it. i once had it on for a stright 10 hrs no overheating or glitching isuues

    Feb 16,2019

  • Ch*n
    Great Price:Performance Ratio
    Amazing specs for the price. Super portable. Didnt take too long to deliver to Malaysia. Even came with a free international adapter - a pleasant surprise! Only let down is the touch-pad, so I mainly use the remote control for user input. A recommended buy.

    Sep 21,2018

  • Abby Turk
    The picture is pretty good for a cheaper projector and the sound isn't bad either, the only problem I have with it is the stand to make the picture higher is in the middle and makes the picture a little crooked but sticking something under one side levels it out

    Oct 09,2018

  • edgar carbri
    video proyector
    la calidad es buena, la resolución es suficiente para reproducir películas en todos los formatos, es compacto y casi no hace ruido, muy buen producto dentro de su linea de lo mejor y el precio es justocontras:el tiempo de duración de la bateria el software( no se puede actualizar)

    Aug 27,2018

  • John F, Okoneski
    Great purchase, we bought for outdoor movies in our backyard and are really impressed by how bright and clear the picture is projected onto a white shower curtain, projector came in a nice sturdy box that is great for storing it between uses

    Oct 13,2018

  • romeo
    This is a great project and great price, i use to project movies from my iPad on to a screen for outdoor movie night or the ceiling for indoor viewing, makes ` the same movie again' a new experience

    Oct 02,2018