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  • Octavia Taylor
    Strong, Good Quality "Man Bag" for Husband
    My husband always loses his wallet, keys, and ID tag. It's pretty annoying actually because every morning we go through this 20 minute process of finding his things. I realized the answer to this problem would be to simply buy him a "sling bag". This has done wonders. He does not lose his things anymore, the bag is small enough to wear under suit jacket (like a sling), and it looks masculine so he does not feel like he's wearing an unseemly waist bag. I also like the material--it's better than other ones, and it seems waterproof. Highly recommend!

    Mar 19,2019

  • Letitia Priestley
    Great Bag, Perfect Size
    This is just what I wanted!! I love this bag, I bring it to work every day. It's not big, but is still the right size to fit the things I need or may need. I wanted a bag that didn't make me feel like I was carrying a purse or that I was a ten year old going to school, but had several compartments, so I wanted one that I could carry on my back without it looking childish or girly. This bag would also work great if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle to work because of its size.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Yves Sophy
    Great every day bag
    The color is very stylish and concise, suitable for office or some other daily activities. Its also great for traveling overseas because you easily adjust it so that the valuables inside face the front side of your body.

    Mar 21,2019

  • Tracy Gill
    Practical and useful
    This is great Got tired of putting my stuff in a plastic bag when going to the beach or the clubhouse pool. I use it a lot when going to the pool in my swim trunks and have no pockets.

    Apr 19,2019

  • Mandel Scott
    Great to carry
    I use it when I ride my Triumph cycle. I wear it a lot holds a wallet, car keys, small hairbrush, and cell phone

    Mar 30,2019

  • Wanda Hosea
    I would definitely recommend this for any traveler
    It not only is a sling bag but it's very comfortable and durable, little size makes it safe on your belt.

    Apr 12,2019

  • Jacob Mary
    Stylish, practical, quality
    My boyfriend really likes this bag that I bought him. It's roomy without being bulky or oversized.

    Mar 29,2019

  • Berg Sonmerfield
    Love this comfy quality bag!
    Quality material and stitching
    Deep enough compartments for carrying things safely

    Apr 06,2019

  • Angela Peacock
    I love this product
    This bag was fantastic as my "on the go" purse. You can use it as a daily courier

    Mar 26,2019

  • Barton Browning
    most useful sling bag !
    very useful for everyday use to carry phone, pen,wallet, keys and anything

    Apr 16,2019