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  • Laura Quave
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    Lets start off with the best feature of this relatively low cost projector ..., i was looking for a projector to use as a full time entertainment system with either a Roku or Fire Stick that I could use at all times of the day without needing to keep the window blinds closed and after trying another more expensive and more portable device I decided to try this and I'm so glad I did, i'm currently using this against a semi yellowish flat wall and the picture quality is really good so I can only imagine the quality will be way better when I get a projection screen, the fan is not loud and you will only hear it if you are really close to the projector or when it revs up at shutdown to cool down the lamp, the not so great about this projector is the speaker ... do yourself a favor and get an external speaker you can attach via the aux port as you'll get crappy sound quality and will struggle to hear much of anything is a regular sized room

    Sep 18,2018

  • Javier O.
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    I spent a lot of time researching projectors that would give me a great picture quality for backyard movie viewing, the image quality it's adjustable for clarity as well as for angle adjustment, at night the picture quality is crystal clear, the picture quality isn't as crisp and clear on the afternoon as it is in the pitch black of night, there is also a picture mode setting so that you can automatically adjust your projected image/movie with some preset picture modes

    Sep 03,2018

  • CarlK
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    Ok im sure many other reviews have all the specs you can read them from those im here to tell u it works as indicated, the pictures u see here look much worse then the actual quality you will get but hopefully u get some understanding, you can see the picture brightness is amazing, the projector is much lighter than expected

    Sep 02,2018

  • Walmos
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    Good product, it does what I needed it for indoor and outdoor presentations, it is somewhat bulky at least compared to the Epson I had before this that had similar features and lumens, i think I like the DLP technology which this product has better than the LCD technology which is also common

    Oct 15,2018

  • R. Jennings
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    The projector looked fantastic, how big I could get the picture, i built my own screen stand out of simple pine and a couple heavy posts, the screen looked great and the picture was fantastic, my son and his friends had a blast playing Fortnite on the XBOX One on a huge screen

    Oct 06,2018

  • M. Dermody
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    The picture quality on this projector is amazing, i've worked with multiple projectors, this one has such a clear picture, there's no distortion as you make the picture larger, the speaker is decent for such a small projector, i would hook up speakers to get more volume

    Oct 13,2018

  • I love useful things!
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    This was an amazing purchase I ordered it on Saturday and it arrived on Monday, what a great picture for the price, considering I had another name brand projector that cost way more with the same picture, happy customer I am

    Jul 29,2018

  • D. Sabet
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    We haven't had our first outdoor movie on it yet but I did try it out on the side of my pole barn ... the picture was great and it was huge !! This was a great buy ... my kids are very excited and are ready to start our summer movie nights

    Oct 03,2018

  • Cyberbio
    Oui (7) Couleur: Black Taille: EU Plug
    I was very impressed at the clarity of the picture and the great color separation, the brightness would not be suitable for outside during the afternoon, i'm sure image quality would only increase with a proper screen

    Oct 07,2018

  • Kenneth McLennan
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    I used it to project a PPT in a conference room lit with indoor lighting fluorescent maybe and brightness was very good, it would have been nice to have a protective cover for the lens as available on many projectors

    Aug 11,2018