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Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant
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Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant

- Noir 350W

30km de Distance de Croisière Pneus Résistant aux Perforations Système de Freinage Double Récupération d'Énergie
4.78 54 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Caractéristiques Principales:

● Pneu: la roue arrière du pneu à dépression en nid d'abeille de la roue avant, en tenant compte de l'absorption des chocs et de la sécurité, une conduite plus confortable

● Frein: équipé du double système de freinage, la roue avant adopte le système de freinage antiblocage E-ABS, la roue arrière adopte le frein à disque mécanique, la distance de freinage est aussi courte que 4 mètres et la conduite est plus sûre.

● Écran: affichage du rapport de vitesse, de la vitesse, de la puissance, des phares de commande

● Feux arrière: les feux arrière clignotent souvent lors de la conduite et les freins sont toujours lumineux, ce qui rend la conduite plus sûre.

● Batterie: batterie Li-ion LG18650, capacité de la batterie 280Wh, système de gestion de batterie intelligent BMS, autonomie de 30 km

● Freinage: système de freinage E-ABS avancé, système de récupération d'énergie cinétique, système de contrôle de la vitesse de croisière et système de gestion intelligent du véhicule.

● Protection du système: protection contre les courts-circuits, protection contre les surintensités, protection contre les surcharges, protection contre les décharges, protection contre les surtensions et protection contre la température anormale

● Récupération d'énergie cinétique: les scooters électriques disposent d'un système de récupération d'énergie cinétique qui convertit l'énergie cinétique en énergie électrique et offre une meilleure durée de vie de la batterie.

● Cadre: cadre en aluminium de qualité aéronautique, équilibre parfait entre force et poids

● Pliage rapide: conception à pliage rapide en 3 secondes, stable et pratique


1. Le moteur doit être démarré avant de commencer à fonctionner. Vous devez monter sur le tableau et faire glisser le scooter, puis activer l'accélérateur une fois que la vitesse de glissement atteint 3 - 5 km / h.

2. N'utilisez pas le scooter sous une pluie battante ou sur le sol avec de l'eau qui coule.

 Cliquez ici pour lire plus de commentaires sur le scooter électrique Alfawise M1.



Marque: Alfawise
Type: Trottinette Electrique
Type de chargeur: Adaptateur EU
Nombre de Roue: 2 Roues
type de pliage: Pliable


Type de Batterie: Batterie au Lithium-ion
Kilométrage Maximum: 30 km
Vitesse Maximum: 25 kmh
Charge max: 100 kg
Puissance Nominale de Moteur: 350W
Temps de charge: 6 heures
Diamètre des Pneus: 8.5 inches


Poids du produit: 15,8000 kg

Contenu du colis

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Trottinette Électrique, 1 x Manuel en Anglais, 1 x Outil, 1 x Chargeur

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

Alfawise M1 Trottinette Électrique Pliant - Noir 350W

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Avis des Clients

4.78 sur 5
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  • GB Associate Lab
    Alfawise M1 Folding Electric Scooter
    The Alfawise M1 is a mid-level electric scooter that includes a classic design but with bright colors so that the youngest ones get an aesthetic distinction in their vehicles. Its maximum weight supported of 100 kilograms indicates that it is a device not allowed for adult users, while its maximum speed reaches 25 km/h. The goal achieved by this device is none other than to provide safety and comfort to people of an early age thanks to the soft grips, the wide non-slip platform and the rear brake with an ergonomic design that prevents accidents from occurring on the habitual imprudence of children...

    At the time of use, many comforts are given, since the child only has to press the G-Sensor button on the platform and give a slight push so that the model begins to move automatically, thus becoming the ideal companion of adventure for each child. Among the technical components of the model is mentioned the introduction of an engine with a power of 280W, while its tires have a diameter of 5.5 inches with support to operate on different types of surfaces. In total, you can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, while there is no limiter for maximum speeds.

    With regard to the battery, Alfawise M1 has a lithium-ion unit of LG18650 Li-ion battery pack that allows traveling along 30 kilometers before needing a recharge, which is done in a conventional way through a USB port and connection directly to the current with a waiting time of 6 Hour until charged back to 100%...

    By ReyanSid, GizTech Review

    Feb 28,2019

  • Damian Dash
    On of the greatest things for daily! I made over 200km with no issues!
    So where to start. The shipping time for the item took longer than expected. But at the end it arrived. The buildup was pretty easy. So, let's talk about the products! The whole Alfawise scooter feels really high quality. It is so great! I am using it for my daily ride. You can use the eco mode or the sports mode. The eco mode goes max. 15km/h the sport mod can go 25 km/h depends if you go up and down.The motor is quite - like really quiet, it feels like you are having a tesla motor haha! The light is bright enough, the range is about 30km. I did over 210 km on my scooter and its working perfect as from the beginning!Also, it is easy to take the scooter to the bus or the train - you just going to use the folding mechanism to put it together. When the battery is gone - it's not really useful - So you'd better ensure that there is electricity in real time.

    Oct 28,2018

  • Edward Ivans
    Great cost-performance
    I've ridden this scooter a few times now both in the dark and during the daytime. The light on the front works great, it's bright enough to be visible when riding in the bike lane. Riding this scooter is great both for leisure and commuting.

    Riding overall is good, the tires are large enough such that rocks and small cracks in the road are easy enough to maneuver over. If there is a large crack or hole in the road however, I would not risk riding this over it. Two speeds are for you to choose. And the battery life is amazing, powerful enough to carry me to the office and back home! Less time spent on commuting now. Compared with Xiaomi M365, M1 is of the same quality, whereas, at a lower price.

    I recommend this product for those looking to purchase a personal electric scooter.

    Nov 02,2018

  • Solomon
    Incredibly smooth ride & durability!
    I've been browsing and researching scooters for months now ever since first riding one with the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter. Riding both, the Xiaomi has the perfect wheel size and shock absorption for a super smooth ride, however, my budget is too limited.
    This electric scooter surprised me a lot! It has everything I wanted in an electric scooter, and the price is rather low! Rode several times, found it great! It is something that I could just grab and go for a quick trip up to the beach at night, or a run for some coffee or a burger. It advances smoothly in the streets, making me feel great.
    The folding mechanism is also easy to use, with a strong, well designed deck. I'm totally impressed by the build quality. The aluminum alloy frame is extraordinary and robust.

    Nov 05,2018

  • Eliza
    High cost performance! Recommend it!
    First of all, as an electric scooter, its price is lower than its competitors, and the quality is worth it. It only weighs 12.5kg, which is the ideal weight for an adult. I have dreamt to have a scooter but I could barely put both feet on it.
    This one is different, with multiple speed settings. There are two ways to stop it. Use the brake or step backward slightly. Not only can I use it to go to work, but also carry some necessities. It makes my life much easier.

    Oct 06,2018

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