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  • Michael F Walker
    Sometimes I read the reviews and get a little nervous because it seems there are all these problems big and small but I have nothing but a smooth experience, two cameras on the back that give you AMAZING photos akin to the iPhone X photos my friend takes with his phone, I love the default camera and gallery apps because they have amazing features, and modern phone for such a cheap price ever : budget phones have finally caught up

    Jul 24,2018

  • John C Wilson
    The cameras are okay and can produce great photos in good loghting, Low light performance isn't great but I guess it's usable just not impressive, Am not a selfie person but I guess the same can be said for the front cameras they're good but suffers in low lighting, Gaming on this device isn't the best but it's good enough for almost everyone, Build quality is great, Sound quality is solid one speaker but it's gets the job done

    Aug 14,2018

  • Cap Art
    I transferred her data and disabled the minimal bloatware on the phone, The screen is fantastic for the price and colors pop out, Battery is probably the best feature though -- she is able to consistently have quite a bit of battery left by the end of the day after moderate usage playing Pokemon GO, It blows my mind that you can get this quality of phone for such a low price now

    Jun 15,2018

  • Mogwaye
    mauvais service client mais appareil ok
    Réception du xiaomi redmi note 5 en 15 jours environs. J'ai voulu annulé ma commande mais GearBest m'a mené en bateau jusqu'à l'envoi. Sachez donc qu'annuler sa commande est impossible. Ils prétexteront que le colis est déjà partit même si c'est faux.
    Attention avec la couleur dite " or " qui vire plutôt vers le rose.
    Ceci étant l'appareil est de très bonne qualité pour un prix très intéressant (143€) . Si vous n'êtes pas pressé et sur de votre choix vous serez satisfait.

    Oct 02,2018

  • Dan King
    The screen is solid enough, Overall call quality is decent, The exterior design is modern, Performance is great for the price to performance ratio, like what the international model has ... Camera is great for this price range

    Jul 16,2018

  • Don T
    Excellent screen while it does have a slight glow on black background, It may be partly due to the weight for its overall size, Camera is a little slower and lower quality than expected, Device is not waterproof

    Aug 10,2018

  • K. Fischer
    I just began using this phone and the rating might change if I experience any early problems within the first year of use, Right of the bat I can say it is a good phone at a great price considering its size

    Jul 08,2018

  • Joe Tamel
    The camera is reasonable for the price and every other feature I need in a phone meets or exceeds my expectation, gave it out as present to get the Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked

    Jul 19,2018

  • Hello My Name Is _Slim Shady______
    You just need a good reliable smartphone with a good camera THIS IS THE PHONE FOR YOU, a bigger screen, So yeah I hope this review helps you make a decision and save your coins

    Jun 14,2018

  • Doug Bowker
    I took it to the T-Mobile store and the man there adjusted a couple settings and this phone gets reception and network speed seemingly better than my old T-Mobile device

    Jul 19,2018