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  • Rick
    Fantastic Pocket Rocket
    Now this was my favourite flashlight purchase in a long time. I saw a review of this on YouTube and then found it on flashsale here at Gearbest and decided to pull the trigger. It works with a single 18650 or 26650 cell (only tested it on the 18650 since I still don´t have the larger one). It works beautifully! A real pocket rocket, throws a beam better than my Convoy * and Armytek Predators which are also to very good throwers. Got it on the 5000k, yellow light version and it is perfect for rural areas which is my case.
    It has 5 brightness intensities, being the lowest capable of shining the way during night walks (no moolight on this light) and the highest excellent for spotting objects and animals at least a good 200 meters away in complete darkness. Intermediate modes are all well spaced and very useful too.
    It is larger then the other throwers I mentioned but still very comfortable to carry and walk around.
    Has a built in usb charger that charges 2amps and is faster than any other charger I own.
    Another nice feature is the breathing mode where you can leave the flashlight on standby and it lightens up a purple dim light for you to locate your flashlight when needed.
    It also has Strobe and SOS modes and thankfully those are hidden. I love it and think that it´s the best thrower you can buy at it´s price point. So happy I bought a second one because I think that they will probably be discontinued very soon, since that seems to be the way things go when GB puts products on clearence sales.
    No Holster provided. No moonlight mode available. Other than that, it´s the perfect flashlight.

    Jul 15,2018

  • Sanjay Khatana
    Excellent Thrower
    First of all I want to inform you all about the 2nd group mode which includes a beacon mode and a battery check mode also in addition to strobe and SOS.  By default it comes in 1st mode which only has strobe, standby and SOS mode only. The 2nd mode has strobe, standby, SOS, beacon and battery check mode. 

    You have to long press and hold the switch from off for 5 to 6 seconds till the flashlight turns off and blinks. When it blinks twice you will be in the 2nd group mode. Double tap to get to strobe, standby, SOS and beacon followed by the battery check mode and then turbo without the timer. After the beacon mode the flashlight will turn off and the led inside the switch will light up in blue for max charge and red for low. 

    The flashlight is quite small and fits

    Extremely tight and far reaching focused beam. 

    Easy one switch operation.

    In built charging and you can use the lower mode while charging so you are not left in total dark.

    The flashlight did not get warm like my other high power flashlights.

    Can easily tail stand

    At this price you will never ever get such a high quality flashlight. If you are planning to buy one definitely go for it.
    The flashlight should have a 26650 battery included. It is nearly impossible to get one here in India at a reasonable price. I am using 18650.

    It rolls away without the lanyard so you have to keep it face down.

    While charging if the power is interrupted it turns on and even when you switch off the charger after full charge, the flashlight turns on. 

    Charging port cover opens up frequently because the edge is a bit more protruding. 

    The switch too soft and it is not recessed enough. More than often it gets clicked even when you don't intend to. It's not easy to locate the switch in the dark and many times the soft button gets pressed when you search for it.

    No lock out mode, you have to slightly loosen the tak cap to break the connection and it works fine.

    May 05,2018

  • Michael
    Utorch ut02
    This light is a extremely hardcore search and rescue light seems like its a legit 700 meters light and it's a very bright 1300 lumens it's well made the build quality is just like the high end flashlights such as thrunite, olight, armytek, Klarus, streamlight, nitecore, lumintop eagle eye, etc I can keep naming them it will take forever it is a xhp35 hi emitter .. even in low mode beam it shoots out there it has 5 light setting including S.O.S strobe and breathing mode. It does come with a manual a lanyard spare Orings a USB charging cable and a 18650 adapter so you don't have to use the 26650 battery but I would recommend using the 26650 ... the price is beautiful for this type a light just a low budget light just like the convoys
    No cons on the flashlight but wish it came with holster no battery included but then the price would go up so I'd rather use the batteries i have

    Mar 01,2017

  • LWH
    This is my current favorite flashlight! It's a perfect light for my use. XHP35 Cree led emitter powered by a boost driver using only a 18650/26650 battery, side e-switch and a double spring tailcap. Throw is extremely good and doesn't overheat much. 5000k color tint's good, no rings.. Very smooth lubed threads and very solid feel. Packaging and instruction is very standard. I will buy this again for sure just for that different tint.. Good brand, good quality, good product, good packaging.. Good job, Utorch!
    A big 'NO'.

    May 27,2017

  • chris
    great flashlight at this price
    had this light a few months now and must say when i first got it i was blown away with just how powerful it is at this price point

    I actually use this torch nearly everyday and is my most used light (big collection) my only niggle is that the on/off switch sometimes plays up and refuses to come on and go off.. a couple of screws of the head seems to cure it - but it only happens about 1 in 20 so i can live with that

    hard to complain about this product at this pricepoint though

    Apr 05,2019

  • Zender
    First of all packaging is fantastic, hard box with a lot of protection in it so the light can't been damaged in transport.
    Second a build quality of this light is really impressive, it is very very powerfull for such a compact size, but it is not light, probably for its thick and heavy body. Good thing also is that it come with 26650 to 18650 adapter so it can also be used with 18650 cells.
    Personally I don't like why there is no back switch for this light, it is just my need maybe someone like only one switch.

    Jul 22,2017

  • Matthew
    Great Thrower!
    This is a great little thrower light, and I do mean little. The light is smaller than I expected, but with great output. I have included a picture with a soda can for scale. For a handheld spot light this is a great option, for an area illuminator not so much. I use the light on the farm to spot things a ways off (usually critters). The onboard charging is great and very fast for the 22650 cells. This has become my go to back door light.
    As long as you understand this is has a tight focused beam you will be happy with it.

    Apr 04,2017

  • Anatoli
    Utorch UT02 LED Flashlight
    Довольно мощный поисковый фонарь с замашками на дальнобойность. Возможность установки "долгоиграющего" аккумулятора типа 26650. Водонепроницаемость на высоком уровне. Мой выбор!
    Quite powerful search lamp with manners on range. Possibility of installation of the "long-playing" accumulator of 26650 type. Water tightness at the high level. My choice!
    Пока не обнаружил.
    I haven't found yet.

    Mar 01,2018

  • Justin
    Utorch UT02
    Excellent thrower. Neutral white option is very nice to see - too many lights only come in cool white. A boost driver ensure constant output, even as the battery drains. Some competitors will get dimmer as the battery is depleted. The ability to use 26650 cells provides excellent runtime, although it does come with a spacer to let you use 18650s if you really want to.
    UI isn't the greatest. Have to long-press to turn the light off, and click to change modes. This is particularly annoying when a double click activates Strobe. So if you try to change modes too quickly, it is easy to find yourself in Strobe. Would rather see a UI that uses a single press to turn on/off, and hold to change modes.

    Jan 23,2018

  • Alec
    Народный дальнобойник
    Более симпатичный, чем на фото и не такой узкопрофильный дальнобой (по крайней мере в условиях квартиры). Сначала в руках кажется тяжеловатым, потом привыкаешь. Под стеклом никаких пылинок не обнаружил. Оттенок света приятный (теплый).
    Есть маленькая царапина на одном из ребер охлаждения. Защитная резинка слишком легко цепляется.

    Jan 20,2018