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  • Tonio
    ulefon armor 7 gran bel prodotto
    sono pochi giorni che ho ricevuto il cellulare e posso dire che il cellulare è valito un po pesante ma decisamente ROBUSTO. ha una risoluzione schermo davvero ottima, le fotocamere valide, la batteria dura 48 ore con un utilizzo costante, il telefono attualmente risulta molto veloce, non ho ancora provato la fotocamera subaquea e non posso darvi un giudizio, l'audio del cellulare è molto forte.
    unica e piccola pecca ogni tanto il touch screen non risponde immediatamente e lo sblocco dell'impronta a volte non riconosce al primo colpo.
    Per chi usa il cellulare in ambienti ostili come spiaggia, cantieri, montagna, sport estremi è decisamente CONSIGLIATO.

    Feb 04,2020

  • Elton
    Works as described
    Phablet came in timely manner and it is great phablet for this price. Tough, fast, great. It's a little heavy, but hey, it's RUGGED. Really rugged. I've had it a few weeks and all works fantastic, all the feautures are nice.. Battery life is crazyyyy good...this is the best one I've ever owned. Overall great experience, I will never waste big money on a name branded phone again, this phablet has it all and at a fraction of the price. For the price you paying is not bad phablet.

    Dec 01,2019

  • Evgeny Zachary
    Amazing, no regrets!
    I just received the Ulefone Armor 7 4G Phablet today, and I am blown away by its performance. I have a lot of Android phones and this one is simply awesome. I've put it through hell and the battery has exceeded my expectations. This phablet easily has the best battery performance I have ever seen. The camera is great, the screen is bright and has great resolution. The processor is fast, and everything has been running smoothly. This phablet is worth a try!

    Nov 30,2019

  • Viljuska
    5 Sterne mit Recht. Das Handy übertrifft alle Erwartungen für den Preis. Top Kamera, Kratzfest und kann kaum zerstört werden. Perfekt für Leute die auf der Baustelle arbeiten. Runterfallen kein Thema durch die Gummierten Ecken ist der Display bestens geschützt. Andere Handys geben da schon auf. Ich gabe es schon weiterempfohlen und werde es jedem weiterempfehlen. Der Klang aus den Lautsprechern ist besser als mein Samsung Galaxy S8 plus und von der Kamera mit 42MP muss man nichts mehr dazu sagen. Einfach nur Top Top Top.

    Jan 31,2020

  • Tim Chick
    So far so good
    I'm testing on 3 network in UK. Google pay is working, VoWiFi, 5GHz hotspot mode, camera good. Screen bright and clear. Wireleas chargjng working well. Dual SIM is fine (other sim on O2). The performance and storage is great. Haven't found any problems yet. Minus points - fingerprint sensor is active all the time, so you lock yourself out of the phone carrying it. Colours seem a little off on screen, with no way to adjust.

    Jan 19,2020

  • Joey
    reliability and performance
    I bought this phone more than a week ago. As I write this article, in general, it can handle all my apps without dropping calls, So far, it is very reliable, I have given up on it, I use it in humid and wet environment, it works perfectly. Its battery life is impeccable, and it can complete a full 8 hours of work with moderate use

    I bought it for its reliability and performance

    Sep 05,2020

  • Fola
    very good phone
    Work well. The buttons on the side I wish we could be harder, so it is easy to accidentally press them. The smooth case allows the phone to fall out of the pocket when bent. As a mechanic, this shows how durable the phone is. The operation is smooth and fast. The large battery makes it very heavy, but you will not drain the battery's energy. I must say this is a very good phone

    Aug 31,2020

  • T. Lyssy
    Impressive phablet
    I was not sure what to expect but I am pleased with this purchase and the brand. Great phablet for the price, works great so far, battery life is super great and battery lasts a good few days with moderate use. Haven't had any really big issues. No water contamination on the camera lens. Excellent value and utility for the price. I would purchase this phablet again.

    Dec 03,2019

  • Muli
    battery life is the best
    I must say that in terms of overall performance and longevity, I have never really been impressed with either of these two phones. Buying this phone is an attempt, a brand new brand, but you can also see if this phone can also be used with my relatively crude phone. This phone does all of this with complete ease, and the battery life is the best

    Aug 12,2020

  • Mark Fazekas
    The package arrived in a perfect shape, and inside scheduled timeframe.
    The phone is working well, everything is good.
    Very fast, clean, super size. Call of Duty Mobile is working in full-full graphics and no overheating. The battery is real a longlife one.
    I love this phone!
    Thank you Gearbest for the cool price!

    Jan 15,2020