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  • Nice but small robotic toy
    Nice but small robotic toy

    1. Delivered in 20 days to Turkey
    2. High quality plastic material like lego
    3. Instructions are in drawings, no need to translate into specific language
    4. Each robot comes in different box


    1. Small in size than I expected
    2. Paper stickers can get loose if touched by water

    Jan 09,2019

  • Clifford Johnson
    Great giant colorful plastic building blocks, nice sturdy building blocks, the bag is durable and well made and saves you from having to pile them all in a cardboard box once the kids are done playing with them, overall a nice toy for kids that is well within budget

    Jul 24,2018

  • Erica L.
    This magnetic building set is great, kids will love these as they are challenging depending on age and fun to play with, kids are ignorant, breaking the pieces would be difficult for a child, the pieces are quite durable in this sense

    Sep 13,2018

  • Michael Galgano
    I was worried because she isn't interested in too many toys yet, but over the past month I have noticed that she will select a different sized block each time and normally try to stack all of those together picture attached

    Aug 16,2018

  • djartjar
    These blocks are vibrant in color and the raised images are clear and easy to see, they make a really good toy for a baby because they are easy to hold and safe to play with and make a good toy for teething

    Sep 19,2018

  • Review101
    I bought this set for the cheap price and so I wouldn't have to stick the boy in front of the TV while I took care of his baby brother, easy to fit together for easy building

    Aug 13,2018

  • chris rempel
    The kids are loving this very much and they are making their own designs apart from the design book that comes in with the Toy Kit

    Jul 10,2018

  • algodfrey
    Great toy for my son, nice colors, oh yes and they come in a very well made bag that makes storage easy

    Jul 30,2018

  • WT
    Overall these blocks are a great building toy for young kids, good fun for my toddler

    Sep 15,2018

  • Lady Sunshine
    Just what I was looking for in a classic toy for my granddaughter

    Jul 26,2018