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  • ChrisKaye999
    Great printer for the money, even with quirks
    I have never had a 3D printer before but I really like my Raiscube R2 (or Prusa i3 as GearBest calls it!)
    Be warned, if you are not mechanically minded or like tinkering, this is not for you BUT if you like to tinker you'll love this printer, it is a great learning experience and you'll have a lot of fun with it!

    I happily run mine on windows 7 and 10 without issue using Repetier Host v2.

    The printer didn't ship with any of the configuration files to allow you to easily upgrade to the latest firmware but don't panic!
    I have created where I have put Firmware backups and the latest version of the firmware files for fellow owners to download.

    Please don't be put off too much by Maker's Muse review on YouTube- the Raiscube is worth persevering with and will pay you back with nice prints.

    Check out my attached prints and video (I hadn't printed out my replacement fan shroud so it is absent from the video.)

    This printer is terrific value for Money - thank you Gearbest!

    PS: Please consider picking up the square blue bed levelling sensor at Gearbest (, it's currently less than £10/€10 and works freakin' awesome (it's plug and play!) you won't regret it!
    PPS, The free 0.5kg of PLA was a nice touch and prints well.
    PPS: When you get the printer CHECK the SD Card - it may look totally unopened in it's packaging but has a ton of extra instructions and videos (also on YouTube) to help put the machine together!

    Some troubleshooting required:
    I melted the really thin fan shroud after a few days. Fear not, a replacement can be found oat onShape (search "Raiscube") - print yourself another one!
    Had to resolder the heated bed which is tricky - however have not printed ABS yet so haven't needed to use it.
    No Marlin config files on the SD Card supplied with printer which made upgrading to the latest firmware tricky but I have done it and is now shared for all owners.
    No English or other language user groups - I have created one just for us owners - - please head over and we'll help you out if you are stuck.

    Aug 12,2017

  • hamada
    Good printer but not for everyone
    - being DIY kit make it easy to replace parts if anything break.
    - cheap price.
    - low noise.

    - no power on/off button you have to manually unplug the electricity wire.
    - you need to manually calibrate the build plate.
    - no pre sliced test models in SD card or assembly video.
    - They provided me with only 0.25 kg of filament instead of 0.5 kg as advertised in the description.

    Oct 29,2018

  • Виктор
    ваще огонь!!!
    мне очпринтер сам хорош пришёл дней за 55
    к нему претензий нет но доставка убивает ...
    к принтеру заказал ещё и пластик ..
    шло ещё дольше на 3 недели ужас!!!
    доставка отстой IML кака.. однозначно
    а вот принтер хоть он и мой первый принтер но то что от него требуется он всё выполняет :)
    нет минусов кроме доставки...

    Jan 25,2018

  • Mitchell
    amazing machine
    i couldn't believe the quality of the first print!! even though it was a test tube print, it was perfect!!
    nice looking machine, worth the few extra bucks!! dont let the cion;s discourage you. out of the 3 printers i have this one is by far the best!!
    wiring the main board is a bit of a pain!!
    needs a better instructional video, the one supplied is to shaky and misses many key points! ie the wiring of the main board!!

    Apr 02,2017

  • Sean
    Prusa CLONE Raiscube
    Solid construction, once it's up and running, it's a dream. The fans are super effective in cooling, you'll need to dial them down to 75% to get the temperatures over 180C.
    All instructions online. Instructions and video are TERRIBLE, if you can't think for yourself, this kit is NOT for you. Needs a glass plate, the metal plate covered in blue tape is not the way to go. Also the wingnuts are cheap and move during printing, need to upgrade these.

    May 05,2017

  • Cruz
    Best thing i ever buy
    2 years and still printing! Made some upgrades from thing iverse and voila!
    Envio sem problemas para Portugal, falta iunformacao para a montagem

    Jun 21,2019

  • prusa
    buona qualità dei pezzi,
    buona qualità di stampa,
    di facile utilizzo su qualunque sistema operativo
    istruzioni quasi inesistenti,
    alcuni pezzi progettati male

    Jan 19,2018

  • TREVE Luc
    raiscube prusa i3
    Notation car meriterait des améliorations
    Bed dur a régler
    Documentation faible, limite d'utilisation de plus de filaments
    J'en achèterai une a ma fille
    Palier coulissant de faible qualité

    May 12,2018

  • Ricardo Resende
    Não explicam como fazer a calibração, mesmo depois de ter feito uma calibraçao normal, continua uma extrusão má e quando perguntamos não respondem.

    Oct 21,2018

  • Alex
    everything is good.

    Dec 19,2017