Original OBS Engine NANO RTA
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Original OBS Engine NANO RTA

- NOIR 207976101

5.3ml / 25mm / Remplir en haut à côté
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Caractéristiques principales:
Système de remplissage supérieur
Flux d'air haut
Capacité: 5,3 ml
Diamètre: 25mm
Discussion: 510
Matériau: acier inoxydable et verre


Détails du Produit

Marque: OBS
Type: reconstructible atomiseur,réservse reconstructible
atomiseur reconstructible: RBA,RTA
Couleur Disponible: Noir,Argent
Matières: Verre,Acier Inoxydable
Capacité de Réservoir: 5,3 ml
Fil: 510
Diamètre global: 25mm

Poids et Dimension

Poids du produit: 0.350 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 5.45 x 2.50 x 2.50 cm / 2.15 x 0.98 x 0.98 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 8.50 x 6.50 x 4.50 cm / 3.35 x 2.56 x 1.77 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Engine NANO RTA, 1 x Verre de rechange, 1 x Sac d'accessoires RTA
Original OBS Engine NANO RTA- Black

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Avis des Clients

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  • Loucas
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black
    OBS Engine Nano Review
    Even with the supplied coil I am getting great flavor off this at 48w but for how I like to vape, it's a little on the cool side and I know a bigger coil will perform better. The kind of coil you can't really run as dual, for me, that's what this tank is all about. That's not to say a single gauge 26, 24g wouldn't be good, it all depends on how you vape I guess. I got no leaks, as, it can't leak, no spit back, not even after filling which I got on the dual coil engine, lovely swooshy airflow, another great tank from OBS, they have been killing it lately. Looks wise, not much has changed on the outside, the pattern at the top is a bit different but all in all it's the same, that goes for the drip tip which is also the same.
    I'm sitting here trying to think of one, I can't find any cons, maybe after some time with it but as of now, it's just a solid tank. Well made, threads are smooth, get a spare glass, o rings and screws ect.. I will update this review with a new build, it will be interesting to see if the wicking can keep up at higher wattage, I can't test that with this coil.

    May 16,2017 11:26:16

  • em0_tion
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black
    OBS Engine Nano RTA Black
    - great matte black paint, none-painted 510 connection, awesome Nanoengine and Propeller designs on the chamber, looks awesome on black mods like my VooPoo DRAG; - easy to build on deck, great leak-proof design for RBA beginners; - great DL airflow, no whistle sounds whatsoever; - glass survived a table tilt drop :) - 510 Delrin mouthpiece is really comfortable; - doesn't get hot even if chain-vaped; - easy to fill big @$$ juice side port;
    - not a MTL device for sure, no matter how much you close the airflow; - old wick channels design - you can easily get dry hits or a flooded deck without the correct wicking technique (check photos for a tip or watch Vaping with Vic's review in YT); - bell top collects condensation so expect some hot lava spits every now and then (~2 tank refills), definitely don't forget to clean it with every deck disassembly; - flavor is often slightly muted due to the design of the whole RTA, consider a newer age RTA and just straight up skip it if this is not your 1st RBA; - side filling cap is one big mess, always left with a juice trail to wipe off... argh... just inconvenient; - price could be a lil lower considering so much time has passed and there are a lot of new products out there, but hey, build quality is amazing so all in all worth it;

    Feb 25,2018 19:09:36

  • CaptDJB
    Oui (2) Couleur: Silver
    2nd OBS Nano
    Own a "few" single coil RTA's and have to say the OBS NANO rates #1 for me for several reasons NO leaks even in this heat ! It's my GO TO when out and about in FL EASY build deck FLAVOR plus more FLAVOR (YMMV depending on wick and coil type) My preference is a single (GeekVape) 24G SS316L spaced 5 wraps 3.5mm ID and Cotton Bacon V2 GearBest makes it easy for one stop shopping - 10 days delivered This is my 2nd OBS Nano from GearBest and might well add another - it's just that GREAT for me!

    Aug 16,2017 02:23:32

  • Abdul
    Oui (0) Couleur: Silver
    Terrfic RTA
    Single coil deck Juice capacity Fits in most builds Great build Quality My current favourite, put in any build and this works like a charm!!! I'm a big fan of the dual coil OBS Engine, so had to try the single coil Nano version. It's very simple to build -- the offset holes on the posts make an easy build even easier. Simple to wick, simple to fill, and zero leaking. The flavor is good - not as good as the dual coil Engine, but pretty much on point.

    Apr 13,2017 14:38:15

  • Ferdinand Colon
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black
    Awesome RTA
    One of the best flavor and building RTAs to date! The rta came machine oil free. But it's always a good idea to washout with soap. I put on a alien build reading .45ohms and the flavor is amazing. So easy to build on, good for vapors that are getting into doing their first build. Great job on this one. I love it so much I'll be ordering another one in stainless steel!!!
    No cons at all!!!! I cannot find a con for this RTA. And I'm a picky person when it comes to RATs But NOPE NO CONS for this one :)

    Nov 28,2017 18:14:06

  • ricardo
    Oui (1) Couleur: Silver
    OBS Engine NANO RTA
    Despite its shortcomings, I actually liked the OBS Engine RTA quite a bit. The airflow system was definitely intriguing and the no-leak guarantee was definitely a plus. I’m glad to see that OBS have managed to improve on the original design, while keeping the elements that made it successful in the first place. So if you’re looking for a decently-priced quality single-coil RTA, I definitely recommend the OBS Engine Nano.

    Jul 13,2017 19:25:14

  • TPista
    Oui (0) Couleur: Silver
    Nem is értem, hogy miért nem ilyen minden kazán! :) A töltőnyílásnál a tömítés lehúzza a gyűrű belső feléről a lötyit, ami aztán a lezáráskor kiül a szélére. Ezt az OBS előző tankjainál megszoktam.. DE! Még folyamatos gőzképzés közepette, 3-4-5 tank elpárologtatása után, eldőlve-rázva sem folyik ki belőle semmi! :) Rendelni fogok belőle még... Kételkedtem a felső légnyílás hatékonyságában, de szellősebb, mint az ACE. Arról nem beszélve, hogy az első RTA-m, amibe a flat-clapton tekerés minden probléma nélkül beszerelhető! 100%-ig elégedett vagyok vele.
    Kicsit nehéz a szereléshez széttekerni a bázist és a többi részt.. De sűrűn nem is kell! ;)

    Feb 01,2018 18:37:43

  • Jahl
    Oui (0) Couleur: Silver
    OBS Engine NANO RTA
    Cena produktu jak zwykle atrakcyjna i konkurencyjna. Produkt w pełni zgodny z opisem na stronie a szczególną uwagę zwraca solidne wykonanie i budowa, która umożliwia łatwe użytkowanie i czyszczenie. Mój pierwszy atomizer, który naprawdę nie cieknie co potrafi naprawdę cieszyć. Bezproblemowy system montażu grzałek, bardzo przyjazny system napełniania liquidem. Bogaty asortyment dodatkowy w postaci części zapasowych
    Szkoda jedynie, że nie ma dodatkowego ustnika... dla kogoś kto zwraca uwagę na wygląd kształt oryginalnego może się nie podobać choć szczerze mówiąc mi nie przeszkadza... kwesta gustu ;)

    Jan 13,2018 12:57:32

  • Vasilis
    Oui (0) Couleur: Silver
    One more EXCELLENT Engine! Best RTA
    I loved the Engine from its first version! For me this is the top atomizer! Nano is even easier to build as it takes only one coil but does not give up any of the flavor! Wicking is a walk in the park! Quality is right at the top! The ring moving up and down closing the airflow when filling is absolutely brilliant! NO LEAKING what so ever! For me it remains the best RTA I ever had!

    Jul 10,2017 15:49:49

  • Demetriou Marios
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black
    OBS Engine NANO
    I Think OBS Engine NANO is the best Single Coil tank for me it is for sure, I Have changed many tanks and this the best, highly recommended Nice Looking Very easy to install coil absolutely nothing leaks Grade 10/10 believe me, i am very difficult person to choose tanks, as i see OBS Engine NANO is the best I will buy another shortly
    Absolutely nothing

    Jun 03,2017 23:00:20

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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