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  • DJ
    Big Strong Waterproof
    This phone is great. It's fast, has a very nice screen and the fingerprint sensor is super responsive. The camera is very good too. Used it for over a week now and not found anything i don't like. Yes, it's big and heavy but you already know that from reading the description. The battery is amazing, it arrived with 50% charge, the last charge being 180 days previously. A full charge easily lasts 2 days. For navigation on a motorcycle it is fantastic, it's tough and waterproof and an hour long trip used just 5% of the battery - my last phone needed to be plugged in constantly - this thing could go all day no problem. The 4G reception is great here in Japan with Docomo and I can use it as a hotspot for my laptop all day at work and the battery will still give 2 days use. Not only that, if I ever have the misfortune to be attacked by a wild boar I'll just club it to death with my trusty Oukitel.

    Jul 18,2020

  • Luther
    beefy Phone
    been searching for rugged phone for a while got lucky to have gotten my ulphone armor 6E a few years ago that lasted a while till a simple drop from my knee in hight cracked the screen along the edge freak kind of thing then the phone just started acting funny. knew about Oukitel but wasn't to sure since alot of the reviews were always negative they didn't like this or they didn't like that and it was always wrapped around the camera for me it was about the battery love this phone big smooth great battery started out at 100% now down to 50% my other phone would be on charge right now at about 15-20%
    still going movies play just fine gaming is incredible still figuring things out a specially trying to get my star contacts to show up like they did in my other phone.

    May 22,2020

  • lakia
    works great
    Have not heard any complaints about it after using two weeks, If you can spend a small amount of money to buy a real Android that can do everything, why should you spend a big price to buy a worthless name? In terms of price, this is a good phone. Camera and battery works great

    Please try this if you are looking for a phone with low budget.

    Sep 03,2020

  • Phinehas
    everything most people need
    It works very well. I may use my mobile phone more frequently than the average person, and I have never encountered slow or malfunctioning issues. Many people are hesitant to buy this phone, but it is actually very amazing value for your money. Cheap, simple and everything most people need.

    and, the size is okay

    Aug 21,2020

  • Kriol
    everything was going good
    I was shocked by the quality and price of this phone. When I bought this phone, what I fully expected was that this product would cut a lot of corners and reduce functions. But in fact, it's not. This phone has 90% of the functionality for 10% or less of the price.

    Bought the phone and everything was going good

    Sep 03,2020

  • King Kong
    Great phone!
    Very fast and sharp looking! While standing in line today I saw three people looking at their puny iPhones and crappy rubber cases. I whipped this out with great pride! Thank you, China!

    Jun 05,2020

  • yoram996
    Happy customer
    I got the phone looking rugged and well built
    Shipped in good and protective packaging
    Arrived quickly unharmed

    May 24,2020

  • Shatterproof monster phone
    Must Have Phone
    The phone is cute with the best materials, big screen and looks really good with a nice attractive finish. It has good sound and nice colour pictures. It looks and feels robust and comfortable to handle in the pulm. The calling sound is great with great music sound output.

    May 12,2020

  • Verdant
    Great camera and great betery life, rugged with triple protection. The IPS screen has also a good quality.

    Jun 07,2020

  • pascal
    tres bonne marque
    bonjour j ais pris ce téléphone est j en suis très satisfait donc depuis j ais repris un autre téléphone de la mème marque OUKITEL C18 Pro est j en suis très heureux il sont vraiment bien OUKITEL font de tes bon matérielle

    Sep 28,2020