Mots-clés de produits
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Points d'échange pour Coupons

Règle 1. During the activity, points can be used in exchange for coupons .
2. Each coupon provided has specific instructions on validity. Please read them carefully. Redeemed coupons are non-refundable.
  • $50 OFF OVER $2000

    Entrepôt HK

    Valable pour 20 jours


  • Save $5 Over $50

    Plate-forme PC, Wap, IOS, Android, Pad

    Entrepôt All Warehouses

    Valable pour 15 jours
    This coupon is not available for third-party stores.


Points avec remise

Règle 1.During the activity,you can exchange a super coupon by using points.the exact amount paid will be shown on the activity.
2.You can purchase the specified product based on the amount of the coupon during the activity.The price of the product will vary depending on the promotion,we don't promise that the price of the voucher will be the lowest price of the whole station.
3.You can check out the details under “My Coupons” in your personal center.Please use this coupon during the valid period of the coupon
4.If a product is returned, you can only return the cash portion of the payment,but not the coupon.