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  • Wonder device
    Like the hypervolt without the price tag
    Product is designed like the original hypervolt without the extreme price tag. Very quiet machine. Even the lowest setting is very powerful. Body is plastic. Serves all personal use. If you weren’t sure whether you wanted to spurge on one well here’s your chance and your body will thank you for it. Bought in Canada and there was no duty. What an excellent service. Imitation devices on other apps. Watch their speed capabilities and other parameters. This one has a large battery size and the speed range is impressive enough again for any personal use. Highly recommend this.

    Dec 20,2020

  • Ivan
    best fitness device
    I have returned to my best fitness. This does not require any type of drugs at all. It has different adjustable speeds and modes, and different sizes and shapes of head attachments to target different areas of the body. Within a few seconds, your pain will subside. I will purchase this product without hesitation. This is the best thing I have bought so far to eliminate body pain. It also comes with a beautiful hard carrying case and instructions to tell you where to use the different head connections

    Sep 22,2020

  • Jack
    relieve back pain
    Since the child was born two years ago, my wife has been suffering from severe backache. She went to the therapist regularly for help, but she did not see any improvement. In a lunch conversation, a colleague of mine recommended this massage gun to me. Since then, it has become a life-saving straw. Because of back pain, she often wakes up in the middle of the night. Since I started massaging her back with a massage gun, her pain has been significantly reduced. thank you very much! ! ! !

    Sep 08,2020

  • Josepd
    like it
    I received this machine a few days after placing the order, and the delivery speed was unexpectedly fast. I will not write product reviews for it. However, after a few days of trying, I changed my mind. Massage with a massager for a few minutes a day is very effective in relieving back and knee pain. So I decided to leave this review to let people know how good this product is and how convenient it is. However, it took me a while to figure out the perfection of the massage.

    Sep 11,2020

  • Marco
    This gun looks great, so I ordered it. The first thing I noticed is that it is packed in a large suitcase. It is also easy to be taken to the gym. It comes with several accessories and a handy little book to show and explain each one. I do suggest you start with a low setting, when it becomes very intense, you can gradually increase

    Sep 22,2020

  • Snow
    definitely recommend
    If you are an athlete and want to improve your recovery and performance, or a rehabilitation expert who wants to help your clients do the same thing, I would definitely recommend this gun! This is what I use to recover myself Favorite tool

    Aug 25,2020

  • PetrCZ
    Very good
    I like it very much! Although it lasts max one hour on a full charge for me, it is still good. And it also charges up in one hour, although they say it takes up to three hours. I hope I have a good battery :) I am very satisfied with that price :)

    Nov 30,2020

  • Manlia
    Use it with our personal trainer and all family members to treat various parts of the body such as feet, calf muscles, hamstrings, shoulders, shoulders and lower back. Very durable machine, excellent settings and various heads.

    Aug 23,2020

  • Chen
    Great tool to relieve muscle aches
    Received the delivery with no issue.
    Product performed as specified. I used it more now that I can carry it with me to my gym session. Fully recommend it to anyone who are into sports and gym.

    Dec 02,2020

  • Kat
    Fascia massage gun
    I’m so happy I got this. Go watch some YouTube as to where to use it and how. Your body will love how this works. No masseuse can do what this can do for muscle percussion. And best of all it’s quiet.

    Dec 20,2020