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  • Fog
    First Laser Engraver
    The family decided to chip in and buy the wife, and their mother, a crafting machine for her birthday, since she really enjoys doing various craft projects. And she is really good at it. I had been looking at 3D printers and laser engravers for myself since she got the machine she has (not a 3D printer or laser engraver). We both enjoy her machine, but I wanted the laser engraver to add to the mix. I watched many YouTube video's to decide what I would like to get. I chose the Ortur 15 watt machine offered by The reason being is that it is small in size but capable of engraving a large area, and easy to set up and operate. You are not limited by the size of material you can engrave. As long as it will fit under the laser head, you are good to go. If the item is thick or tall, just raise the machine to compensate for it. All of the difficult assembly has already been done, so you only have the minimum to finish. The software download took longer to figure out, but really was not that bad as long as you follow the directions. The desktop footprint is less than all the other comparable machines I checked out, and it is lighter in weight, so this is a plus to me. Since this is my first ever laser engraver, I have much to learn as far as machine settings and what it is capable of doing. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Do I like it? YES. It is easy to use and I am enjoying it very much. The safety glasses sent with the machine are satisfactory, but there are better ones out there, so I purchased two sets that are much better. Since the machine is not enclosed in it's own cabinet, you have to make sure anyone around you is using the proper eye wear, and be sure to keep pets where they cannot get their eyes damaged. Working in a well ventilated area is a must since the machine doesn't have an exhaust system for the smoke. Even though the precautions I mentioned may seem less than favorable, they are really common sense. The fact that I can easily pick up the machine and take it anywhere I want to do projects without having the need for a large area to work is a plus to me. I have only done a few things with it so far, but I am looking forward to more things to try out. Attached are a few photo's of my first projects. Photo #1, first project. Photo #2, 4th project, on leather. Photo #3, next to the Ortur 15w. Photo #4, close up of project #4

    Jan 10,2020

  • David
    Fun little Laser
    Fun little Laser Its great for Engraving and also cutting thin wood or Plexiglass (Black) I would highly recommend building an enclosure to vent out smoke and to protect you from laser exposure.Machine is easy to assemble and software is easy to understand. Make sure to focus the laser that makes a huge difference in quality. For cutting use the provided cleats to mount to a desk or board to keep the laser from moving.I am able to cut 2mm black plexiglass or wood in 4 passes with 150mm/s clear plexiglass does not work.This laser is great and cheap for beginner to get used to a Laser, build quality is great and software is easy to learn.

    Jan 25,2020

  • Claudio
    Incisore Laser ORTUR 15 WATT
    Mi è finalmente arrivato l'incisore della ORTUR ACQUISTATO trammite Gearbest.A prima vista l'imballo appare subito ben fatto e ben protetto.Sono bastati 10 minuti per montarlo ed installare il software dedicato che lo gestisce in maniera facile ed impeccabile. Veramente un ottimo prodotto che sarà sfruttato nei prossimi giorni per liberare la creatività e dare vita ad incisioni su vari tipi di materiali e dare vita ad idee nuove di come usarlo nelle sue principali doti e caratteristiche. Sono molto soddisfatto di averlo acquistato e devo dire che mi sto divertendo un mondo ad imparare di gestire le sue varie opzioni.Lo ritengo un ottimo acquisto.

    Feb 12,2020

  • eddy66
    Graveur de bonne qualité
    Objet reçu très rapidement, commandé le 22.12.2019 et reçu le 04/01/2020.Le vendeur a rajouté gratuitement le plug US/EU sans que je le lui demande, MERCI beaucoup !Assemblage en 5 min , connexion facile au PC , premiers essais très concluants , le laser semble assez puissant , il faut fouiller un peu sur le net pour trouvercertaines informations comme par exemple pour rajouter les boutons au logiciel laserGRBL , mais rien d'insurmontableCe premier graveur laser devrait me permettre de me faire la main et voir ensuite au dessus éventuellement.Merci !

    Jan 05,2020

  • SlowBurn
    Ortur Laser Master
    This is my 1st laser cutter/engraver and my 1st purchase from Gearbest.Ive been playing with it now for about 3hrs.Took a little time to get use to the software but the instruction referance table provided helped with the laser settings.Im well amazed with this product.Full tracked from USA to UK and very fast delivery time.Easy to setup.Thanks Gearbest. :-)P.S. It would have been nice to have the software in the box too but it was not too hard to find it useing the instruction manual.

    Dec 21,2019

  • Dirk
    Super Gerät, leider lange Lieferzeit.
    Der Lasermaster arbeitet sehr präzise. Gut zum Gravieren, für schneiden eher nicht geeignet. Ich habe verschiedene Materialien ausprobiert, Holz, Leder, Pappe graviert der Laser äußerst zuverlässig. Aluminium funktioniert bedingt, wenn man mit dem mitgelieferten schwarzen wasserlöslichen Markierer die zu gravierenden Stellen schwärzt, kann man eine leichte Gravur erzielen. Die Einstellungsmöglichkeiten in der Software sind begrenzt, aber für viele Zwecke ausreichend. Einziges Manko: 7 Wochen Lieferzeit, aber wahrscheinlich bedingt durch das chinesische Neujahrsfest.

    Feb 20,2020

  • Gioo
    Ortur laser 20w
    Ho fatto molti test su pietra legno ferro alluminio carta plastica e stoffa e ne sono rimasto soddisfatto anche se bisogna regolarla bene.PS. da un 20 w mi aspettavo un po di più. Il software laser gbrl aggiornandolo da parecchi problemi quindi non aggiornare spero che ortur faccia degli aggiornamenti della scheda.Tutto sommato un buon prodotto

    Feb 11,2020

  • Elmar
    Super Lasergravierer
    Einfacher Zusammenbau und sehr gut verpackt.Als Tipp im Betrieb, der Laser hat einen Kippsensor der bei minimaler Schräglage den Laserstrahl ausschaltet, jedoch nicht die Armbewegungen. Wenn ihr also lasert und seltsame Gravierfehler oder Schnittfehler habt. Montiert den Laser fest auf ein Brett und stellt ihn absolut gerade auf.Sonst ein Top Gerät und absolut empfehlenswert.

    Jan 10,2020

  • Laur
    Great product
    This is my first laser engraver and so far very pleased with it. Engraves easily plastic and also cuts foam inserts for toolboxes. Software is pretty straight forward to use and overall no issues at all.Shipping was fast and item was well packed.

    Dec 27,2019

  • Levar
    Grawer laserowy pracuję aż miło. Wszystko w najlepszym porządku. Zdecydowanie POLECAM :)Przesyłka zapakowana perfekcyjnie , nic nie zostało uszkodzone. Jeśli ktoś się wacha to zdecydowanie polecam.

    Feb 07,2020