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Syma X5C - 1 Explorateurs 2,4GHz 4CH RC Drone - RTF
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Syma X5C - 1 Explorateurs 2,4GHz 4CH RC Drone - RTF

- Blanc

Caméra WiFi FPV 2MP HD / 360-Degrés Flips / Transmetteur LCD Bidirectionnel
4.81 595 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Syma X5C Commentaires de Vidéos Youtube

Syma X5C Descriptions

Faites l'expérience d'une précieuse mémoire de voyage en avion avec Syma X5C
Oh là là! Regardez! Syma X5C 6 Axe Gyro 2,4GHz Télécommande 4 Canaux Quadcopter 360 degrés d'orientation précise Mini Hélicoptère agite ses ailes pour vous! Franchement parlant, Syma X5C n'est pas seulement un simple jouet d'hélicoptère, mais aussi un excellent appareil photo 720p volant qui capture et enregistre tous les moments inoubliables tout autour de vous. Partageons le bonheur et l'expérience précieuse de l'enfance avec Syma X5C ensemble!

Caractéristiques principales:
Système de contrôle 2,4GHz, gyroscope 6 axes
Équipement de caméra HD 200W 720P
Fonction d'éversion 3D et de lancement de 360 degrés
Grande stabilité pendant le vol
Avec la lumière, adapté pour voler dans le noir la nuit
Built-in une batterie li-poly 3,7V 500mAh
Convient pour les vols intérieurs et extérieurs
Dernier quadcopter, adapté aux enfants de plus de 14 ans

1. La différence entre X5C et X5C-1 est juste la taille de l'emballage, leurs paramètres de produit sont les mêmes.
2. Nous vendons seulement X5C-1 afin que les acheteurs puissent économiser sur les frais d'expédition internationaux.



Marque: Syma
Type: Intérieur,Extérieur,Avion à quatre axes
Matières: Composants Electroniques,Plastique
Caractéristiques: Version Brossée,Contrôle radio
Type de Moteur: Moteur Brossé
Fonctions: Caméra,Orientation précise à 360 degrés,Avant / arrière,Vol Latéral,Tourner à gauche /à droite,Haut/bas,Avec Lumière
Vol de Nuit: Oui
Gyroscope Intégré: Gyroscope à 6 axes
Types de Kits: RTF
Niveau: Niveau Débutant
Âge: Plus de 14 ans


Télécommande: Télécommande Sans Fil 2,4 GHz
Canal: 4 canaux
Mode: Mode 1 et Mode 2 (Accélérateur Main Gauche & Droite)
Mode de radio: Système 1 et 2 (l'Accélérateur gauche et droit peut être commuté)
Distance de Contrôle Détaillée: > 50m
Compatible avec Cardan Additionnel: Non
Puissance d'émetteur: 4 piles AA de 1,5 V (non incluses)
Puissance de Modèle: Batterie Rechargeable Intégrée


Type de Batterie: 3,7V 500mAh LiPo
Temps de Vol: > 6min


Poids du produit: 0,7400 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 32,00 x 32,00 x 8,00 cm / 12,6 x 12,6 x 3,15 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 41,00 x 31,00 x 10,00 cm / 16,14 x 12,2 x 3,94 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x SYMA X5C Quadcopter ( Batterie Incluse ), 1 x Emetteur, 4 x Pales, 1 x Carte SD, 1 x Chargeur USB

Syma X5C - 1 Explorateurs 2,4GHz 4CH RC Drone - RTF- Blanc

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Avis des Clients

4.81 sur 5
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  • calin.lar
    SYMA X%C Review
    Quality of The Design

    Design of The Syma x5cIn this Syma x5c Review, The design of the Syma X5C Quadcopter, looks like an expensive DJI Phantom quadcopter such as Dji Phantom Vision or FC40 Model. The highlighting design components are Propeller Motif with LED Lights and All-White Body Construction. You will find the included propeller guards very useful which are worth to install especially if you are new to flying a quadcopter.

    We also recommend you to get an extra set of propellers on Amazon when you are about to buy a Syma X5C Amazon. These propellers are very cheap and can be bought for around 7 Dollars in US, even though an extra set comes with the product. It is always good to have a back-up to avoid frustration at the last-minute when something goes wrong.

    One minor design disappointment some consumers felt was that the white paint flaked off, but this isn’t a common problem thus not a huge deal breaker either. The frames are rigid enough and well-built to withstand sudden crashes during the flight. You can effectively use the propeller guards to lower the risk of damage during a collision. Check the below x5c Quadcopter Review section for more facts on design of the Syma X5C Explorers.

    The LED Lights are placed beneath the frame to enable night flying. The green motors are placed for rear motors and forward motors are marked with orange LED’s. However, these colored lights give little help for Flight Orientation during day flight. Unluckily, these lights cannot be turned off if you like the save the battery power of Syma X5C Explorers Quad Copter.

    The Visual Orientation
    The time of flight is short, aprox. 7-8 minutes, the battery is just 500mah.

    Apr 05,2015

  • redfox2000
    One of the cheapest quadrocopters with an HD camera!
    When I opened the box and removed the X5C I was shocked. The drone felt great.

    It’s extremely light but solidly built. Picking it up I was amazed at how well made it felt. Unlike many cheap products, nothing rattles or shakes when you hold it. The propellers spin freely and are perfectly balanced.
    Once you’ve charged the battery and attached the propeller guards, the X5C is ready to fly. It’s small and stable so you can easily fly it indoors. Whatever you do, make sure the first place you fly it has a soft landing spot.

    The X5C handles brilliantly. There’s none of the automated bells and whistles that are built into more expensive drones so you’re in full control all the time. Balancing the throttle so that the X5C hovers at roughly the same height rather than rocketing into the ceiling or plunging into the floor requires a bit of practice. You will crash the X5C at least a few times until you get the hang of the controls, but it’s built well enough to handle a few bumps.

    The controls are also quite sensitive. Small tweaks to power or direction only need the lightest touch on the control sticks. Overcompensating is far more likely to lead to an out of control drone than undercompensating. Managing your own reactions and adjusting the controls carefully when the X5C is flying towards you is the second hardest thing to learn.

    The camera is fine and that’s really the highest praise I can offer. It’s got a 2MP camera that’s capable of 720p video as well and is equipped with a 4 GB memory micro SD Card.

    The battery lasts for about seven minutes.&nbsp

    Aug 07,2015

  • Gary
    Best Copter I ever had
    I have had about ten helicopters in the past five years all between $20 and $50. They were all hard to fly, even indoors, and crashed and broke almost the first day. Forget about flying them outdoors if there was any wind at all. This thing is fantastic. I had it up and runing immediately and easily flew it and did the flips in my second charge. Took video also. I landed on the angled roof of my house, and took off from the same spot. It is so much fun. I have only had it in my back yard so far. I can't wait to get it in an open field. It does very well in the wind, although the wind will blow it away, but it stays in the air and you just have to compensate for the wind to come back. Both of my kids, 8 and 10 have flown it and did okay on the first try. They both went down, but nothing broke. The controls are very responsive. It smoothly rotates so you can change your direction. It leans side to side and front to back smoothly so you can turn left or right and go forward or backwards. And the red lights in the front and green lights on the back, all on the bottom help you understand your oprientation so you know which way to move the controls. I already ordered another one so we can fly two at the same time. I hope they are on different frequencies. the vides camera is great. Easy to take video or pictures. I wonder what the quadcopters that cost a few hundered dollars to that this one will not do. This is more than enough fun, and if you crash in a lake, for $70, I woul
    Having one just makes me want to buy more. I have no negative things to say about it yet. Not sure I ever will. I guess there may be some people that have unreasonable expectations and could say something bad. Not me. For the price, I can believe what it does, and would not expect anything more out of it.

    May 02,2015

  • h2o
    super beginner quad....
    This Syma XS5C-1 is a top notch, price wise, great is ready to fly right out of the box...just install batteries, turn on control, bind with copter, and get ready for a afternoon of flying...this version came with a 2MP camera and I have yet to use the camera feature because I chose to fly without it....(it fly's much 'easier) it fly's with such ease and yes it's hard to control...but with patience you can do this...if I can.. you can...OK. back to flight time, maybe 5 to 6 min for me, as long as I didn't crash....make sure you have extra batteries and be sure to let the copter motors cool down after each flight...this will ensure long lasting motors.. when you throttle the stick up,...right off, it will jump straight out on will see this has very sensitive controls, (and some reviews say it's hard to control) you must be patience with this or you will be chasing your quad on the other side of the street, onto the roof of a business, my house roof, and my out of site neighbors fenced in junk yard....hey, each time I fetched it.... it WORKED !!! good thing I have a crash pack..everything you need in one kit....a must have for beginners!!! get it, and with extra batteries, some patience, you will master this light weight neat quad copter... watch the "quadcopter101" man on you sold me....flyon..
    none for now....

    Jan 03,2016

  • Desert Dave
    Decent camera equipped quad at a fair price
    I've posted a couple videos on YouTube including: 1. My maiden flight when the X5C-1 was grabbed by a breeze and started to get carried away; I chose to ditch into the grass, no resulting damage. 2. Nighttime video test of the camera. This is NOT a low-light camera! 3. Battery life test. I got just under 7 minutes of controllable flight time while recording with the camera. I wouldn't expect much longer life when not recording, but completely removing the camera will probably give you another minute or so due to the lighter weight and lower wind resistance.
    Great price from GearBest
    Ready to fly out of the box - charge battery, push on landing skid and get airborne
    Good build quality, fit and finish
    Thermoplastic chassis and rotors are forgiving in a crash
    Decent video and still photo quality considering price
    7 minute flight time isn't bad for a cheap quad, but additional batteries are cheap!
    Light weight and large surface area of chassis are susceptible to wind interference - a strong breeze will easily carry this quadcopter away
    Even a slight breeze will cause "buffeting" and result in shaky video
    Low Voltage Warning is unreliable and can't be seen if you're operating at any distance
    Maximum about 85 meter controllable range falls below the advertised specifications.

    Mar 26,2015

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  • Pourquoi le voyant lumineux du quadcopter clignote?

    1. Le quadcopter ne se lie pas correctement à l'émetteur, veuillez vous référer au manuel d'utilisation pour moduler à nouveau la fréquence; 2. La batterie est insuffisante, rechargez la batterie.
  • Pourquoi l'une des lames essorage plus lente que d'autres?

    1. Vérifiez l'étanchéité des lames; 2. Réglez la touche de trim; 3. Modulez à nouveau la fréquence, le quadcopter doit être posé sur un sol plat; 4. Ré-étalonnez le gyroscope.
  • Comment distinguer la direction d'une lame?

    Les lames sont habituellement marqués avec A, B ou R. pales de direction diagonale ont la même direction, des lames adjacentes ont la direction opposée.
  • Comment juger de la direction d'un moteur?

    1. Habituellement, le moteur avec des fils rouges et bleus est généralement un moteur avant, tandis que le moteur inversé présente des fils noirs et blancs. Les moteurs à direction diagonale ont la même direction, les moteurs adjacents ont une direction opposée. 2. Sur la surface du moteur, vous pouvez parfois trouver CW ou CCW. CW signifie moteur avant, tandis que CCW fait référence au moteur inversé.
  • Pourquoi l'émetteur n'a pas de réaction lorsqu'il est utilisé?

    1. Vérifiez et assurez-vous que les piles sont installées selon la bonne polarité; 2. La puissance de la batterie est insuffisante, veuillez charger complètement la batterie ou la remplacer par une batterie à pleine charge.
  • Pourquoi la tension de la cellule de batterie unique est inférieure?

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  • Pourquoi, même si toutes les lames tournent, le quadcopter ne peut toujours pas retourner / rotate / décollage?

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