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  • Charles S Parkins
    This drive is super fast, i found that after I disconnected the old drive and tried to boot up with this drive that it would start Windows but after just a few seconds of beginning the boot process, i determined it was likely issues with out of date drivers or with the PC trying to reference the ID of the original drive while booting up with the new one, assuming you have a fairly current version of Windows, microsoft allows you to do a fresh install without the need for that as long as you have a current version installed, disconnect the old drive after that, disconnected the old drive and installed and connected the new drive and formatted it, go into Bios settings and set the boot priority so that the installation media USB drive is first in line, you will then follow the prompts to do a fresh windows install on the new drive, re-connect the old hard drive again, go back into Bios and make the SSD drive the first in line for boot priority and remove the installation USB, you should now boot up from the new drive, it used to take a good four minutes, honestly the speed improvement was worth it, this drive is quiet and fast

    Oct 31,2018

  • Saroopya Gollapudi
    I am very pleased with this drive, previously I had purchased another brand here at Amazon that had very high reviews, i am new to ssd's so my first impression was concerning, i never had a bad experience with any hdd's, my first ssd experience had me second guessing my decision to convert, there are other brands like Samsung and PNY that have great reviews, `` backupper'' with great reviews and intuitive user screens, appears to have made a flawless clone of my then current hdd, i must point out I never pre formatted the new ssd drive, i don't know if this is due to the software I chose, the only noticeable difference of this new ssd and my old hdd is speed

    Nov 12,2018

  • BOB,SC
    This has greatly increased the speed of my computer due to the high disk read and write rates, i built my own computer and upgrade it when I can, samsung also has free software called Samsung Magician which gives you useful data about your drive and makes it easy to optimize, it also allows you to `` TRIM'' the SSD which is similiar to defragging Warning : do not defrag an SSD

    Nov 04,2018

  • Attila
    Már rég hiányzott az életemből egy ilyen.
    Már rég hiányzott az életemből egy ilyen. Olcsó és usb és otg csatlakozásra képes kártya olvasó. Alig térek magamhoz hogy ilyen olcsón egy ilyen szuper terméket megvehettem köszönöm Grearbest.

    Feb 06,2019

  • Belinda gyer
    Extremely fast drive, with the software provided I was able to clone my existing hard disk and install this with virtually no issues, best speed ive seen in a SSD in any of my PCs

    Nov 29,2018

  • walace
    muito bom os conectores
    um ótimo custo benefício, conecta facilmente nos aparelhos tanto celular como notebook os cartões são facilmente reconhecível eu recomendaria o produto sim !!

    Jun 08,2019

  • Marcin
    works very good
    works very good, all my cards fit well, it cooperate with windows and android

    May 28,2019

  • Ana Rita Lino
    good product
    It's really a good product. works perfectly. Awesome card reader.

    Dec 15,2019

  • Daniel
    very easy to use. 2 ways to send or receive multimedia on phone or pc. well done

    Dec 28,2019

  • Raul
    Perfecta Unidad Lectora.
    Muy bien todo. Funciona perfectamente tanto en el pc como en el movil. Envío en 12 dias.

    Nov 18,2019