Bluedio TM Casque Bluetooth Sans Fil Stéréo
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Bluedio TM Casque Bluetooth Sans Fil Stéréo

- ROUGE AMOUR 273339902

Contrôle Vocal / Bluetooth 5,0 / Longue Attente
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Caractéristiques Principales:
● Utilise une interface de Type-C, prend en charge la charge et la transmission de données
● L'amélioration de votre musique ne doit pas nécessairement être compliquée. Il suffit d'activer le son 3D, l'espace sonore est étendu pour compléter une sensation d'immersion
● Lecture Bluetooth jusqu'à 30 heures à partir de la dernière technologie Bluetooth 5,0 à basse consommation
● Le Bluetooth fonctionne parfaitement avec votre smartphone, tablette ou lecteur MP3 compatible Bluetooth



Marque: Bluedio
Fonction spéciale: Répondeur Téléphonique,Bluetooth,Microphone,Fonction Multi-Connexion,Bluetooth,Commande vocale
Matières: Métal,PC
Type: Over-ear
Type de Porter: Bandeau

Détails du Produit

Application: Jeux,Sportif
Temps de charge (h): 2h
Compatible avec: iPhone,Téléphone portable
Connectivité: Sans Fil
Fréquence de Réponse: 20-20000Hz
Impédance: 16ohms
Temps de musique: 30h
Sensibilité: 118dB
Temps de veille (hrs): 1000h
Temps de parole: 30h

Fonction Etendue

Formats multimédias supporte: Oui
Bluetooth distance : Obstacles W/O 10m
Mode de Bluetooth: Mains libres,casque
Bluetooth protocole: A2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP

Information de Batterie

Capacité de Batterie (mAh): Batterie Li-ion 650mAh
Type de Batterie: embarqué

Poids et Dimension

Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 24,00 x 25,00 x 10,00 cm / 9,45 x 9,84 x 3,94 pouces
Poids du produit: 0,2200 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 20,20 x 21,30 x 8,60 cm / 7,95 x 8,39 x 3,39 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Paire d'Ecouteurs, 1 x Câble USB Type-C, 1 x Manuel d'Utilisation en Anglais

Bluedio TM Casque Bluetooth Sans Fil Stéréo- Rouge Amour

Bluedio TM Casque Bluetooth Sans Fil Stéréo- Rouge Amour

Bluedio TM Casque Bluetooth Sans Fil Stéréo- Rouge Amour

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  • Tony
    Could have been awesome. Fell flat instead.
    The good:The build quality is above average at this price point.A comfortable fit for small to medium sized heads.Good drivers (sound quality.)Bluetooth pairing with both Android and Windows 10 based devices does work (and via bluetooth 4.2 too.)The bad:Of the three eq settings - only one doesn't distort the sound. The manual fails to note that the up and down volume keys need to be held down simultaneously to change the eq setting.Initial bluetooth pairing and connection using both Android and Windows is slow (not instantaneous as with bluetooth adaptors such as a bluetooth speaker, for example.)The audio cable required to use the headphones via a USB C to 3.5mm jack connection is missing from the package and is quoted as being an "optional extra" in the manual. It's hard to agree with the sentiment that the cable should be optional.No USB C playback. The standard expectation is that if you need to plug the headphones in to charge them, that the bluetooth connection is automatically turned off and that the audio can be then be heard through the headphones via a USB connection. This does not happen. The headphones just turn off.The pairing, on, off, connected and disconnected voice prompts are poor quality, audibly pop occasionally and would be better replaced with a series of indicator beeps instead.The ugly:The headphones will not playback sound whilst they are charging. Without USB C playback, this means that you will need a spare pair of headphones lying around in case you forget to charge them. You can of course instead also choose to just go without..There are sharp edges inside the recesses of the metal extension part of the lower part of the headband. So, these headphones are not suitable for children and would not pass a CE mark test.Constant faint digital buzzing sounds can be heard in the background during low volumes and also when there is no sound playing back. I do not believe that the noise signal coming from the bluetooth adaptor on the headphones has been isolated correctly or at all. It seems a bit insulting that either: A - Some one deaf has engineered or QC'd these headphones or B - Thought that people wouldn't notice.Verdict:I can't recommend these headphones and nor would I buy them again.The buzzing sounds and slow pairing prevent any real recommendation. Otherwise the headphones could have been top of the entry level price point and suitable for kids, should the sharp edges be filed smooth during manufacturing and USB C playback whilst charging functionality is added.A miss but a very near hit. Hopefully a further iteration of this product will iron the creases out of what could be an exceptional product within it's price range.

    Sep 29,2018 05:35:30

  • Idan
    Hey,So I see myself as a "cheap audiophile".I love music (all types, from rock to electronic, classical music and lots more).I have been looking for a great set of headphones i can use while workingand it was important for me to have a good microphone and great battery life.I watched many recommendation videos on different headphones and finally decided to go with bluedio TM.i received the package within a week and a half (fastest delivery ever, to israel),so first of all, gearbest, you're the best.second, i opened the cheap looking box and didn't expect much for this price,but i was amazed! the cleanest, slickest looking headphones i had.I used to listen to an old BOSE wired headphones for ages, just because new ones were too expensiveand the sound quality was i took these out, and with no instructions needed, turned them on.i was greeted by a weird sounding female/robotic/chinese voice "PPPOOOWEEERRR ONNNN"i laughed immediately.pairing with my macbook took about 2 seconds and from that second i was amazed.the headphones sit tightly on my ears and even if i shake my head, it wont budge.first i put electronic music to see the crisp of the trebles and how deep is the bass.this was the first test that passed. i didn't need to charge them and straight on played 70% volume and had the clean sound i searched for.still can't believe the volume this thing gets.I wish i have gotten these much earlier.i didn't care for external equalizers and apps, or even ANC.i heard it's not 100% in different headphones, so i took these for a don't need anything else but these. 3 buttons (power on, volume down and up), great battery lifethats it!you can use the usb type c to charge or to act as audio cable.just buy them already. they look great (in black), no ugly logos and "special" design features.plain old clean headphones. metal bindings, heavy and not too "plastic-y" feel to them.i just love them!!!!!

    Oct 24,2018 10:46:28

  • mavk
    Best budge headphones
    This headphones are probably one of the headphones (if not the best) which can be bought for this amount of money.Pros:-sound sample of these headphones is equivalent to the ones for around 100€-three EQ options are included in the headphones itself (this EQ modes are not explained in the manual which is given in the box so a lot of people don't know for this hidden option)-Good build quality and comfort on your head-Sound is similar to the one of the beats by dre. It's bassy with very clear highs in my opinion (depends on the EQ option which you choose)Cons:-strong clamping force on your head (can be fixed/reduced if you apply slight pressure on your headband so you bend it a little)-Can't use headphones while charging-USBC to 3.5mm cable is not included in the box . Other commercial cables does not work here. You need orginal bluedio cable which is hard to get. -EQ modes are a good thing which is hidden for some reason, bluedio didn't mention it in the manual so you have to find it yourself . (EQ MODES ARE ACCESSED IF YOU PRESS VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN)Overall headphones are recommended for anyone who needs awesome in this price range with good build quality and even better battery duration.

    Oct 21,2018 16:08:24

  • Ja
    Słuchafkowe słuchafki
    Słuchawki sprawują się bardzo dobrze. Są zaskakująco wygodne. Trzyma w nich długo bateria. Mają fajny dizajn, choć spodziewałem się większej czerwieni. Jak dla mnie sa ok.Dobra, a teraz tak na serio:-Słuchawki grają czysto-Mają zaskakująco długi czas pracy-Przed wygrzaniem na najbardziej neutralnym ustawieniu EQ (pozostałe są bezużyteczne jakościowo) miały zbyt mocny środek. Za 30 godzin okaże się jak grają naprawdę (tyle trwa wygrzewanie przez aplikacje producenta).-Łączą się bezproblemowo i trzymają stabilnie zasięg-grają całkiem nieźle jak na swoją cenęMinusy:Po renderach spodziewałem się trochę lepszej jakości wykonania. Nie zrozum mnie źle - jest naprawdę ok, ale mogły by być mniej "plastikowe". Kolor rzeczywiście jest inny niż na renderach. Czerwien jest dosyć różowa, chociaż jako facet pewnie jestem daltonistą :DPo krótkim czasie użytkowania polecam - kupił bym ponownie. Zobaczymy czy miłośc nie przeminie z czasem :3

    Nov 01,2018 19:05:48

  • Bob
    Great product
    Headphones are over ear and very comfortable, even for long listening sessions, and block some of enviromental noise good, also the sound that is coming from them. This is something that is welcome in this price range. Set is easiliy found on any device, and the pairing is quick. Connection is very good, even trough one wall. Bluetooth v5 is a nice feature considering lower power consuption. Battery life is also very good.Sound quality is great. I like that the bass isn't overpowering like in some other Bluedio headsets like T2(+) or H(+) Turbines. Volume is more than suficient.There are 3 EQ modes you can toggle, first is flat and vely pleasing, secind is very bassy with sone mids, and third is V shaped kind of sound curve (more bass and highs). So there is flexibility right onboard which is a plus.Theese are excellent headphones in many ways, considering the price they are superb, and Bluedio did a great job again.I would recommend this to a friend very gladly.

    Oct 30,2018 20:02:04

  • Peter
    Great value for small money
    Bluedio TM (it means Turbine Monitor) is a good looking, pretty bluetooth headphones. It packaged in a really nice black box that keeps your headphones safe in transit. In the box you will find the headphone, some user manual in different language and a usb-c cable to charge the device. The cable is long enough, about 100cm.The battery life is extremely good, I can use the headphone about a week long- daily 2-3 hours listening music.I choose this model becouse it has oval earcups. They are so soft, and well cover my ears. It has a very deep bass, but the low tones don’t dominate, dont want to cover everything. The Bluedio TM offers clear audio with a balanced bass response. If you like this clear sound, I recommend to buy it, but If you prefer the massive bass what is covered every song, it is not your best choose.
    Only two things:-The buttons on the device are small a bit -The earcups material is synthetic leather and a little sweaty in hot weather or after long usage. But for this money is OK.

    Aug 14,2018 19:45:32

    Excelente! Som super alto e nítido!
    Super recomendo este fone de ouvido. Ele tem uma excelente qualidade de construção e é muito confortável. Os pads são muito macios e cobrem as orelhas por completo, o arco não machuca a cabeça. O plástico é fosco, discreto e de qualidade. Ele não fica fazendo barulho ao ser manuseado, como se tivesse bambo, pelo contrário ele é bem firme e não peças móveis. O arco tem regulagem de tamanho, que adequa à cabeça.O som é muito alto, eu não consegui colocar no máximo, é realmente muito alto.O pareamento foi fácil e de primeira nos dispositivos que eu testei. Ele possui 3 botões: On/Off, Vol+ e Vol- .... Pressionando os volumes, aumenta ou abaixa, mantendo pressionado avança ou retrocede uma música. Mantendo o botão de Power pressionado por 1 segundo o Google Assistente é chamado e as respostas são em stereo.O áudio para assistir vídeos é sincronizado, não há atraso. E em ligações é stereo.

    Dec 04,2018 15:04:41

  • Ivady Azevedo
    Tudo sobre o Bluedio TM Monitor
    Depois de usar bastante o fone cheguei a uma conclusão, o fone tem uma qualidade muito boa sim, uma autonomia incrível e é muito confortável, ele possui 3 tipos de assinatura de som, uma voltado mais pro agudo, outra mais equilibrado e uma com assinatura 3D, que deixa o grave bastante agressivo, nessa função os graves ficam tão fortes que chega a distorcer quando o volume está no máximo, não sei se todos são assim, mais o meu veio assim, para mudar os tipos de assinatura sonora é simples, é só pressionar simultaneamente os botões de volume mais e volume menos, o fone vai bipar e o efeito sonoro vai mudar, pelo valor o fone oferece um custo benefício ótimo, pelo que oferece, mesmo tendo o acabamento todo em plastico, não foi dado ao fone muitos detalhes refinados, mais em fim um fone simples de baixo custo que oferece uma boa experiência ao usuário.

    Sep 14,2018 18:29:02

  • Matheus Moreira
    Excelente Headphone Custo Beneficio
    Muito bom o headphone, excelentes graves, aparenta ser em resistente, principalmente graças a aste de metal. Fácil pareamento, e possui vários comandos pelos botões do próprio headphone, exemplo: apertando o volume de + e - simultaneamente troca o perfil de áudio, um com foco nos graves, outro na voz e o terceiro eu não consegui perceber a diferença, alem do fato de ter ficado com menores graves. Outra função é pular e retroceder a musica, ficando apertado durante um tempo o botão de volume. Outra função através dos botões é a ativação do comando de voz no celular, utilizando o botão de desligar. Com certeza voltaria a comprar, excelente audio, muitas funções através dos botões, aparentemente alta duração de bateria (utilizei durante algumas horas assim que chegou, sem nem carregar), e excelente construção. Recomendo!

    Nov 26,2018 18:13:03

  • Caíque Souza
    Best Bluetooth Headset I've picked up in the last 3 years
    Well, at first I found that the sound was too low on account of my old handset, But with 1 hours of use I saw how high the volume was, this obviously was after learning to tinker with The equalizer, which is just amazing. One detail that caught my attention is that the battery of the handset that appears directly on the Bluetooth connection only goes down from 10 to 10%, a very good thing is that the pads totally isolate the sound, Sai a negative detail is that the back button the music is a bit annoying for Work, other than that the handset is sensational... Take a look at the photo and videos

    Nov 07,2018 18:21:36

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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