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  • Gioia
    Excellent sound quality
    I had wanted to get surround sound but decided on this instead and so far it hasn’t disappointed. I really feel like this thing is able to send the sound around the room and act sort of like a surround sound. It does a great job of balancing the sounds in the movie or show I’m watching and making it sound as if you are right in the movie. If you have a really big living room or whatever room the TV is in, it might not have the same effect. My TV is just in an average size living room in a ranch style house.

    Feb 14,2021

  • Steager T.
    I just set it up which took all of three minutes. The sound is fantastic! This is an upgrade for your tv speakers, not a theater sound system. The base could use some improvements but they have a sub-woofer you can buy to supplement that. I love that I can listen to music when I'm not watching tv and hear the subtle background sounds you wouldn't notice with just the tv's sound. *Please note, loud base does not mean sound quality is good.

    Feb 15,2021

  • Na*****
    Great sound quality for hearing impaired
    Very easy to set up. Using on kitchen TV and sound is like it is stereo-surround while sitting in different spots in the room. It produces crisp, clear dialogue that is so pleasant to listen to. And hooking it up only took a few minutes. Hubby bought one for his basement TV after hearing the quality. We both love them. Very compact and don't take up a lot of space. Music stations on TV produce great sound also beside TV shows.

    Feb 23,2021

  • James
    Solid performance at a good price
    The sound is excellent when the source sound (TV show, movie, cellphones, etc.) is good. The enhanced dialog feature helps me understand dialog over the background noise a present in most every scene. OK, the bass doesn't thump like the big speakers can, but the bass is present. I've enjoyed the sound and the ease of use.

    Feb 18,2021

  • wack
    Love this speaker.
    Our son recommended this speaker when we told him we had trouble hearing and understanding dialogue in movies on our TV. I can finally put down the volume control and hear everything being said even over music or loud car chases. Highly recommend this speaker.

    Feb 19,2021

  • Papa Stan
    So much easier to hear!
    My family was able to comfortably listen to the TV at a lower volume and still understand the shows they are watching. Sounds great in general too.

    Feb 24,2021

  • Evgeny Polyanskiy
    Great speaker and audio experience!
    This speaker is amazing! I have to be honest, for a single speaker setup, it's surprising how great the audio experience is. I definitely recommend!

    Feb 13,2021

  • User PN
    So Awesome!
    I LOVE it! We can watch movies now with great sound and I can listen to music through it while I am working from home. And, it is so easy to hookup!

    Feb 21,2021

  • Jeff Rector
    Awesome bass
    The base sound is good for a bar this size. For the average person wanting quality sound, look no further. This is it.

    Feb 20,2021

  • Bre606
    Good Television Speaker Upgrade
    The clarity of the sound bar is noticeable. I have it resting on the flat stand of my TV, just in front of the screen.

    Feb 25,2021