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  • Sheila P
    I was forced by a situation beyond my control to immediately need a new pair of hiking boots only a week before leaving for a week of hiking in the rainforests of Costa Rica, I wasn't sure ordering these boots online was going to be a satisfactory solution, They were totally comfortable right out of the box, and they provide excellent traction as well as support, I am very pleased with this product and can wholeheartedly recommend them

    Oct 26,2017

  • ana ocampo
    They wear out quickly for me and the cheap shoes and boots start hurting my feet within a couple of weeks, was a different style, That was a record for me for a daily boot, The second pair I bought was this same boot, The leather on the top of the boot does need to be broken in a little, It may or may not slightly rub the top of your foot at first, I would recommend putting a good pair of GEL insoles in them

    Jun 30,2018

  • Diane M Routt
    I got the bigger size so he could wear thicker socks with them and to let him have so extra room, Since he started wearing these boots he doesn't complain about sore feet, I didn't give them five stars because the h are somewhat small in the toe area had to take the laces really wide to get the extra room in the toe area but overall very happy with them and will order again

    Dec 14,2017

  • Lizzy Pink
    These have been my standard winter boot for years, because the timberland-mfg sole is more flexible than vibram, you are less likely to twist your ankle, I just by a new pair every winter and use last winter's for walking on pavement, these are great shoes, That's a half size larger than I have ordered in the past and they are much more comfortable

    Jan 24,2018

  • Patricia W.
    I work in landscaping and I need a reliable pair of work boots that can last me all day, I am extremely happy with this purchase I just advise potential customers that they can begin to wear down quickly if they are not properly maintained, Regardless when the time comes I will gladly purchase another new pair of these boots

    Aug 28,2018

  • Ejay
    These boots are fantastic for my wide feet, My last pair were fine until the sole came apart and I fixed that with Tuff-toe which gave them a few more months, They are not waterproof so give them a good thick coating of your favorite leather preservative otherwise your feet will be wet in the morning walking in the dew

    May 15,2018

  • SHoguet
    This summer i took them to the south west and during a hike in White Sands i looked down and noticed that the adhesive on both feet had come undone between the toe and the sole, I ended up getting some adhesive from home depot that worked well enough for me to finish our vacation but i'm now in need of a new pair of boots

    Aug 09,2018

  • Robert Turnville
    Timberland pro fit series is the best work boot ever made i have had many brands but the tim is like walking on air sometimes i find myself walking around the house in them if u want a little bit of heaven for your feet buy the tims u will never any other work boot

    Jan 04,2018

  • Bonnie Nelson
    because I love wearing boots and these are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn - this being the fourth pair I have owned in the past eleven years, When starting out they are a snug fit but they quickly conformed to my feet, They keep my feet warm

    Jun 17,2018

  • J. Bloomer
    These boots are good but not as good as the Timberland Flume or White ledge Boots, They are ok but not as comfortable as the others also noticed that my feet where getting cold the other day and winter did not even get here yet

    Jul 02,2018