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  • Markus di Firenze
    A tiny smart projector
    It definitively is a little smart big projector. The resolution is better than expected. The brightness is very satisfying considering the tiny portable led device. Color is perfect. The sound of the fan is really very soft! If you use earphones, it is great. The idea of having an inner battery is fantastic. Occasionally you can watch movies from your bed without cords and cables.
    The keystone is slow but somehow works automatically. But keeping the projector frontal as best as possible is the best solution!
    Bluetooth works great to use external speakers for super sound! But I haven't managed the right volume setting yet! Bluetooth also works perfectly to pair my Microsoft Designer Mouse and Keyboard!!
    Wifi connection for use of internet and YouTube is also great, and it's also useful to pair it with my Android Maze Alpha phone, and watch YouTube through the phone. It was hard to set up the installed Happy Cast app, being mostly in chinese, but at one point it worked. On the phone I installed "Cast to TV - XCast" and it matched perfectly.
    At times it looses the wifi signal but this happens with my phone too, and I'm afraid it is my router. It has a tiny SD slot, and for this reason I can play some divx or mp4 movies I had on my PC. I haven't tried any other functionality yet.
    But the projector itself is amazing and I love it!!

    Jan 20,2019

  • francophile
    The second dial that adjusts the keystone correction is a HUGE feature adjusted the `` slanted/skewed'' look that you get if the projector is lower or higher than the vertical mid-point of the surface you point it at, i watch in a dimly lit room but it is acceptable quality and watchable with a light on - my ceiling light is right in front of it and the picture is still decent when it's on, best for its price range

    Nov 05,2018

    I was looking for a mini projector that I could use for my small group presentations to take around with me easily, i am very pleased with the size and weight of the projector ; the picture quality is very good, i was quite impressed that carries audio

    Aug 19,2018

  • Igoris C.
    I was skeptical about getting a mini projector, it has great quality on image and has a pretty clear sound coming from the projector itself, overall I was really pleased with the projector

    Jul 30,2018

  • zac turner
    Love it! Good quality
    I read a lot of the reviews for this and other projectors before I decided which to buy. The projector was bright enough to produce a good image still. I was pleased with the physical size. 

    Sep 19,2018

  • J A
    convenient to use, delicate workmanship
    You can hold it on your hands, and project on walls. It is so convenient. The projection at night is much greater. Video, pictures, TXT can be played directly, with good definition.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Edward
    Received as a gift and I love it!!
    This little projector is awesome. Received as a gift and I love it!!!! Great size. it's small enough to be carried around. Excellent price for the overall picture quality

    Sep 04,2018

  • Christina K.
    This mini projector is wonderful, the colors are clear and bright, i bought this LED Mini Projector for a Kids Bible Class and I'm very satisfied with this product

    Oct 08,2018

  • Don Draper
    One of the best out of the box picture you can find with a DLP prijector, definitely recommend for anyone looking for an affortable high def capable projector

    Sep 14,2018

  • ryan
    Really Great!!!
    This is the first time I buy projector. I am very satisfied with this item. I would highly recommend this product! it is light, you can take it when you on travel.

    Aug 14,2018