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  • pjtthen
    Best OnePlus Ever!!!!!!!
    my thoughts:

    The design is a logical evolution of the OP5's - the 18:9 display now covers most of the front, fingerprint reader's been relocated to the back, and that's it. It's still a svelte soft touch aluminum body that's every bit as premium as the big guns. Still no IP rating though.
    The display is as bright as Samsung's AMOLEDs in manual mode, though it doesn't get a boost in Auto and that leaves it behind. Sunlight legibility is awesome, however, rivaling the best Samsung has to offer. Color rendition is very accurate, too - in both sRGB and DCI-P3 modes; the default mode is punchier with purplish whites. Are we ever to expect QHD resolution, OP?
    Battery life is great even if the slightly larger display has taken a toll on screen-on times - 10 hours on the web and 17 hours looping videos aren't half bad scores if you ask us. Overall Endurance rating is 82 hours, which is about the same we got out of the OnePlus 5.
    The user interface should please both Android purists and those who feel the OS coming straight out of Google is too barebones - Oxygen OS is a fine blend of stock Android and light but useful touches in all the right places. Face unlock works super fast and is another area where OP went the extra mile to make Google's stock feature better. On the flip side, they should have launched the phone straight on Oreo. The update is reportedly coming early next year if you don't fancy yourself as a beta tester.
    Benchmark performance is as good or better than high-end peers, operation is smooth and responsive, as you'd expect from a phone with cutting-edge hardware. There is some overheating and throttling down of performance if you push it for prolonged periods.
    There's still just one loudspeaker, and it's not as loud as what the OP5 had. It does produce richer and more full-bodied sound though.
    Photo quality is okay, but not up to flagship standard. Colors and contrast are good, but the detail and dynamic range are less so. In low light there's a minor improvement over the OP5, but not enough to justify sacrificing the 'telephoto' camera. As it stands, the secondary camera on the 5T doesn't have much uses beyond helping witth portraits with defocused background.
    Portraits are first-rate, with nice separation between subject and background. Self-portraits with the rear cam are a viable option too.
    The front-facing camera's fixed focus plane (the focus sweet spot) is a little closer to the phone than an arm's length. Once you start working with that, you'll get sharp selfies.
    4K video is superb all around; 1080p/30fps is just average, 1080p/60fps is superior, oddly. Stabilization in both 4K and 1080p/30fps is quite competent.

    Feb 04,2019

  • zildjian
    Достойный аппарат
    Перешёл на него с Oneplus One, который 3 года назад тоже произвел впечатление. Прошло 3 года - прогресс не стоит на месте! Смартфон как всегда с топовыми характеристиками, качественно собран, удобен в руке. Если тезисно то что радует:
    + Мощь железа, все летает и при этом адекватный расход заряда
    + DASH зарядка: очень быстрая штука
    + Oxygen OS: без лишнего хлама, производитель развивает систему, прилетают обновления по воздуху. Для тех кто утомился с гемором перепрошивка и поиска идеала на других китайских смартфонах)
    + Разблокировка по лицу: на удивление срабатывает моментально. Может быть не на 100% отточено и секьюрно, но ведь работает!
    + Шикарные камеры что задняя что передняя, говорят что уступает по качеству картинки пикселю, но может допилят в последующих прошивках
    - выступающая сзади камера, чисто эстетически
    - гладкий корпус, нужно брать чехол. Вот в Oneplus One был шикарный шершавый


    Jan 13,2018

  • Piero Prendin
    Best android phone I have had.
    What I real enjoy in this phone is the usability that it offers, it has a spectacular image, a facial unlocking considered the fastest compared to other brands, does not block the apps because it is very fast, it has features that really make life easier for anyone. He is fast, has a considerable design, has a camera excelete where the photos are really something impressive. For the price it costs it is better than many brands that cost twice the price in the market and I luv the aluminum body.

    Love the Android N that comes with the phone.

    Whoever buys a device eats this, it will never go away.
    The phone design is not very attractive.

    Phone is little bit heavy due to the aluminum body I gess.

    Jan 08,2018

  • noobzin
    melhor que meu pc
    Ótimo smartphone. Roda todos os emuladores tranquilamente (com exceção do Dolphin, cujo alguns jogos apresentam uma performance bastante instável) e o sistema é bem fluído.

    Sinceramente, assistindo videos de youtubers e vendo fotos na internet, eu não achei ele visualmente bonito, mas quando se pega nele, a história é outra. O aparelho em si é muito elegante e discreto ao mesmo tempo.

    A câmera é boa, não sou muito exigente neste quesito, mas meu antigo aparelho era um LG G4 (que mesmo sendo um smartphone de 2015, possui uma baita câmera que bate em muitos atuais por aí), e posso dizer que ambas as câmeras traseiras são equivalentes, leve vantagem para o 5T devido a estabilização quase instantânea. Já a câmera frontal do 5T ganha pelas cores mais "fieis".
    Nenhum contra ao aparelho, porém uma observação referente à entrega:

    Escolhi o meio de envio BR Express. Foi postado pela loja dia 02/01/2018 e chegou no meu endereço dia 24/01/2018. O melhor é que não fui taxado.

    Porém tive sorte, pois havia comprado um Xiaomi MI6 no final de outubro pelo mesmo frete, e o mesmo nem sequer deu entrada no Brasil ainda. Porém abri um ticket e fui reembolsado.

    Uma dica para quem vai comprar aqui na Gearbest: Sempre coloquem seguro na compra e tenham paciência!

    Jan 25,2018

  • Alexandre Matos
    The Best Value for money Smartphone
    It's an Incredible phone for the price.
    I chose the Sandstone White Version. It's so comfortable to the touch, fits perfectly in my hand, and it's gorgeous!
    The performance is great, it's already upgraded to Android 8.1 only had to restart it once (completely froze, once in 5 months).
    The camera is very good with daylight, and average under lowlight, but for me that's not an issue at all.
    Both the Fingerprint sensor and the Face Unlock are incredibly fast and accurate.
    The Dash Charger is insane, if you have 10%, you can go take a shower or have dinner, and when you arrive you will have enough battery for the rest of the day (standard use, not intensive use, of course).

    Aug 22,2018

  • Rummenigge Andrew
    OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet International Version - RED
    The Oneplus 5t is simply the best smartphone of 2017 and is still able to compete closely with everyone in 2018.

    The design is very beautiful, performance is absurd in cost benefit is the best you can find.

    The biggest advantage of it is the cost benefit in comparison to other models, the hardware and the optimization of the operating system that make the android faster in comparison to any other.

    I would recommend and buy again with your eyes closed.
    There are no cons.

    Jul 06,2018

  • Dino
    One Plus 5T
    I follow the brand since 2013, and all the comments and experiences of my friends were great, the durability is great and the smartphones are very quick and excelent, with great design, lightweight, the specs are the best in the market.

    I recommend this product, have a great response when I need, very fast processor and with 8 GB of RAM, fantastic product.

    128 GB of storage and the possibility to attach a pendrive to expand or to transfer some data.

    Fast charge is a must have feature, in 30 min I have battery for all day.

    It was my best choice.
    Do I need to say more?
    Camera, Processor, RAM, Fast charge, Storage, Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, OTG, AMOLED display, lightweight, and metal body, super Slim.

    Aug 14,2018

  • Cristian
    Incredible Flagship
    - Construction
    - Screen (I had a Quad HD screen before, and It's absolutely not the same, but I don't miss the old one)
    - Price (Here in Brazil it's impossible to buy a smartphone from the same price range with so good tech spects)
    - Software (Oxygen OS is amazing. Oneplus built it in order to make our lives easier)
    - Hardware (You absolutely can run whatever you want on this smartphone)
    - Sound (The speakers are significantly louder than Galaxy S7's. The sound from headphones is insanely good)
    - Charging insanely fast
    - It doesn't have IP67 or IP68
    - It could have "always on display" like Samsung's software did.
    - I'd like it had at least the same cameras of OnePlus 5 (optic zoom)

    Mar 29,2018

  • Leonardo Freire
    Fast and sleek
    OnePlus 5T for the Brazilian is kinda expensive now, but the product performs really fast, with a sleek feel and handy size. I own a Samsung Galaxy 8+ and I can say that OP battery has better battery (even with the smaller capacity) and its faster on unblocking with fingerprint. On the other side, its rom and Android is not very customable as the Samsung one, the camera is similar, with the front being better. The post-sell is the downside, but depending on how much you spend on it, the devaluation will be paid by the benefit.

    Sep 19,2018

  • Adorável OnePlus 5T
    O conhecido 'matador de flagships'
    Ainda que sua configuração, construção e desempenho sejam fabulosos, o melhor mesmo é seu custo-benefício. Pelo valor pago nele, no Brasil poderia comprar apenas um smartphone mediano, nível intermediário. Ele é top de linha.
    Aguardei exatos 68 dias até ter o prazer de pôr as mãos nele. No entanto, isento a GearBest de qualquer culpa, já que acompanhei a trajetória do produto desde a postagem na China até a chegada direto em minha residência. A demora se deu em razão do acúmulo de produtos na alfândega, tendo em vista a greve dos agentes e também a do pessoal dos Correios.
    Nada, por enquanto.

    Feb 23,2018