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  • eric aronov
    Utorch Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Lamp
    Very good Utorch Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Lamp and good design quality, fast delivery and full compatibility with my device, thanks a lot for the gearbest, a few days later I was satisfied with the quality and purchase, everything came on time as usual, I think in the future I will buy as many purchases from this seller as possible, I have never been disappointed not with the quality of not the time of the package and not using it.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Allen
    Good and simple compact product
    Good and simple compact product, afective only at total darkness and small rooms apartments. Not very afective for big places such living rooms and outdoors yards, (for this we need somthing really big such like a barrel with strong bright light as a bolt of lightning...:) For regulars rooms it's OK near the bad in the dark, the light and the fan are weak enough not to interfere. Natural without chemicals, radiation and other unwanted bad things. Probably I'll buy more for other rooms.. Credit to the inventor of the idea and not necessarily to the maker...;)

    May 06,2019

  • Vali
    Nice and Useful little lamp
    Order came pretty quick, all well packaged in a cardboard box.
    The package includes lamp and a small user guide that contains useful information. Be sure to follow those, for effective results.
    I usually leave it running in the bedroom when it gets dark outside, so it's the only light source in the room.
    Light and fan noise are very discreet, so they don't disturb at all.
    It's summer in here, so I caught a couple of bastards so far.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Harrison
    Utorch Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Lamp
    Owning this gadget has just bought me a peaceful sleep. Coming from a place with a burden of Malaria transmitted by Mosquitos this device goes a long way.

    Effective during the night with it only being the source of Light. I would recommend and buy it again anytime soon. The shipping took the stated time period. I am just not sure how long it will last but keeping the fingers crossed.

    Jun 02,2019

  • JM
    Prodotto interessante, silenzioso, non disturba
    Come da titolo, questo prodotto, soprattutto di notte, risulta piuttosto silenzioso (c'è un leggerissimo rumore di ventola, ma si sente a malapena). La luce di colore violetta è molto discreta e non impedisce in nessun modo di addormentarsi.
    Non ho ancora avuto modo di verificare l’efficacia, la stagione estiva non essendo ancora iniziata.
    Non essendo fornita, necessita di una presa 220v -> USB, quindi tipo carica batterie del telefono oppure di una power bank, però non ho idea della potenza necessaria per fare tutta la notte.

    May 28,2019

  • miclos
    the product works
    Over time, I've tested many solutions without chemicals, anti-mosquitoes. Because the results have always been less than desirable, I had doubts that this product will work. And yet, last night the mosquitoes have not bothered me and I found some dead ones this morning. The product, however, produces a slight noise from the integrated fan.

    Jul 04,2019

  • A.Charles
    works great
    This is my first time to buy this kind of mosquito killer. We need to remind you that when using this mosquito killer, do not turn on the light, do not open the doors and Windows, make sure that the mosquito killer is the only light source, do not open frequently, after a period of time you will find that there are many dead mosquitoes inside! As long as I clean it up, I can continue to use it. I want to add another room for another room.

    Mar 05,2019

  • peter
    Működik :)
    A teszt éjszaka folyamán 3 jószágot sikerült csapdába ejtenie a többiek sikeresen elkerülték. De valószínűleg minden rovar a csapdában végezte volna előbb-utóbb. Tehát... Működik :)

    :) A kék fény nem zavaró (engem nem zavar).
    :) A működése halk.

    Maga a szerkezet jól néz ki, de közelebbről megvizsgálva elég gagyi műanyagból van. Nem ajánlott elejteni.
    A kábel vége USB a másik vége viszont fixen rögzítve a készülékbe.
    Sokkal jobb lenne az USB-MicroUSB páros.


    Sep 27,2019

  • Evgeny
    улавливатель комаров
    доставка почтой. коробка вся помятая, товар выжил.
    по самому устройству, думал агрегат будет миниатюрный, в работе ещё не испытывал, т.к комары только просыпаются. субъективно есть впечатление, что вентилятор на всасывание слабоват. наши Сибирские комары матерые.
    как товар для дома имеет место быть.

    May 29,2019

  • hokku
    I was secretly hopeing to see a random mosquito fly up and get sucked into it.
    I was secretly hopeing to see a random mosquito fly up and get sucked into it. One of the times I got the most satisfaction from seeing an insect die was when I was working on a ford diesel truck running with the air cleaner off and a moth that was just bugging the hell out of me flew too close to the open intake and got sucked in. It must have been a bad rest of the day for him...

    May 06,2019