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  • Bogdan
    It's nice, but not as nice as I expected
    It's a really nice toy, but definitely not for children, since I think it's too hard for children to assemble this.

    For me, it was a nice way to spend time. It looks good and hope it'll do a good job.

    As for the cons:
    - first of all, the lack of clear assembly documentation (it has some, but at least for the gripper assembly it's a bit confusing)
    - second of all, the lack of wiring and programming documentation (only thing mention, as far as I saw, was to "download from the website (Main Features)".
    - another bad thing is that the package contained a different product that was presented in the pictures from the site (again you can see the presentation photos and the ones below, with the inventory of the parts. In the presentation pictures there's another version of this robot, since it contains different parts for the gripper (there are 5 cogwheel parts, in assembly instructions just 2)
    - they are saying that all movable joints use high quality bearings. I don't know, maybe the bearings are inside the servos, because all movable parts are assembled just using screws, or screw + nut
    - another thing is that the version with "WITH SCREWS + 4 SERVOES + MOTHERBOARD" does not have a completely assembled picture in description. I looked for some on the version "WITH SCREWS 2" and it show the version of the robot arm with 4 potentiometers (not the one with 2 joysticks that I received), and it seems that version requires a lot less wires to connect the potentiometers to the mainboard (the joysticks require a lot of wires). With less wires, it's easier to use it and transport it.
    - another con is that the package doesn't contain an 9V 1A power adapter, to operate the robot you need to keep it connected to the computer through USB, or to use a 9V batery

    Overall, it was a nice experience to assemble it, I found documentation for the wiring and the programming. now I only need some time to program it :)

    Have fun!

    Dec 25,2018

  • Mr T
    Robot Arm Kit
    There are no instructions with this robot arm but follow these links to obtain the product (1) info and the code (2) below:

    1) The product information sheet and where to connect the joysticks and servos on the arduino motherboard can be found with this link.

    (Note: There is an error on the product-page with servo 4 which is to be connected to D5 not D6 as indicated in the code that follows below):

    2) The Code for running the claw with the two joysticks that come with this package:

    Comment: The motherboard (Arduino Uno) that arrived did not have the code already installed on the board so I had to find it in the link above, copy, and paste it into the IDE and upload.

    The brown wire on the servos is (-) the red is (+), and orange is (S) the signal.

    You need some experience with knowing how to connect the servos and the joysticks. Do yourself a favour and buy a sensor shield and attach the servos and joysticks to it. It will tidy up the wires and will eliminate the breadboard.

    Dec 26,2018

  • Wojtee
    Good overall, be ready to improvise :)
    - Arrived in different material compared to photos here and in the manual. Not as nice, but seems sturdy enough.
    - The manual in the .DOC file provided via link is for something slightly different, instructions on the product page are more accurate and it is definitely doable according to these (it took one evening to build, even with a basic Arduino connection).
    - Some holes were punched larger than it should be, making it impossible for the screws to "bite" into the material. For some joints I had to use longer screws and nuts to make it work (luckily, there was a surplus).
    - The assembly is pretty disbalanced which strains the rotating servo. Some counterweight against the arm would be nice. Also, there are no legs on the base, making it pretty unstable without clamping it to the table (or you have to improvise your own :)).
    - You are totally on your own regarding the control and programming (but you can find builds for Arduino with two thumbsticks, for instance).
    - Not a toy for children, definitely. But neat way to learn servo control with Arduino and the like.

    Nov 16,2018

  • JP Santos
    No instructions
    This was a gift idea for a friend who loves this kind of things: robotics, programing, assembling parts, etc. The package arrived well, lots of small parts, in bags. The real issue was it has no instructions. Not for the parts neither for programing the arduino board. The problem of solved (kind of) for sending a mail to gearbest to provide an instructions manual and they did. As for the programing the arduino, it was not. So the solution is to search youtube and you will find severall youtubers who mount this from sractch. Overall, it was a nice gift.

    Dec 16,2018

  • Dogg (from Jamaica)
    AWESOME DIY Robot Erect-a-Set
    This Do-It-Yourself Kit (which came without instructions) was an EXCELLENT gift for my 13yr old. He waisted no time in downloading the user guide, and started erecting the set (like a jigsaw puzzle).

    The Robot Kit has several variations in setting up, and can be added to other kits to product very creative models

    It was very stimulating for his mind, and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this DIY Kit for your children

    Jan 01,2019

  • Giuseppe
    Ottimo per la didattica
    Ottimo per didattica e passatempo. materiale non resistentissimo ma adatto allo scopo. unica pecca è il fatto che i servo motori forniti non sono capaci di sostenere il peso stesso del braccio. in particolare gli ingranaggi del servomotore utilizzato nella parte inferiore si sono rotti al primo utilizzo. Problema risolto utilizzando un altro servomotore più resistente.

    Dec 30,2018

  • Janusz
    Fajnie zapakowana przesyłka w kartonik i kopertę, przyszło w przeciągu 4 tygodni w stanie idealnym. Polecam wszystkim gorąco! Reszta na filmiku i zdjęciachCool packed, came in 4 weeks in perfect condition. I recommend it to everyone! Rest on the photos and video

    Jan 11,2019

  • Fernando
    This order disappeared after entering Portugal. Contacted Gearbest, they sent a new order without any problems. Before, they offered me the money, which I did not accept, because what I wanted was the order. It came now, just as it was supposed to be. Very serious people.

    Feb 06,2019

  • fixmeister
    Amazing !
    the item arived within reasonable time.(14 days)
    I like the way it is cut out, i guess laser cutted.
    A lot of parts makes it look like a quest to solve it.
    Reading the reviews i see people complan about cardboard material, this is just PROTECTION PEEL IT OFF!!
    i would love to see a user/assembly manual included.
    I rate this 5 star bc i dont have the option to cut it my self.

    Nov 19,2018

  • FC
    Bon kit de base pour s'initier à la robotique et à la programmation sur Arduino
    Ce kit permet de s'initier à la construction d'un robot actionné par des servomoteurs programmés à l'aide d'un microcontrôleur type arduino de l'assemblage à la programmation.

    Seul bémol, je n'avais reçu aucune notice d'assemblage dans le colis, le service consommateur me l'a envoyée par voie électronique très rapidement une fois que j'en ai fait la demande.

    Nov 15,2018