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  • Gioia
    Seem like quality earbuds, sound is good
    Geez we've been through so many ear buds. They either break quickly or the kids lose them. Hoping these ones will last awhile. Really impressed how they came packaged. If the durability and quality of the earbuds is anything like the packaging then we're going to be good to go. They were actually charged and working right out of the box, paired immediately with my phone. The description is accurate about the bass Sound. Made of durable materials. They sound great, but can go quite loud, so be careful about your hearing. They stay fitted snugly when running. Overall these are good quality.

    Jul 11,2020

  • Lucas Miguel
    A little more than expected!
    Good quality, great value.
    • Sound is similar to that of an airdots, while connecting is a little bit faster (though, once I had one of my devices not sync properly and buds tuning felt kind off, but hasn't happened again).
    • Batteries have good duration, but nothing amazing, are as expected.
    • Size is around the same as an airdots, though the case shape seems better to carry in the pocket.
    • Weight feels a little bit lighter than I was used, which is more comfortable.
    • Buds button placement also feels better since you press kind of upwards onto the outer ear, instead of pressing kind of into your ear tunnel.

    Sep 10,2020

  • Darryl Felder
    It's great
    I had to replace my bluetooth headphones because it stopped establishing a bluetooth connection. I use my bluetooth headphones a lot at work, at home, and especially at the gym so it has to hold up. I have only had it for one day. Sound quality is good, about average compared to the others, they don't seem to fall out. I was worried about that with how they're shaped but this is the shape I wanted. The charging case is small/compact enough to carry.

    Jul 12,2020

  • exmarinaio
    Ottimo suono e durata della batteria - Tuttavia la connessione non è sempre immediata Ottimo suono e durata della batteria - Tuttavia la connessione non è sempre immediata Ottimo suono e durata della batteria - Tuttavia la connessione non è sempre immediata Ottimo suono e durata della batteria - Tuttavia la connessione non è sempre immediata Ottimo suono e durata della batteria - Tuttavia la connessione non è sempre immediata

    Sep 28,2020

  • Popa Nicuşor
    A smart deal!
    The earbuds are very good quality. The case is light, small and the plastic is decent. First use of the buds was a little dissapointing because the sound had some "cracks", but, after factory reset, the sound was SUPER!
    The only thing i miss is the volume managment that the buds don't have, but, for this price, they rock!
    I recommend them.

    Aug 26,2020

    Não tem frequência (som) "grave"
    O Fone é bom, a qualidade do acabamento é ótima. Carregamento rápido.
    Possui microfone e a ligação atendida por ele é limpa, de ótima qualidade, porém, ao peca ao reproduzir música, pois não tem frequência grave, se possui é quase que imperceptivel.
    Médios e agudos são nítidos.
    Se você se importa com fone de ouvido com objetivo de curtir música, não compre esta versão, busque outra opção.
    Para ligações e outras aplicações ele é ótimo, barato e demora quase 3 meses para chegar (se tratando de Brasil).

    Oct 27,2020

  • Erik T.
    Smooth and superb
    With a wireless earbud what I expect are the comfortableness, sound quality and battery life. I was surprised when all these 3 factors were there in this pair of earbuds. I love the sleek black design of it and it really fits my ears. The charging case super worth of my money. It opens so smoothly. Touch control is superb on these earbuds. I would highly recommend it to all.

    Jul 13,2020

  • Daniel 42
    Comme je le souhaitais
    Parfait, commande, expédition, emballage et réception.
    Produit conforme à mes attentes.
    Appairage avec mon smartphone J5 de 2015 en bluetooth 4.0 sans problème, même si les écouteurs sont en bluetooth 5.0. Ne pas s'inquiéter pour cela, j'ai adapté les embouts d'oreilles et essais musique sans soucis. Son parfait, rendu musique et clarté des basses et aiguës au top, volume comme j'aime.
    Je verrais pour l'autonomie avec les temps.
    Je recommande ce produit et ce vendeur par ce Site comme toujours.

    Oct 01,2020

  • Cam
    Auriculares Blutooth com qualidade LENOVO
    Os meus primeiros auriculares sem fios são uma ótima escolha, porque são confortáveis e têm uma muito boa qualidade de som, com os graves bem definidos e com uma nitidez nos agudos e tons médios , sem qualquer distorção mesmo quando o volume está no máximo, e nem parecem vir de equipamento tão pequeno. A ativação inicial e reconhecimento automático do bluetooth , por parte do meu Xiaomi, facilitam o uso, assim como o carregamento da bateria e duração das horas de utilização. Boa compra.

    Aug 18,2020

  • Ayubi
    Great wireless earphones
    I was looking for a reliable wireless earphones for awhile and when I came across this lovely Lenovo ones I was absolutely delighted with the price for this quality brand. I have been using them for a few days now and the sound quality is excellent and they last all day. The Bluetooth is instant connection once taken out of little box.

    Nov 22,2020