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  • Yvonne
    Good Buy
    when comparing features to brand name phone in the U.S. the is the price of a refurbished phone, but you are receiving a new phone.
    I loved the price and features. The phone is a little thick, but l do want it to last. The activation process was easy.
    One big advantage of this phone is the price. You get the best features of expensive phones for less.
    I would recommend this phone to all especially those that have accidents with phones.

    Jul 30,2020

  • Lucy
    beautiful phone
    This is a very beautiful phone. It's big and heavy, I can tell at a glance (it is about 100 grams heavier than the Samsung and Motorola models, and is about twice as thick). Nevertheless, it is not unpleasant to use. The pocket is a bit bulky. I haven't submerged it yet, but I live on water and love this ability. So far, everything has worked as advertised. Of course, this car is worth the money, especially if it can be as advertised.

    Sep 05,2020

  • Casie
    Love this rugged phone
    I bought this because I was tired of replacing my beloved Samsung Note, and now my 9 screen is also broken. Since Note 3 came out, I have been using Note. I am highly skeptical of anything else, but I did some research and decided to choose Ulefone 7E among Blackview and CAT series phones. I am not an engineer, so I cannot say that I can do better. Love this rugged phone, highly recommended!!

    Aug 29,2020

  • cjk
    mobile phone Ulefone Armor 7e
    this strong mobile phone is great to have around at varying working situations. no more afraid to break something. all present functions do as was described, and is satisfying. the provided extra screen protector did adhere perfectly. the only little set back is the switch to turn it on. it is a little too easy to be pressed, and many times it the phone is activated without need.

    Sep 29,2020

  • Simon Hallwod
    favorite phone
    I have been using ULEFONE armor for several years. Upgraded once a year, but never needed. This armored 7E model is a pinnacle project from them. The fingerprint reader is where you can pick it up and touch the side. The whole phone is well-made and amazing. The battery life has far exceeded my expectations.

    So far, Armor 7E is my favorite phone in the past 20 years.

    Aug 17,2020

  • R.T

    Sep 17,2020

  • Dave the rave
    Armor 7
    Really good for the price. 4gb ram is enough for and 128gb space is perfect. Not a phone for gaming but a good solid phone with great signal and nfc.

    Jul 27,2020

  • Dave the rave
    Ulefone armor 7e
    Really good for the price. 4gb ram is enough for and 128gb space is perfect. Not a phone for gaming but a good solid phone with great signal and nfc.

    Jul 27,2020

  • Stelios
    I am very satisfied
    I had a very successful experience with gear best
    I had my doubts at first but everything worked out fine.

    Fast delivery

    Jun 09,2020

  • Wendy
    great phone
    The only problem I found was that the speaker during the call was defective. Overall, it is a great phone

    Aug 12,2020