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  • Greg Siegel
    We are going to a wedding where all the guests are to play a musical instrument between the wedding and the reception, this is our choice and we could not be more delighted by the quality of these instruments, I so wish we could have found these when our children were small, such fun, we will make sure they find a good home after the wedding or will give them to the future bride and groom for their future children

    Aug 31,2018

  • Scott Dupree
    I looked in toy stores but all they had were plastic drums that flashed and played the same lame music that every other baby toy plays when you hit it, all around the rim is smooth and there are no sharp pieces for a baby to hurt himself on, the drum makes a nice sound and is sufficiently raised off the floor, the drum makes fine sounds playing with just your fingers or hands and my son really loves it

    Oct 19,2018

  • Drpete
    We are very pleased with this well built toy and our baby enjoys it too, the balls are the perfect size for a baby's hands to hold and they are easy to pound through to hit the xylophone, our baby actually prefers having the xylophone out most of the time to play it separately, and it has a pleasant sound

    Dec 08,2018

  • Sardonick
    I figured this would be a simple toy accordion to jokingly learn to play ; however, it really does play like an accordion and actually sounds pretty good and doesn't cost much to learn to play, for now this is a cheap way to learn and see if I'm interested in learning a more complex instrument

    Aug 28,2018

  • Courtney B.
    Is this the cutest musical instrument, the left hand strap is a little too small for adult hands, and the sound quality is wonderful, it sounds like a real accordion, manufacturing and painting caused the new instrument bellows to stick together somewhat, I can't wait to learn a few songs

    Nov 21,2018

  • kln
    The fine slide tuning can produce amazing sounds, keep it in a light backpack in your passenger car seat and play it with your favorite jazz, it is not an extremely sturdy or durable musical instrument but it does the trick for any beginner

    Oct 25,2018

  • Smarticas
    I like when every child has a musical instrument to use while we sing and dance, they work great and the kids had lots of fun, there is a great variety of different instruments so its good for all ages !!

    Nov 02,2018

  • Sam P.
    I bought The wooden musical instrument set for my granddaughter for Christmas, i'm sure she have fun playing with the instruments Christmas morning, the instruments look sturdy and well made

    Sep 09,2018

  • Mary Jo Cunningham
    He loved each and every musical instrument, each instrument was very well made and easy for him to play, the instruments all had a nice sound to them and functioned properly

    Oct 09,2018

  • terry thompson
    This is the coolest toy and has so many learning possibilities, it stores all the musical instruments for easy cleanup, it was a great price

    Oct 01,2018