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  • Lester
    Very Nice
    I have only used twice to solder some small wiring ...worked perfectly...very handy kit with a variety of tips and solder also included.
    I've never had one of these before, so I purchased this inexpensive one to give soldering a try. Seems to work ok. Has a little temperature knob on the side, to adjust the temperature. I don't know if it actually does, but on the lowest heat setting, it melted the included solder just fine. I think this is a very good product, so I recommend people who need it to buy it. I hope my suggestion will help you.

    Jul 01,2019

  • Lyndon
    Pleasantly suprised
    The display is nice and clear, the device is sleek and feels sturdy, and it also has a magnetic bottom with a slight curvature so you can attach it to metal poles, saws, and all sorts of stuff. It's way smaller and more convenient than a bubble level, so I find I'm way more likely to use it, which ultimately saves me time and trouble. Overall, I'm really happy with this digital level.It is very recommended that people who need it buy it. I hope my suggestion is helpful to you.

    Jul 03,2019

  • Middleton
    Exactly what I needed
    This is one of those things that I never knew that I needed, but now that I have it I can't imagine going without it. I don't even do that many carpentry projects, but I'm finding it useful for a bunch of stuff, like hanging pictures on the wall, finding a flat-ish spot to pitch a tent when camping, and of course any building project at all. When I first opened it up and put in the batteries I spent a half hour running around the house testing all my surfaces.

    Jun 25,2019

  • Mahoney
    Useful and effective
    Very handy item. It's a pocket level. Easy to use, clear and accurate. I think this may be better than a level due to the bubble and perception of center

    Jun 16,2019

  • Andi
    Super leicht zu bedienen. Ich nutze es um bei meiner Vespa die Zündung einzustellen. Schneller gehts nicht.

    Nov 03,2019

  • Porter
    The best thing I bought in a while
    Very sensitive. Measures angled compared to a level plane or compared to any existing plane

    May 29,2019

  • Nixon
    Excellent attachment for a great price!
    Better than expected. Durable and high quality. Worked as advertised.

    Jun 01,2019

  • Newell
    Five Stars
    Is a great product, I like it very much. I am so glad I purchased this item!

    Jun 10,2019

  • Virgil
    work great..
    Receiving goods quickly. Great buy for the price. Would Recommend.

    Jun 12,2019

  • seneca
    Fine for my knives
    I use ist to sharpen my knives. It works fine to see always what degree i hold the knive on the wetstone. My Knives now are sharpened mor precise.

    Jul 27,2019