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  • Davegf
    Development accessories
    Great selection of pillars, posts, screws & Nuts. Great for the enthusiast who is using development equipment on new projects. These have come in very useful. In fact I will be buying more as I have a lot of projects on the go. Also when building the final unit great as you have got the plan and it all fits together.

    Jan 26,2019

  • Jiří
    150pcs M3 Hex Brass Standoff Spacers Screws Nuts
    Very nice, clean, really high quality product, carefully packed. Delivered in 15 days. I already used some standoffs and spacers. My prototype pcb is much better looking now and I could better handle it when it has brass "legs".
    1 nut is missing

    Jun 11,2018

  • FredH
    I got this for the motherboard standoffs so that's this only thing I've used but can't see the other screws having any issues, the only real complaint I've got is that the pastic case they come in is on the flimsy side but for the price I can't complain to much

    Sep 09,2018

  • Juan
    Buen surtido de espaciadores
    El producto es tal cual la descripción del vendedor, y este producto te saca de apuros al momento de estar dándole forma a tus proyectos, el pedido llego en tiempo y forma.

    Producto y vendedor totalmente recomendables.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Ben Mattthews
    Everything you need to assemble a computer if you are buying a computer case second-hand or need additional screws and hardware to finish a job, this kit is great and the screws are good quality

    Mar 16,2018

  • Алим
    Быстрая отправка.
    Быстрая доставка.
    Хорошая упаковка.
    Трек отслеживался до прибытия в строну.
    Выбирал специально для мелких самоделок. Да на большие самоделки в поле пойдут.
    Очень качественные. Каждый размер упакован отдельно, что очень приятно.

    Sep 13,2018

  • Davidgf
    Prototye accessories
    Ended up using the first batch I purchased. So had to get more Damm good value for what you get. Also such a variety so that Bolts and or nuts can be used to secure the boards

    Feb 12,2019

  • JA
    These come in a nice little locking plastic container similar in style to the ones that emax motors come in so they can be used for tiny screws to keep in your flight bag

    Feb 04,2018

  • Thomas W. Warden
    Has everything you could need for installing coolers fans / mobo / random screws, it doesnt have any long screws but your Cooler/Mobo should give you extra anyway

    Oct 03,2017

  • orvhqn
    Very good quality for the price
    A complete set of standoffs and screws, each kind is packed in a different bag. Very satisfied for the price ! Also delivery was fast

    Dec 29,2018