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  • Uwaphua
    Oui (3) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    The POE cameras are working great and the picture is good and clear in each - even at night, the price was right and I like having the included waterproof connector as that was the reason my old ones finally died, I use them with Blue Iris and had no problem setting them up initially on the mobile app required to get them setup or within Blue Iris itself

    Mar 28,2018

  • Liz Messer
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    The camera is great considering that it is relatively inexpensive, the build quality feels solid in the hand, image quality is excellent even under total darkness image is decent, you can view live streamed images on your mobile device as well as save video files to your computer

    Sep 16,2018

  • Amanda D
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    The zoom feature works great on this camera, I am using this as a PoE camera so I am able to mount the camera closed to our street, which works great ... It is a great camera for a very reasonable price

    Oct 19,2018

  • Susan Kelly
    Oui (6) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    Night vision is fantastic, the recording is not in the same resolution as the live feed, moral of the story is this is a great camera, but you'll need to find your own way to store the video

    Feb 07,2018

  • Kim Runnels
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    The login page for the camera has HIKVISION logo as oppose to the other cameras I bought from CCTVWHOLESALEOUTLET which I returned - these were grey market cameras I got misled into

    Mar 11,2018

  • Mona's stuff
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    We use these cameras for commercial security so I thought I would try using with my ONVIF compliant NVR, the cameras are good and have a great picture

    Feb 14,2018

  • chadhelsing
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    This camera performs as well as many of my high end security cameras, I will likely be replacing many of my lower resolution cameras with these soon

    Jan 24,2018

  • Nina Perino
    Oui (10) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    You get what you pay for ... So it'll do the job if you want basic function and decent resolution, but don't expect to get crisp clear picture day or night

    Jan 16,2018

  • Megi I.
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    Make sure to go on their website to read the relevant user manuals -- the quick start guide that came with the camera was pretty useless for me

    Apr 29,2018

  • Nickolas Guelker
    Oui (0) Couleur: White Taille: US Plug
    I have bought a variety of IP cameras and so far these have been the best resolution for the price, they were super easy to install and setup

    Aug 23,2018