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  • Rodolfo
    El mejor reloj mecánico automático chino??? 100% recomendable!!
    Diseño elegante, simple y precioso
    Se puede observar el movimiento mecánico en la parte trasera del reloj
    La autonomía que marca el reloj de 35 horas es absolutamente cierto y además cuando lo usas durante el día esta energía se mantiene al máximo con el simple movimiento de la mano. Durante la noche se descarga justo las horas que duermes.
    Ideal para uso en oficina y vestimenta casual
    El movimiento del segundero en subdial es de manera continua, lo cual da impresión de precisión
    En una semana de uso, ha mantenido la hora exacta
    Es bastante cómodo en la mano
    Las mancillas son metálicas, variando el color de estas dependiendo de la luz que incide en ellas, la mayor parte del tiempo se visualizan en color negras, pero hay ciertos momentos que se ve un azul metálico que se ve hermoso.
    La correa metálica se ajusta a cualquier tamaño de muñeca
    Haciendo la prueba de la gota de agua sobre el cristal se llega a la conclusión que este cristal si es de zafiro auténtico (Ver fotos).
    No se atrasa ni se adelanta. Es sumamente exacto.
    Es un poco pesado, lo cual puede ser un inconveniente, sin embargo, para mi no lo es.
    El color negro de la pieza para dar cuerda, por lo menos en la version que compre, no se ve estético pintado todo de negro, pueden mejorar el diseño. Si pudiese elegir el color de nuevo elegiría esta versión plateada.
    La parte trasera no es de Zafiro.
    Necesitan mejorar la serigrafía, que se vea de mayor calidad la impresión de la carátula del reloj (es decir las leyendas "GUANQIN SINCE 1989", "Energyreserve 35 Stunden" y demás marcas de la carátula).

    Feb 11,2018

  • Yakeup
    All this watch for the price of a timex! just wow!
    very appealing front and back no real issuse like scratches or dings on watch just cause it was packaged pretty well. the band is very nice even though I had to throw a leather one on that bad boy to compleate that dress look, but I reused it on another watch it's just to great of a band to not do so I love how it adjust to be perfect for any size rist for a very custom fit. one thing I did not know going in to this purchase was that the watch is hacking and that's great news cause I can see how accurate it is comparied to my citizen and accurate it is keeping about a second or two or somewhere in-between compaired to my citizen. I beleive I bought this on sale for 58 dollars, I had my eye on it when it was around 70 dollars and when it went on sale I pulled the trigger and bought it. now I know it don't have saphire glass or any lume on dial or hands but like i said it's Timex prices for a automatic watch that looks the part. another issue well not really issue is that it very much looks like a certain nomos watch so there will be people calling it a rip off but this "homage" piece is of very good quality and I'm actually impressed and the addition of the date in the seconds hand is just magical. in high light this thing really pops I don't know if it's just the size or what maybe that I have a black housing and a white dial???. very much worth price,and guanqin has me looking at other pieces they have made although another Seiko is on the list before I buy another watch this one is worth a look forsure.
    I have two negative things to say cause I talked so highly of it the rotor that makes it automatic is a little noisey but it does work well so??? the other is the hands I'm swapping out for lumed ones anyways so not a very big deal but there not as blue as the picture states there like dark blue on the actual watch. would be more pleasing to have a rich blue or a burnt blue

    Aug 04,2018

  • Lou
    Looks Gorgeous, Draws Compliments, Keeps Excellent Time, Bargain Price - Could I Wish For More?
    I'm a woman reviewing this - luckily we females can get away with bigger, "boyfriend"-style watches now!! (See photo of it on my wrist).
    Thought I'd go for the Blue dial rather than the ubiquitous White Dial/Blue Hands - nice as as the White is - I think the Blue dial is more striking, personally.
    According to a *well-known watch forum*, this Guanqin has a Hangzhou 2b00 Automatic movement.
    I like the Milanese strap (many swap this strap when they receive their GJ16106, but I think it goes well with this style).
    One disappointment is that this does NOT have Sapphire Crystal, as many Youtube reviewers mention. I used one of those Diamond Selector II devices and did a fingernail "tap" test (I have natural fingernails :) ).
    But, for just over £30 on special offer I'd be a fool to complain.
    One great surprise, apart from the gorgeous and unusual bauhaus styling, is that mine keeps excellent time. Only a few seconds off each day - compared to my Seiko Alpinist which cost about ten times more and is a worse timekeeper - sadly.
    Got here in 13 days to the UK.
    PS: The watch bracelet adjustment tool wasn't in my box, as I've seen in many unboxings - I wonder if Customs confiscated it (?)

    Nov 09,2018

  • Arijit.B
    Absolutely Gorgeous Product In Your Wrist
    Despite being a homage to luxury brand this product as Guanqin watch itself looks and feel absolutely brilliant. The mesh brand feels very very comfortable to wear and release mechanism and the clasp is top notch. White Dial and with the very minimalistic hour and minute marking which this watch inherit from the original brand design it looks fantastic. Guanqin absolutely has done a fabulous job. The most useful and great feature is the power reserve dial, after using this for a couple of weeks I wish if this feature can be implemented in all mechanical watch....not just a dial but a bar or something even at the back or side will do just fine.....this power reserve indicator ensure that it never go out-of-of power.

    To my usage, I found if the watch wore regularly there is a very negligible amount of slow down but if this sits in and hand wind regularly then there is 1 min delay after two and half weeks or so which in my opinion is nothing.

    Great product by Gauguin.

    Nov 05,2018

  • tiquis
    Guanqin Nomos Lambda
    Este es un gran reloj de muy buena apariencia que rinde tributo al reloj Nomos Lambda. Es una reloj con diámetro de 42 mm con banda milanesa de 20 mm. Es un reloj muy elegante que aunque es un poco ancho se ve muy bien en la muñeca. El reloj trae una maquinaria automática hackeable que funciona adecuadamente. Posiblemente la maquinaria es una seagulll china, no es seiko o miyota pero funciona muy bien. El reloj cuenta con complicación de fecha ubicada a las 6 de la tarde y con complicación de reserva de marcha que se muestra en un dial a las 12. El reloj cuenta con una reserva de 35 horas las cuales son efectivas. En la parte posterior del reloj se puede apreciar la maquinaria a través de su tapa de cristal. El cristal de la caratula al igual que el cristal trasero son ambos de cristal mineral. LA correa que incluye el reloj es metálica de malla de tipo milanesa que es adecuada para este nivel de precio. A este nivel de precio, es difícil hacer alguna crítica, tal vez solo las faltas de ortografía en alemán en la caratula y en inglés en la tapa trasera y por supuesto que no traé cristal de zafiro.

    Nov 30,2018

  • franlorab
    Bonito reloj homenaje al Nomos Lambda.
    Muy agradable a la vista, al tacto y sensación en general.
    Eso sí, la correa milanesa del reloj que acabo de recibir es muy , muy insegura a la hora de dejar bien atrapados los eslabones fijos a la medida de la muñeca.
    No hacía ni una hora del estreno que ya se me había soltado dos veces de la muñeca y caído al suelo, afortunadamente y tras un gran susto pensando que se me había roto o rayado no ha sufrido nada aparentemente. Esto me hace pensar en cambiar inmediatamente la misma por otra negra de piel que es la que un un principio había pensado comprar ya que creo que al final se acabará cayendo y rompiendo el reloj.
    La grafía de pantalla de Energyreserve está algo inclinada, se podían haber esmerado más.
    La grafía de la parte posterior del reloj es lamentable. Podían haber consultado al menos en Google Traslator como se escribe "Water Resistant" ya que escriben "Terproog Reolistant" .
    El funcionamiento mecánico parece correcto y desde luego la apariencia es preciosa. Esperemos no retrase ni adelante con la carga correcta.
    Lo dicho. Necesario cambiar correa para estar seguro de que no se caiga el reloj de la muñeca.
    El envío rápido, en 16 días solamente de China a mis manos.

    Sep 26,2018

  • drgk
    Beautiful Guanqin Watch, Great Quality
    I love this brand because they have such high quality. I received this model it today and would have rated it 5 stars BUT, while I ordered the white face with the BLUE hands, the piece I received was white face with BLACK hands. So, I'm not sure if they do not make them with the blue hands any more...or if it was just a production or order mistake. I definitely wanted the BLUE hands because it looks so artistic. As for the watch itself, it is everything I expected, from a beautiful 22 jewel movement with an exposed back case, to a comfortable stainless strong mesh steel bracelet (mine has a black buckle), to a sapphire crystal. I know this is a homage watch to a rare swiss watch, but it is unique to my collection and wears very very comfortably. The Hong Kong movement is considered very good mechanically, and I expect to get years and years of enjoyment from wearing it.

    Oct 18,2018

  • K Prajwal K
    Great deal for the price
    I ordered the GJ16106 model with the blue dial. (The white dial seemed to be the more popular one though). In my opinion, the blue dial is an underrated option for this model. The dial has this diffused sunburst look to it that is guaranteed to turn heads. The movement is both hacking and winding and seems to be working on point. The power reserve is pretty decent and if daily used doesn't even drop below 20hrs. Also the Milanese strap provided is good enough. A lot of YouTube reviews did show them with leather straps but that is more of a personal preference.

    Mar 18,2019

  • Denis
    Very beautiful watch, with sapphire Cristal and very clean dial with blue indices (blue is visible in certain angle) !
    Watch has highly polished body and with silver Milanese bracelet it looks really stunning. Lather I will tray it on black leather I am sure it will also look good.
    This is a dress watch so the 50 meters water resistance is enough .
    This watch gives so much for the price!
    Highly recommend!

    Dec 11,2018

  • Great Watch!!
    GUANQIN Automatic Watch
    Beautiful watch for the money! Very sturdy, well built with easy adjust mesh band. Keeps excellent time...within a few seconds a day. I have adjusted the time just a couple of times since receiving. If you can't afford the real Nomos for $20 grand, this is a great deal. Highly recommend watch and seller has excellent customer service. Will definitely buy from them again!

    Nov 12,2018