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Plus longue Cube2 3D mini imprimante 3d écran tactile impression FDM bureau imprimante 3d pour l'éducation des enfants
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Plus longue Cube2 3D mini imprimante 3d écran tactile impression FDM bureau imprimante 3d pour l'éducation des enfants

- noir et blanc CN

Imprimante de bureau 3d MINI 3D Printer FDM machine d'imprimante 3d
5 25 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Principales Caractérisques

1. Entry-level integrated 3D printer, the first choice for intelligent education, training children's hands-on and space imagination ability, necessary equipment for amateurs,design house,artists.

2. 2.8-inch high-definition LCD scree with friendly interface, user-friendly operation.

3. Power off and continue printing. Unexpected power outage or active termination of the printing process can be restarted to resume printing.

4. Precision transmission system to ensure stable and high-speed printing, guarantee printing’s success rate; filament detection function can automatically pause printing.

5. Using a flexible platform with magnetic make it easy to strip the model.

6. The nozzle is detachable, maintenance and cleaning are convenient.

7. Small in size but more cost-effective with bigger print size: 120mm (L) 140mm (W) * 105mm (H).


Taille de l'emballage (L xlxh)
Poids de l'emballage
Contenu de l'emballage
1x3D Printer; Filament 1xPLA; 1x alimentation; 1x manuel; 1 lecteur de carte; 1x carte SD; Tournevis 1xCross; 1x petite pelle; 1x bâton de colle
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  • freejoe
    A great value and very good quality
    I recommend this for beginners to advanced users who want a good value. This is my third 3D printer. I used other printer previously, and this 3D printer is clearly the best for a low cost 3D printer I have used. It took about 30 minutes to set up and get running (unpacking, screw in the extruder motors, screw in the filament breakage limit switch) and there were no problems. The demo programs ran easily and produced great results. The packaging was good, and secure, but not excessive. I have now printed about 20 parts and find it easy to use, as long as you read the instruction manual for guidance on settings. The documentation is complete enough to get you going well. They refer you to Cura and Repetier as the best and I agree.

    Jun 21,2019

  • Norma Rebecca
    Best Value of all My Printers
    This is my second 3d printer. It printed right out of the box and the print quality is outstanding. It is extremely quiet, and probably twice as fast as my previous 3D printer. I printed an object and saw no indications of any missed steps or artifacts in the print, very satisfied. I can tell you guys that this thing is great and by far the best value.
    It’s very easy to use with the user-friendly interface, and equipped with the power failure resume print function, easy to continue printing anytime and anywhere.
    What I love most is the flexible platform, it makes strip the model so easy, seriously nice job to the folks who designed and built this awesome printer! Thank you!

    Jun 22,2019

  • Alex Wang
    Best choose for beginner 's printer
    I always want to try 3D printing but there are some worry , you know, I not use it even I not totally know it before . Still I saw this printer and choose it as my first try , I must to say , no doubt I made a very great try ! correct choose !! I have totally love this printer , It very easy to use , The printing quality of this machine is very good. We have printed a lot of cute and interesting little models with it. The children like it very much. The printer works out of the box, and you don't even have to assemble it yourself, my son very like it , we have use it printing a lot of interesting tools .

    Jun 21,2019

  • David X.
    Amazing printer for the price.
    This is my first 3D printer, and while it is very easy to get set up and get started, it takes some time and research to master. I think that is what makes it even more fun! Yes, you'll have a few failed prints here and there. But the process of learning your printer, getting the settings just right in your software, and getting those really amazing looking prints (and this thing can really make some awesome quality prints!) it is all worth it. If you are interested in 3D printing, this is a fantastic printer to own! Highly recommended.

    Jun 21,2019

  • Archibald Haywood
    Must have for beginners.
    Received this printer on Friday afternoon, within an hour I had it unboxed and calibrated, within two hours I read up on all the instructions and started my print, it comes beautiful. For a printer that is so affordable and easy to setup, the quality is pretty impressive. It equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen & friendly interface, very convenient to use. And seems made of high-quality materials, the whole body is solid and durable.
    - Very clean and sleek design looks beautiful on a work desk.
    - Lightweight
    - Small footprint
    - Easy controls
    - Quality prints

    Jun 21,2019

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