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  • Rodrigo Al.
    Oui (0) Couleur: gris
    Not the best as the rest of Xiaomi phones
    Bad camera performance: even if the pictures are good, the way to shot them are badly. The camera take like 2 seconds to take the pictures, also the movements looks so slow and lagged, not a thing that should be on a phone like thisNot HD audio: the audio in-put on this phone is generic and not HD like the rest of xiaomi phone. not matter if you have a 7.0 surround razer ear phones, the audio will be poor and low. But the speakers sound loud and clear (which have no sense)Android one: lack of features that you will miss from MIUI, not recommended if you're fan of MIUI.Pros:Good screen, not bad as everyone says, have colorful colors and you can't notice the pixels so its awesome, also the pixels are turned off when there's a total black, due to the amoled.Good speakers sounds, loud and clear with a feeling of good bass too.Good performance due to the SD 665, it is really smooth on everything!Awesome camera pics, have a bit of noise but they're awesome and more if you use the Google Cam

    Nov 11,2019

  • CBLK
    Oui (0) Couleur: Azul
    Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded .Excellent phone , super quick delivery "only 5 days" highly recommanded

    Oct 30,2019

  • Theo
    Oui (2) Couleur: gris
    Truly Smooth Device
    Extremely battery efficient device. After 15 minutes of use, maybe will loose 1 percentage of battery!!!!!Smooth, fast, no lags.Amazing camera Crystal clear fotos.Signal is perfect.Loudspeaker is loud enough,not the loudest though.Amoled 730p is fine for me.Both ways notification on Amoled (AOD is not available), but notification is shown os screen for few senonds ,+ Notification Led Light.Supports Fast charging but the 18w charger is not included.FREE CASE.NO SCREEN PROTECTOR.

    Sep 28,2019

  • Qwanz
    Oui (0) Couleur: Azul
    Best phone ever
    First, the phone was shipped in very good packaging, I used DHL, I didn't pay custom duties, because the seller wrote on the package that it's value is under 100$Second, I really liked this phone, it is very beautiful, well built, not heavy and no light, it has a beautiful screen and very good brightness (however it is HD but it's AMOLED), it's very fast and doesn't get hot, it supports multitasking with heavy apps very good.The battery is incredible, I use it two days completely then I charge it, and it charges super fast using the original charger.It is a great value for money

    Nov 03,2019

  • super poco
    Oui (0) Couleur: Azul
    Xiaomi MI A3
    Le design du Xiaomi MI A3 est très réussi son dos est très beau je l'ai pris en bleu et cela fait des reflets du plus bel effet. L'écran occupe toute la façade grâce à l'encoche en forme de goutte d'eau et c'est très agréable. Les performances sont au rendez-vous grâce à un CPU Snapdragon 665 et un GPU Adreno 610, de plus Android One est plus léger car il n'y a pas de surcouche logiciel. La batterie est très bonne avec une capacité de 4030 mAh. Il est juste dommage que l'écran oled ne soit pas de meilleur qualité : seulement 286 ppp. Android One permet des mises à jour Android OS pendant deux ans et des mises à jour de sécurité pendant trois ans ce qui est très rassurant.

    Oct 25,2019

  • Max
    Oui (1) Couleur: Azul
    Unbelievable, very good device for the price
    Gorgeous device, small (6 inches now become small), Amoled screen with on screen fingerprint, Snapdragon 665 with latest Android 9. 48Mp Sony Imx586 is the cherry, together with huge battery with quick charge 4 support (standard charger is although 5V 2A. Android One is the system you can love or hate, its rude id compared to Miui, Emui etc.. But is always smart and fast.

    Sep 07,2019

  • Maynor
    Oui (3) Couleur: Azul
    Muy buen teléfono
    El teléfono llegó muy rápido y a pesar de que llevo usándolo solamente unos días y es excelente. En la mayoría de aplicaciones no se nota la baja resolución de la pantalla y el sensor de huellas se siente lento, pero en ningún momento ha fallado. En general lo recomiendo mucho la calidad es impresionante al igual que las cámaras y mejora mucho usando la Gcam. El cargador es versión europea pero el vendedor agrega un adaptador gratis.

    Sep 29,2019

  • Peter
    Oui (0) Couleur: gris
    Looks great!
    Received after 13 days - central EU, by DHL without any other custom duty payments. Just GREAT!Expected much more wider phone. It looks great and slim. Fingerprint works perfectly for now. Also display quality is very good even you can find discussions on forums that it is very low resolution - but for usual people it is totally sufficient. Check on your local store and you will see. And you can play a lot with making photos.Very nice and good phone for this price!

    Sep 05,2019

  • Jam
    Oui (1) Couleur: Azul
    Buen terminal
    En algún momento contcté con Gearbest por un tema del envío y el estado del mismo y me contestaron rápido. El problema no era suyo, era la empresa Correos que por algún motivo desactivo el seguimiento. El terminal cumple con mis expectativas, no tiene una pantalla full hd pero para mi uso y lo que le pido al móvil es perfecto por el precio que lo conseguí. La batería me dura un día mínimo usando el terminal bastante. Pro's : Cámara fotografica, CPU, RAM y memoria interna rápida.Contras : Ninguno. Podría mencionar la pantalla pero en mi caso la veo perfecta para el uso que le estoy dando.

    Sep 30,2019

  • Pavel
    Oui (0) Couleur: Azul
    Mi A3
    I ordered this Mi A3 with DHL, because my old phone is totally damaged and couldn't be use. That's cost me additional custom tax that I think is included in order. So I gave more that I expected. LESSON LEARNED NO DHL.Very well packed, fast shipping. Nice looking device. Can give additional review later. after few days of use.

    Sep 18,2019