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  • Стрит
    Отличный комплект за небольшие деньги
    Заказывал 1 августа, 16 все пришло.
    Заказывал для своей экшн-камеры AC Robin Zed5, полный аналог Firefly 8.
    Учитывая стоимость аккумулятора на Робин в Росси (один стоит 790 руб.), считаю, что очень выгодно купил - за 15 баксов - два аккумулятора + зарядник со шнуром в комплекте!

    Повторюсь, аккумуляторы - полный аналог для Робин Zed5 и Zed5SE, так что смело покупайте!

    Aug 18,2018

  • Ivan
    mai più senza energia
    The problem with action cameras used throughout the day is that often the battery supplied is not sufficient to complete a daily recovery. From today with these auxiliary batteries the problem is solved !! they fully recharge in pairs in just over two hours and are ready for use

    Apr 04,2018

  • Vadim
    Hawkeye Dual-slot Charging Dock with Two Batteries
    Товар качественный и полностью соответствует описанию. Аккумуляторы на 100% идентичны тому, что идет в комплекте с камерой. Я доволен. Теперь моя камера будет работать заметно дольше. Спасибо GearBest!
    The product is of high quality and fully corresponds to the description. Batteries are 100% identical to what comes with the camera. I'm satisfied. Now my camera will work noticeably longer. Thank you GearBest!
    Минусов не обнаружил. Всем рекомендую.
    I did not find the minuses. I recommend to everyone.

    Jan 08,2018

  • Jan
    Good quality product
    Battery set as small and convenient as it can be so you can bring it with you everywhere. There is also a box in which make possibile travelling with batteries in right place. Quality of product is very good. So now I'm waiting only for delivery of my camera.
    The only one is that box can be a little bit bigger to make it able to store also charger in it.

    Nov 30,2017

  • Dmitry Ikrin
    Charging dock and two batteries for firefly
    We had some troubles with my order. There was no batteries in the package. But with help of support team the problem is solved. They made a re-sell.
    I have received them today. So much time spent for waiting, but im satisfied.
    Already charged and tested. Great thanks.

    Apr 18,2018

  • Bigone
    Good quality product
    Battery set as small and convenient as it can be so you can bring it with you everywhere. Fast shipping!
    For the price, it's nice, with two more batteries. Found a way to keep both batteries and charger inside the plastic box. Just make sure that the round edge is faced to the cover of the box.

    Feb 13,2019

  • R
    Firefly 8s charger and batteries
    Nice batteries, exactly like the one that come with the Firefly 8s. The light changes to blue when the batteries are charged, nothing special I guess but looks nice.
    Slow shipping speed. A bit expensive overall but I guess it's not that bad. The batteries and the charger do not fit together inside little plastic box, it would be perfect if they did. You can put them inside the box but it does not fully close.

    Jan 21,2018

  • Jack
    Hawkeye 8s batteries and charger
    Easy to use.
    Works fine with my xiaomi charger.
    Don't need to use camera to charge battery any more.
    Package was solid.
    Package was surprising big so customs can stop our parcel.
    So far I didn't have any cons about quality but I don't have much time to test.

    Nov 12,2017

  • DG
    Very good and userfull
    The battaries are looks the same as came with my Firefly 8SE, dual charger is very userfull - it have inderpandent ports so you can charge onw or two battaries. came well packed - battaries in additional plastic box.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Антон
    Доставил СДЭК очень оперативно, всё со мной согласовали по телефону. СДЭК ништяк!

    Получил в удобной пластиковой коробочке, в комплекте две батарейки, зарядка и кабель. Всё подходит к моей камере, быстро заряжается. Доволен. Благодарю!

    Aug 25,2018