Originel Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle
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Originel Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle

- CHAMPAGNE 187173012

1 - 75W / 200 - 600F / Ni / Ti / SS TC Modes / Multiple Protections / Logiciel peuvant mise à niveau / OLED Affichage pour E Cigarette
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Lost Vape Therion DNA75 TC boîte de modèle est le premier dual 18650 platform dêtre utilisé en Evolv DNA75 integraté système, combiner un ergonomique portable form facteur avec beau genuine cuir wrappé couverture de batterie et panne de bois pour un beau mécanique chassis. Avec un dual 18650 batterie driven design qui permet la taille la plus populaire d'être utilisé avec le dernier intelligent chipset du DNA75 , offre une grande convenience quand utiliser un DNA internel plaque. Construire avec usabilité et performance en coeur, ce dispositif integrate chipset d'Evolv DNA75, able à drive haut de 75W avec un incredible 85 pour cent efficience et sophisticaté customisation varie de complète température régulation à personalisé options d'écran. De tradition de Lost Vape à créer le plus beau et intelligent DNA dispositif, le Lost Vape Therion DNA75 Boîte de modèle est une excellente performance dispositif avec bonne portabilité.

Caractéristiques principales: 
Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC boîte de modèle
Equippé avec Evolv DNA75 Chipset
Soutenir Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, et bobine d'acier inoxydable
Marcher avec dual 18650 batteries ( exclus )
Limite de wattage de sortie: 1 - 75W
Limite de voltage de sortie: 0.6 - 6V
Limite de température: 200 - 600F
Min. Kanthal résistance: 0.25 ohm
Min. température résistance: 0.15 ohm
Matériel:  construction d'alliage de zinc, genuine caisse en cuir de batterie, panneau de bois
Logiciel peut être mise à niveau
Multiple protections: protection d'atomiseur,protection de basse résistance, protection de court circuit, protection de surchauffage,protection de bas voltage 
Intuitive OLED afficahge
Trois-bouton opération
85 pour cent efficiencie de sortie
Pile-par-pile détecter
Micro USB port - logiciel mise à niveau
Fil-chargé Nickel platé brass 510 connection, avec 510 fil point d'acier inoxydable
Magnétique couverture de batterie

Atomiseur en image est exclus d'emballage.


Détails du Produit

Marque: Vape perdu
510 Type de connecteur: ressort
Type d’Accessoires: MOD
Plage de tension réglable: 0,6 - 6 V
APV Mod de Wattage: 75W
APV Mod plage de Wattage : 51-100W
Diamètre de connecteur d'atomiseur: 24mm
type de couverture de Batterie: Magnétique
Dimensions de la batterie: 18650
Type de Batterie: Dual ( exclus )
Matières: Cuir,Bois,Alliage de Zinc
Mod: mod de Contrôle de température,VV/VW Mod
Type: accessoires de E-cigs
Plage de contrôle de la température: 200 - 600F

Poids et Dimension

Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 12.30 x 6.20 x 4.30 cm / 4.84 x 2.44 x 1.69 pouces
Poids du produit: 0.1730 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 2.40 x 4.70 x 8.80 cm / 0.94 x 1.85 x 3.46 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle
Originel Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle- Champagne
Originel Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle- Champagne
Originel Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Boîte de Modèle- Champagne

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  • ricardo
    Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Box Mod
    The Lost Vape Therion is one of the first platforms to fully deploy a dual battery powered Evolv DNA 75, combining dynamic and capable output with Lost Vape's renowned chassis design and quality to present an affordable yet extremely beautiful device. The Therion features a curved chassis design refined from the Lost Vape Triade, adding unique and tasteful Ebony wood accent panels to create a cohesive yet visually striking overall aesthetic. The leather wrapped battery door is secured by a magnet and ball system that combine for a tight yet simple to remove fit. Inside, the each contact is gold plated with each negative spring loaded to ensure good contact with batteries (sold separately). The control face features the modern Lost Vape design, with an oversized firing button and two large adjustment buttons. The Therion is equipped with Evolv's DNA 75, featuring an incredibly capable, precise, and customizable output, with a standard output range of 1 to 75W. Onboard support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and additional heating elements through Escribe with a temperature output range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The 510 connection is machined out of high grade stainless steel while the base chassis is milled out of zinc alloy, while the nickel plated brass 510 connection ensures high level conductivity. With a class leading chassis that looks and feels absolutely stunning combined with one of the first dual battery DNA 75 systems on the market, the Lost Vape Therion is a must buy for nearly all vapers.

    Sep 28,2016 16:44:07

  • Mustafa Taşkın
    Beautiful mod
    Dna chip Solid design Dual parallel batteries Escribe software Fine leather battery cover Wood details I've been using this beauty for a couple of months and I love it. It became my primary mod. It's easy to grip and feels very solid and elegant. Up to 24 mm atties looks good on it. Magnetic battery cover sits good. Leather and wood details make it rich feel. Spring loaded 510 pin never lets you get "no atomizer" faults. Zinc alloy body doesn't get scratches and paint-offs. No rattles. Dual parallel batteries have longer battery life. I'm a mtl vaper and I can vape for days without charging. The USB cable is very good. And the most important thing, it has escribe :) everything is under my control. Tc feature works great. I can load and modify the wire T-R graphics.
    Heavy Fire button sometimes get stuck No reverse battery protection Getting out the batteries is tricky No kanthal preheat You should know how to use escribe. But it has tutorials :)It's really heavy. You can feel the weight in your hands. But the weight is not the problem. After getting used to this weight, other mods feel like toys. If I push from the edges of the fire button, it gets stuck sometimes. And there is no 10 seconds protection, you have to be careful. There is actually a reverse battery protection but it's not from the chipset. The positive side of the battery slot has a physical block. If you put the batteries reversed, the block doesn't let the negative side of the battery touch the positive slot. Also this block makes getting the batteries out harder. It's very easy to tear the battery cover. And no preheat for kanthal? It's unbelieveable. Even the crappiest mods have this feature. The manufacturers say "they wouldn't add preheat for kanthal feature for safety reasons". There is a way for preheat for kanthal but it's a little tricky and unofficial.

    May 21,2017 12:30:24

  • Sajidan
    75w true power!
    Looking at the mod itself, it's easy to use, this one has a black leather door and it is real leather. This lost vape therion is an amazing powerhouse for a 75w mod and I really rate it highly. Now onto basic features. You can lock the firing button by clicking it 5 times and the same to unlock it. The mod also has all the setting pre done for you right out of the box. You can customise all your settings by going through the escribe software. It comes well packed in a nice box. The back cover gives you details such as specs, one being it's run in parrallel battery configuration which means better battery life.
    There's only one real con for the device fop me, and thats the battery compartment. This mod takes dual 18650 batteries, however it can be awkward to place the bateries inside. Especially as I use indipendent chargers for all my batteries and not the mod itself.

    Jun 20,2017 15:48:13

  • Nils
    first class
    this is a realy beautyfull mod! The real leather and rosewood applikation feels just fine in your hand! The dna chip is with the escribe software editable and you can make custom logos at any report window (such as "Stealth mode, normal mode, bootscreen, etc.) Also you can customise the heating settings on every coil material ad so on! 75 Watts is more tha enaugh for me, I usually dont use TC, but it is nice to have... The product quality is very good, a realy reliable piece of metal, leather and wood! I love it!
    I wish GB would sell seperate leather covers so I could change the style!

    Nov 16,2016 19:19:08

  • Bikerider
    Excellent, Elegant, Absolutely to buy
    Excellent product, excellent for both beginners and for the Professionals of the SVAPO. I think that is among the most versatile, complete and elegant Box Mod existing on the market. The various colors are fantastic and unique. It is complete with all the features available such as temperature control, the ability to use different Atomizers and Coils and is really good for those who want to quit smoking and not. The DNA System and the "Lost Vape" Brand are a warranty, therefore, I would definately recommend the purchase.
    I have not found defect or nonconformity

    Mar 12,2017 23:54:54

  • Francesco Moroni
    possiedo già una lost vape dna 200 Bf halcyon e devo dire che lost vape fa veramente bene le cose.questa box è fantasticamateriali di alta qualità dna75 Evolv dalle capacità incredibiliin mano fa una bellissima figura ed è piacevole tenerla in manoio la uso con tsunami glass Window e a 75w va che è una meraviglialost vape è una garanziagearbest sempre prezzi convenienti.grazie
    nientela box è perfetta

    Sep 22,2016 17:14:45

  • Roter
    Very good!
    Looks absolutely stunning!!! 2x18650 is the perfect setup for DNA75. Far better than a singel 26650 Nice packaging You can buy different doors to change appearance, if you like Came with a good set up pre-sets. Recommended!

    Mar 06,2017 17:04:49

  • Sternenwolf
    Really GREAT Mod
    This BOX MOD is excellently crafted - works fine - looks great - big enough for a Smok-TFV8 or Griffin25. DNA75 works perfectly - the best chip ever next to DNA200 The leather is awesome ... and feels very good. If Lost Vape could put a DNA200 inside, too ... I would buy it at once, too :-))
    No cons at all

    Sep 16,2016 19:59:54

  • JPL
    Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Box Mod
    Der Lost Vape Therion DNA75 75W TC Box Mod-LEATHER BLACK überzeugt mich durchweg. Die gute Verarbeitung und sein klasse Design.Die Schalter sind wunderbar. Zum DNA Chip brauch ich nichts mehr hinzufügen. Das Display ist angenehm groß deutlich abzulesen. Einfach super!! - Bin an überlegen mir noch ein Zweiten zu bestellen. Absolute Kaufempfehlung.
    Leider Keine. ;)

    Nov 14,2016 03:07:32

  • Фёдор
    решил купить мод на DNA плате и проверить чем он лучше всяких рыкс и сигелеев. Зарядку держит дольше, очень много настроек через программу на ПК. Брэнд, внешность мода.
    относительно большой. Крышка акб люфтит, но для меня не критично, т. к. я знал, про это, тем более я купил к нему резиновый чехол, и все замечательно.

    Sep 12,2017 10:20:55

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