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  • Petr
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black
    Brutální výkon! Kompaktní svítilna na akumulátor 26 650. Extrémní výkon vzhledem k velikosti - 3 800 lumenů. Display informující o výkonu, napětí akumulátoru a nabíjení, nabíjení přes USB konektor. Dvě tlačítka pro volbu výkonu a speciálních režimů. Rychlý přístup do režimu turbo. Akumulátor součástí balení, pouzdro na opasek součástí balení, nabíjecí kabel součástí balení. Tlačítka jsou malá a v rukavici obtížně nahmatatelná, svítilnu nelze uzamknout proti nechtěnému zmáčknutí tlačítek, chybí režim cca 1200 - 1500 lumenů na který by svítilna vydržela svítit celou kapacitu akumulátoru. Na plný výkon se svítilna rychle zahřívá. Kvalitní dárkové balení, rychlé zaslání. Vzhledem k skvělé ceně výborná nabídka. Jsem opravdu spokojen, kvalitní výrobek za výbornou cenu. Doporučuji. 5*****

    Jan 31,2018

  • Anuj V
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    world's best single cell LED flashlight
    robust packaging however i did not get the newer model which has only additional option to put in a lanyard string. nothing to complaint as torch is pretty compact. Full metal build is military grade and very well finished. At full power, it tends to heat which is obvious for such powerful LED but you can cover the handle part by some paracord rope to deal with heat. i personally recommend not to light the torch at full power for longer duration, for increased life of cell and LED. The included carry pouch is tought and well build. A must buy for hiking and travelling enthusiasts. Go for it...its the best. IMALENT rocks. Wish to buy IMALENT DX80 some day.
    apart from heated barrel at full power, there is nothing to worry. Its all good.

    Mar 31,2018

  • Вячеслав
    Oui (2) Couleur: Black
    Посылка пришла быстро. Принес курьер. Упакована хорошо. Фонарь удобный, не большой, с хорошим «заливающим» светом. С различными режимами. К кнопкам нужно привыкнуть, в темноте не сразу их находишь, хорошо бы их сделать более выпуклыми. Управление понятно и к нему быстро привыкаешь. Разницы между 2500Lm и 3800Lm практически нет, только греется и расходует аккумулятор . Но на 2500Lm заливает все ярким светом, его вполне хватит чтоб ехать на велосипеде и не переживать что вскочишь в какую-то яму, или осветить полянку в лесу. 300Lm самый ходовой режим, в меру яркий и экономный. 20Lm хватит и по тропинке идти и в палатке дежурный свет оставить. В общем фонарь АГОНЬ!
    Один минус, нет отверстия в корпусе, для наручной петли, хотя на некоторых фото есть… И хотелось бы на корпусе прорезиненную накладку, что бы лучше держался в руке и не скользил.

    Nov 27,2017

  • Rizki
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Small light Big output Uses 26650 instead of multiple 18650 so it is small width-wise Beautifully design, the blue tail is really nice and give a nice accent to the overall look of the light. Beautiful machining and perfect anodizing. Rubber seal on my light fits snug unlike what other people with earlier light complaining so maybe they improved the design somewhat. Inbuilt battery charging. Really good feel in you hand the size is perfect, i think i am liking a single 26650 more and more with more capacity and not much bigger than 18650. Came with Imalent Brang Lithium Protected Battery.
    In turbo head got really hot More mode spacing it need 800 lumens between 300 and 2500 lumens, jumps from 300 to 2500 is blinding and at 2500 it get really hot and unsustainable while at 300 it is not bright enough. In my opinion it should 20, 300, 800, 2500 with sub lumens as an option. The thread is nice but not came well lubricated (dry) The two buttons is really hard to feel in the dark.

    Jul 05,2017

  • Simone
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Imalent DN70: torcia di qualità
    Torcia veramente ben rifinita e curata. E' possibile dal display OLED leggere la tensione della batteria anche a torcia spenta, giusto per fare un check se necessita di ricarica prima di un'uscita. Fa tantissima luce per una torcia così compatta ma già 2500 lumen si mangia la batteria e scalda parecchio. Non è un grande problema visto che già a 300 lumen è possibile vedere bene anche al buio più assoluto ed a questa potenza la torcia non si scalda minimamente e la batteria dura ore ed ore. La luce illumina lontano ma il fascio si apre abbastanza da illuminare anche il sentiero appena davanti a noi. La ricarica incorporata è comodissima e la batteria in dotazione è di ottima qualità e protetta.
    L'unica pecca di questa torcia è nelle impostazioni di luminosità, si passa infatti da 300 lumen a 2500 senza un'impostazione intermedia: sarebbe utile un'impostazione a 1000 lumen. Anche un forellino dove far passare un laccetto per il polso non sarebbe stato male.

    Oct 28,2017

    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    IMALENT DN70 Rechargeable Torch
    Very small and compact torch. Super Bright and a very well spread flood! In person so much brighter than the camera could capture. It comes with a good case. Easy to carry anywhere and store. Very solid sturdy build and highest quality like always with IMALENT products. USB Charger always a plus and very convenient. Quick first initial charge only took just under 4 hours to full power. The Heat dissipation in this flaslight does a good job in keeping it cool enough to touch even in Turbo.
    The only problem i have with this torch are the buttons. they are way too small and flat with the face of the torch. Anyone with bigger hands will have trouble trying to pin point and push them. and they do not protrude enough for you to feel them. And when you do you have to really apply force to turn them on. This is a reall issue Especially in the Dark. you wont be able to locate them unless you have a separate light source or you have your finger on it before you head out in the dark and keep it on there at all times.. Thats the only thing i found a bit frustrating, They should make the buttons a bit larger and make them stick out on top more to easily locate them in any situation.

    Sep 20,2017

  • Mike
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    No problems with post service. Package is good and reliable. Little display shows lumens and voltage. A possibility to charge by usb - I used notebook, so this torch charged about 4-5 hours, not very fast process, but I could charge Li-Ion battery directly in my charger, if I would be in a hurry. It's very useful torch with many variants of brightness. In dark places It could be used at 20 lumens. My little sun like to use 300 lumens when he plays with it under the bed. In the dark street it can be used at 3800 lumens to say "wow" as it illuminates surrounding buildings.
    The buttons are small, it needs time to find them at first times. I think that I will try to glue something on the main button :)

    Jan 16,2018

  • Thanapat Jarajitkul
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Imalent DN70
    My DN70 has an assembly problem.It can run only 10 sec since I unpack the box then dead.I claim to Gearbest support for send back and refund.I'm very appreciate to Gearbest support staff.She offer me if I don't need to send it back for full refund. She will refund some part of cost back to me. So I can spend get it to someone to fix.The problem is the O ring of bottom cap is jam.That's make circuit not enough current to supply the flashlight driver.

    Jul 10,2017

  • Тигран
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Фонарь очень понравился. Компактный, красивый и сделан очень качественно. Светит очень ярко. На экране можно смотреть текущее напряжение. Очень полезная фишка! Померил ток потребления драйвера. На максимальном турбо режиме около 11А при напряжении 3,6В. То есть потребляет он около 40Вт. С учетом КПД драйвера могу предположить, что с него выжато максимум. Своих денег с учетом купона 63$ он стоит. Есть обзор как он светит тут . Там и купон есть правда на 68$.
    Из минусов кнопки включения не прощупываются. В перчатках, ночью не включить. Ну и чехол немного не по размеру. Застежка работает на 30% площадью.

    Mar 14,2017

  • Palou
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    J'en ai acheté une, puis d'autres pour des amis : Avec 2 petites lampes on illumine carrément une rue plongée dans le noir : Impressionnant !Par contre au bout de 2 minutes à pleine puissance la lampe chauffe tellement qu'elle régule sa puissance !Le vigile de ma boite a une énorme torche qui n'éclaire pas le quart de celle ci..En position 2 sur 4, elle éclaire déjà très bien, dure longtemps et ne chauffe pas du tout.Recharge sur usb, parfait.Seul reproche, l'ergonomie perfectible car les boutons sont noirs et pas assez en relief donc difficiles à trouver dans le noir !

    Dec 04,2018