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  • Gigs
    Best thing i've bought for my kitchen,living through a summer with no ac this was hands down the best purchase,without having to heat up the whole house or standing over a stove drowning in my own sweat the instant pot has saved my budget from eating out and sandwiches all summer long,there are hundreds of already tried and true recipes that can be found online (not quite so happy with the ones in the book that came with),there are so many recipes on the web or you can use your stand by slow cooker recipes

    Sep 04,2018

  • Rudi Bennet
    We eat much more meat since purchasing this instant pot,the pressure cooking speeds up the cooking time considerably,we did get rid of the old croc pot but kept the rice cooker because you often times want rice with the meal you make in this

    Jul 13,2018

  • Dave Williams
    I bought an instant pot because of the reputation when my old pressure cooker `` died'',it doesn't seam tight enough to really seal the pot and the steam comes out the sides

    Jul 12,2018

  • TheSovietHitman
    For fast and easy pressure cooking,i also recommend getting the paleo cooking with your instant pot cookbook to go along with this - makes getting started a breeze

    Oct 22,2018

  • Rachel B. Ramey (blogger/author)
    I'm not huge on cooking but I love my instant pot,i'll be buying less frozen and processed foods and throwing several ingredients in my instant pot

    Oct 14,2018

  • Rebecca Chabot
    You haven't gotten an instant pot you are missing out on an amazing kitchen appliance that will change your cooking habits,easy to find recipes

    Jul 06,2018

  • Desert Dweller
    I bought this after first buying a more traditional stove-top pressure cooker,both are fine and the stove-top cooker was a bit less expensive

    Aug 13,2018

  • TwikieWonder
    I may end up giving my other pots and pans away,cooks according to the time you set then goes to `` keep warm'' and you decide how you release it

    Oct 10,2018

  • Magic Mike
    I love the instant pot !!! it's truly my bff,now I need to buy all of the accessories that comes with the instant pot

    Jul 18,2018

  • Weeziewindpipe
    Made a dish with frozen chicken and dry pasta last night,i had no idea how versatile these are

    Sep 10,2018