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    Lenovo LP2 True Wireless Bluetooth
    I Received the original packing boxes all damaged … I want to be clear that not the parcel it was damaged but inside the original watches boxes ... obviously that easy to see they ship the watches like this ... without any care for the customers ... it make me very desapointed…

    Feb 17,2021

  • MC
    I’m so much impressed with the earbuds. They work like a charm. The price is great and affordable. If you continually listen to music, the battery could last for more than 5 hours. The sound quality is amazing with powerful bass and stereo-like sound. Honestly, I was worried about these things falling out since my ears are pretty small but I haven't had a single issue!

    Oct 10,2020

  • Mark
    Highly recommend
    These earphones are elegant and beautiful. The battery indicator is on the outside of the case. The charging case is sleek and compact. Suitable for daily use. The sound quality is very great and clear. The touch control is sensitive. I would accidentally touch the earphones which would be turning on and off my music. Kind of annoying.

    Oct 10,2020

  • DK
    Useful & Convenient
    The earbuds themselves are slightly smaller and are more comfortable in the ear. Similar to Apple AirPods. The charge could last several hours. I feel the sound and bass quality were very good. When I was watching youtube, the sound was perfectly synced to the video. I'm so far very happy with the product and would recommend it.

    Nov 29,2020

  • William
    The first impression is that the headphones and charging case appear to be of very nice quality. The audio quality is fantastic. Battery life is enough to enjoy my playlist for a long workout. I have tried about 6 different brands and styles of earphones but these are the best I have found. They even have great bass!

    Sep 10,2020

  • Lily
    Great purchase
    I just got these today and I am already in love with them. The package is well-designed. Following the instruction, it’s easy to set up and pair with my phones. They get connected fast! When I have them on, it’s like I have pressure in my ears. I’m still not accustomed to wearing wireless earbuds for a long time.

    Nov 19,2020

  • Mohamed
    lenovo lp2 headphones
    شكرا جزيلا أنا زبون راضٍ، قمت بتجربة المنتج وهو يعمل بفعالية، الصوت نقي وجيد، خاصية اللمس تعمل جيدا، توصلت به بعد شهر وعدة أيام بعد الشحن، خاصية الشحن لم أجربها بعد. على العموم المنتج كما هو بالوصف.

    Mar 16,2021

  • Mladen Čelebić
    Very satisfied
    My earbuds are finally with me. There was a delay in delivery, but I guess it's because of the local Post office.
    My first impression is that I am very satisfied.

    Jun 22,2021

  • dalibor
    Lenovo LP2
    THe bluetooth headphones are great, Very light and loud. Clear tones and nice bass.
    Recomend to all who is buying with the low budget.
    Only that is little bit confusing is that for example next track or volume up is on the left headhone and volume down and previous track is on right headphone.

    Feb 28,2021

  • Donald
    Low-profile design
    These earbuds provide a minimalistic look that doesn’t draw any attention.

    Nov 18,2020