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Roborock xiaowa E352 - 00 Xiaomi Aspirateur Robotique Intelligent
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Roborock xiaowa E352 - 00 Xiaomi Aspirateur Robotique Intelligent

- Gris 279159701

Robot de Nettoyage Automatique Intelligent
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Fatigué de nettoyer le week-end au lieu de faire les choses que vous voulez faire, notre robot de nettoyage pourrait vous libérer les mains et nettoyer votre maison.Elle est également fournie avec l'application Mijia pour vous permettre de contrôler votre Deebot à la maison ou à l'extérieur, de planifier des nettoyages hebdomadaires ou quotidiens. , rendant votre vie beaucoup plus facile.

Caractéristique Principales:

● Chemin de nettoyage planifié

- Le système de navigation par inertie à double gyroscope, combiné à un suivi de mouvement optique double et à d'autres capteurs, permet de réaliser un trajet de nettoyage planifié

● Contrôle intelligent APP Mijia

- Vous pouvez contrôler votre robot chez vous ou ailleurs, programmer des nettoyages hebdomadaires ou quotidiens et vérifier son statut.

● Boîte à poussière de grande capacité

- Avec le bac à poussière de 640 ml, il peut stocker de grandes poussières sans le nettoyer fréquemment

● Batterie au Lithium-ion de 5200mAh intégrée

- Idéal pour les grandes maisons

● Auto-recharge

- Lorsque l'électricité est inférieure à 30% ou que la tâche de nettoyage est terminée, la balayeuse revient à la base de chargement, ce qui permet d'économiser du temps et sans effort.

● Forte capacité de changement

- Capable de gravir une pente de 2 cm et de soigner vos sols


● Aspiration: 2000 Pa

● Capacité de la boîte à poussière: 640 ml

● Puissance: 42W

● Tension: 14,4 V

● Type de batterie: batterie au Lithium-ion

● Capacité de batterie: 5200mAh

● Entrée de la base de chargement: 220 - 230V

● Temps de fonctionnement: environ 2,5 heures



Marque: Xiaowa
Type: E352 - 00
Types de Nettoyeur: Aspirateur Robot
Fonction spéciale: Eponger,Balayage
Caractéristique: Auto,Télécommande,Auto-recharge


Poids du produit: 5,7000 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 33,00 x 33,00 x 9,80 cm / 12,99 x 12,99 x 3,86 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 39,60 x 44,40 x 13,30 cm / 15,59 x 17,48 x 5,24 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Robot de Nettoyage, 1 x Adaptateur, 1 x Tampon Étanche, 1 x Base de Chargement, 1 x Outil de Nettoyage de Brosse, 1 x Réservoir d'Eau, 2 x Vadrouille, 1 x Manuel en Anglais

Roborock xiaowa E352 - 00 Xiaomi Aspirateur Robotique Intelligent- Gris

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  • HeavyG
    Roborock rocks
    The wife is very happy with this vac. So I'm happy too. Battery life is indeed great, suction power is awesome (it picked up some 1.5" long screws that a tradesman left on the floor). As you would expect the mop function is not for deep cleaning but it can make the laminated floor kind of shiny. Doorsteps are not a problem for it, even though in our home some of them are higher than 1". Sometimes the vac gets in trouble and needs human asisstance but this can be avoided if the space is properly prepared before the actual cleaning. Just use common sense and it will be fine.The Mi Home app didn't work on any other smartphone but the Xiaomi one my wife has, until a recent update released by the manufacturer. Now my Huawei phone can see it too. The map the vac generates is not perfect but still gives you an idea of what's been cleaned already and what hasn't. Parts and sensors' status is a great feature, you can find out in no minute if the vac needs some maintenance. The dustbin is much larger than in other models. Although we don't bring a lot of dust into the house and always wear slippers when at home, plus we don't have rugs, the bin in the vac fills up quite fast (every 30-40 mins or so). So I would recommend everyone who wants a machine like this to go for one equipped with a large tank.All in all, this product deserves the 5 stars rating and I'd definitely buy it again.

    May 14,2019

  • L. Walker
    I am so happy with my purchase, with low pile area rugs in the main living area, across open areas, i am trying to do a better job at maintaining the floors in our new house, i would expect to do that with any robotic vacuum, the low pile rugs get shook out or the regular vacuum once a week, cleaning the rotating brush roller underneath is also a nuisance with long dog fur and human hair wrapped around it, that would be a problem with any robotic vacuum, in our previous house I did not vacuum

    Oct 15,2018

  • Alexandre
    It's a really surprising piece of equipment. Great suction power and mopping capabilities. It is easy to operate and maintain and is proving very useful helping cleaning the house.Nevertheless, there is room for improvement as it some times get confused if you change it from place and restart or change objects while it is cleaning. But For the price it is difficult to ask for more, for now. But I see a bright future for this kind of technology.

    May 18,2019

  • nikonr
    I received my vacuum and is has been wonderful, our first cleaning went great, this little robot really cleaned up, i read many reviews before making a purchase and I have to say that they were all true, i love that I can follow up with a quick dust mopping and my house stays clean, this does work to keep the cleaner from stopping on dark carpets

    Sep 03,2018

  • sosa
    This is my first to have a robot vacuum cleaner and turns out to be great, i usually used a regular vacuum to clean my floor and carpet, it is difficult to clean those pocket areas such as the corners of rooms, now the cleanup of those areas become easy with this robot cleaner, all those areas are so dirty and covered with different stuff e.g.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Martin Hrnčirík
    Xiaomi Xiaowa Robotický vysávač 2v1
    Good day. My cargo was fine. I am very satisfied. I can only recommend that vendor. I will definitely order the order. Well thank you. Delivery to Slovakia in 20 days.

    Dec 27,2018

    El aspirador es una pasada, responde muy bien, potencia limpieza, mopeado... la única pega que tengo es que desde que lo pedí (23 de enero) hasta que me ha llegado, han pasado dos meses y pico, primero, no había en stock, y luego el año chino, por lo demás todo perfecto, los tele-operadores muy amables, me compensaron con puntos extra, ya que no quería hacer cambio de productor ni que me devolvieran el dinero.

    Mar 18,2019

  • norberto
    Smart acquision
    Very helpful gadget ! Now i don´t need to worry about cleaning house. I just schedule in the app and when arrived home i have my house cleaned. I just have time to do anything else than to worry and do myself the cleaning. Save time to do other things better interesting

    Mar 14,2019

  • Edwin
    Well forget it now this cleaner is a lot more quiet and a lot better than my last cleaner !! Excellent product so far, this machine for the money is phenomenal, seriously if you want a great robot vacuum this is the one

    Nov 03,2018

  • motorsense
    Toller Sauger, scheint sein Geld wert zu sein.
    Der Sauger macht seinen Dienst besser als erwartet und saugt ordentlich was weg. Wir wählten diesen, da er günstiger war als der S50 war. Selbst die Wischfunktion funktioniert gut. Von uns eine absolute Empfehlung. :-)

    Feb 08,2019

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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