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  • Dan
    I started 3D printing with Qidi FDM printers because of their high quality, reasonable price and phenomenal customer service.
    My first resin 3D printer was a phrozen sonic mini. Once I saw how easy and nice resin printing is I was about to purchase Form Labs 3L resin printer. I came across Qidi S-box which 15 Qidis cost as much as 1 Form Labs of similar build size. I have bought 3 S-box's o far and love them to death. My phrozen sonic motor has died within 45 days. Not a single problem running S-box 9 hours/day 5x week. The sonic mini was slightly faster with mono lcd but build quality is not industrial grade like s-box and yield was low.

    Planning to order more S-boxes soon. Its like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going and going.... Can't wait to see what Qidi comes out with next!

    Jan 04,2021

  • gianni.carr
    stampante 3d s box qidi
    meccanica ottima-precisione centesimale sulla stampa-finitura buona -
    stampante consigliata.
    ventole un p'ò rumorose
    motore asse z silenzioso ,potente,preciso
    misure xy precise con qualche scarto di centesimo in meno, fino a layer di 0,15 mm.
    qualità della stampa buona per un 2k di schermo.
    velocità di stampa..sono arrivato a 4,5 mm in 19 minuti .

    Dec 16,2020

  • Justin
    This Printer is Awesome!
    I'm new to 3D printing but I've been using this printer every day for about a month without any major problems. Mostly I print robot parts (gears, etc) using Sariya Tech Blu, which has produced awesome results (strong and super accurate).

    The only issue I have encountered was a broken plastic finger-screw knob on the build plate. Tech support promptly sent me another knob, no hassles at all.

    Jan 04,2021

  • David
    Super nice and smooth prints. A great item.
    Super nice prints with fairly large print area. Definitely get a good parts washer and UV cure device to compliment this. Not very fast at all, but I got this for quality of print not speed, and it delivers. Can hardly tell it was 3d print vs injection molded.

    Jan 05,2021

  • Staci
    one fantastic printer
    This is my first resin printer, but also have 2 qidi xpro's. All 3 work fantastic and qidi is a great brand. I print at .025 and the prints come out great. for tech support, they always get back to you in 23 hours or less.

    Jan 04,2021

  • Mn
    Great printer
    - Good price point, fast delivery
    - Accuracy is outstanding
    - Large volume
    - Nice form factor
    - Easy, simple user interface
    - Great tech support

    Jan 04,2021