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EcubMaker TOYDIY 4in1 Imprimante 3D FDM Laser CNC Dual-FDM avec plaque de construction chauffante à nivellement automatique PLA
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EcubMaker TOYDIY 4in1 Imprimante 3D FDM Laser CNC Dual-FDM avec plaque de construction chauffante à nivellement automatique PLA

- Quatre fonctions_noir CN

Trois têtes d'outils (FDM / FDM-Dual , CNC , Laser
5 13 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Principales Caractérisques

TOYDIY 4-in-1 3D Printer has FDM 3D printing, Dual-color 3D printing, CNC engraving and Laser engraving four functions in all. TOYDIY is equipped with three toolheads that can be quickly replaced in 30 seconds.
1.FDM Toolhead supports both FDM printing and FDM-Dual printing that use remote extruder filament mode, and extruder heating temperature can be up to maximum 240℃. Bed can be heated up to 50℃. TOYDIY is a totally assembly-free desktop machine.

2.TOYDIY’s Laser toolhead uses purple laser with 1500mw of electrical power that can engrave on wood, plastic, leather, cardboard and other shells, able to process color and gray scale pictures. Please note that should not use laser toolhead to cut material.

3.The CNC Toolhead uses a 385 DC Motor with speed of 8000-10000 RPM, sculpting depth 0.4mm, can carve wood, corkboard, plastics, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.

4. 4-in-1 slicing software: All tasks for 4 functions can be processed by EcubWare software downloaded from our official website. EcubWare regularly update software in EcubWare website so that user can download if needed. EcubWare only supports the 64-bit operating system above win7, and be incompatible with Apple IOS system currently. Furthermore there are some tutorial videos attached in the SD card regarding operation of FDM/Laser/CNC printing.

5. Warranty period: we promise user warranty of one year, within warranty period your printer will be repaired or replaced for free. If you have any questions while using the machine please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

1.For FDM Toolhead, while it is working please DO NOT touch the nozzle directly by your hands to avoid any scald .After printing is completed, leave the machine cool down to indoor temperature before cleaning.

2.Laser Toolhead has laser light beam, please make sure that you are wearing Safety Glasses while printing. DO NOT observe the laser beam directly without Safety Glasses always!


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  • Kevin Whitmer
    My first 3D printer
    I have always wanted a 3-in-1 printer (with FDM printing, CNC carving, and laser engraving) but most of these machines are very expensive. So when I found a 4-in-1 printer that was much cheaper than others, I decided to go for it and see what I thought of the machine. And I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

    The Ecubmaker 4-in-1 Printer comes packaged very nicely. There are multiple smaller, labeled boxes inside of the big box- inside of these boxes you can find the 4 tool heads, the filament, the filament holder, and the tools/parts. Inside of the big box you can find the printer body, already assembled. This printer requires minimal assembly- all you have to do is attach the necessary tool head and start printing! Before using the printer, I wanted to take an in depth look at the printer and it’s structure.
    The printer is built mostly out of metal- it is very sturdy. The words “Ecubmaker TOYDIY 4-in-1 Printer” are engraved on the front of the printer. The power button is on the front of the printer, and when you power it on, it lights up. Also, when you power on the printer, there is a light near the top of the printer that lights up. The SD card goes into the side of the printer. For the bed, you can switch between the CNC carving raft and the magnetic build plate.

    I started by testing the FDM printing capabilities. First, I had to switch the tool head. Ecubmaker has made this very easy; all you have to do is go to the LCD screen, click change tool head, and follow the instructions. This process shouldn’t take more than one minute. For the FDM toolhead, you just have to load the filament and start printing. The FDM printer works well, and I’ve been able to get many successful prints.

    The dual FDM printing feature is something you don’t find in many 3-in-1 printers. This feature has worked very well for me- you just have to load both filaments and start printing. The dual color printing is a little different than others- the filament comes out of one nozzle but has 2 extruders. These prints have come out nicely for me so far as well.
    CNC carving works well for this printer as well. Before printing with it, you have to change the build plate to the CNC carving raft. Then you can start carving. One con of the CNC carving is that it is very loud. But the results are amazing.

    The final feature of this printer is laser engraving. Ecubmaker includes a pair of safety glasses to ensure you don’t damage your eyes by looking at the laser. The laser engraving feature is probably my favorite part from this printer- the results are amazing. I messed up my first laser print a little (the wood was off center). This feature works well but ensure that children stay away from this laser.

    Ecubmaker has also included a software called EcubWare. This is based off of Cura. This software is pretty decent and allows you go slice files directly to your printer.

    Dec 03,2019

  • marcpoun
    It is worthy!!!!!
    This is our first 3D printer and where it was a 4-in-1 we were really excited to use the other functions as well. Before I go any further, please note that customer service from this company is beyond extraordinary. Any time we have run into an issue they have been able to respond and get us help within a few hours.
    The machine itself is heavy, which is great. It definitely helped to provide a sense sturdiness, it was comforting knowing this machine was strong and shouldn't be hurt by a few newbies. Unfortunately sturdy and great are 2 very different things.
    The first time we attempted to use the 3d printer on anything but a test file the FDM nozzle immediately dug into the mat. We had not changed the Z Offset since the test prints so we were very confused. We got in contact with the company and they walked us through adjusting that offset. The values given as part of the instruction manual were unfortunately off by about .5mm.
    We then began a long print on a model with a large footprint. The filament was too far above the printing plate to adhere on one side of the plate. The best we can figure is the plate is not truly flat, so we print everything with a raft to counteract this.
    Finally, after a few months of frequent use on the FDM and Dual FDM toolheads we are finding cracks running through the casings to the point that one of them recently fell apart. The clamps that hold the Bowden Tubes in place have loosened and now it is difficult to keep the tubes seeded, and we have been finding metal shavings by the filament clamps on the back of the machine that is being pulled into the extrusion tubes.
    We have not tried the CNC toolhead yet, but have found the laser to be fantastic and have not had any real problems with that as of yet.
    Overall for our first 3D printer, it is really nice. We have used it quite a bit and have found a love for the printing. We use the laser quite a lot as well. it was definitely a good starting point for a 4-in-1 and anticipate using it for as long as we can. I am simply glad we got it when there were some substantial discounts in place.

    Nov 27,2019

  • ADMI
    So far I have been testing out normal prints and am halfway through a 30 hour print. The printer came fast from amazon, and it was packed well. Nothing was damaged when I opened the box and it was easy to unpack. The thing was covered with foam to prevent any movement, and all the heads were in bubble wrapping. It was easy to open too.
    I like how one of the printing base is soft, so in the case that the extruder head goes into the plate, there is less of a chance of head damage or frame warpage.
    The tuning dial is very responsive and there is no lag with the printer controller when selecting options.
    Its cool that they make it easy to adjust settings while the print is running. The temperature could be changed, print speed, fan speed, and base plate heat. With huge prints, you could swap out filament once one roll runs out, or you could even hot swap filaments after pausing the print while the print is running.
    The machine is really heavy which makes it sturdy because it has a big base that holds the rest of the machine down.
    The printer automatically zeros each print so you don't really have to set anything up for a print, just process a Cura file and print.
    Same for the dual filament printing, cnc function, and laser engraving. JUST MAKE SURE TO USE THE GLASSES when using the laser. If for some reason the laser reflects off of something, it could get into your eye. Its better to be safe than sorry, and the laser is probably Class 2, which means its dangerous, since it could burn wood.
    The head jammed one time and was easy to clear out, and the feeder works well.
    I asked them to help me clear the jam and they gave pretty good instructions. They responded quickly to my questions and walked me through the process well.
    I'm excited to print my ideas out!

    Nov 25,2019

  • Molly Maguires
    Bang on!
    Bang on!! I haven’t encounter so many issue to work on it. Just take several hours to know about the 4 functions one by one. Done all the test print provide on the SD card. And altogether I can say it’s quiet impressive.
    Before going to further details I wanted to mention that- their customer service was great. I contacted them for a confusion during CNC milling. And they reply within a moment with the proper details. That’s a great work!
    Among these 4 function on this machine so far I have spent much time in Laser Engraving. Doing some projects for my company. They have an independent software for Laser Engraving which is a great bonus when using this Functions. Coz it’s more likely a professional engraving function. I found it so much useful for my works.
    Doing some FDM printing too. Most of the model comes with good finishing. As I have new to this 3D Printing world, I thought that I may face some issue with the FDM. But overall it becomes so easy. Just needed to adjust the layer height and some other parameters.
    If I want to talk about the tools comes with the machine is ready to go. Actually I don’t need anything to start with it. All the tools and materials comes with it. Later I buy some filaments and wood sample for my work .
    Not so hard to learn for beginners. Easy set up and easy to use software also. quited please with what come out as not disppointed me

    Nov 29,2019

  • Diane Murray
    The use of this machine is many. That’s why I love my 3DPrinter. I don’t need to worry about the 4 function it has anymore. And the quality of those functions is really very good.
    Auto leveling features helps me lot from having printing trouble. The platform never getting hot because of the heat absorbing technology. So I can easily take out my 3D Printing right after finishing it.
    And one more important things are, it doesn’t need any assemble, its pre assemble machine. Nowadays there is few machine who give this type of system.
    The software for designing it provides, is also very rich in content. I can easily edit or design my model with the ecubware software.
    I will recommend everyone to buy this machine, as its very cheap by comparing with the lots of advance feature and functions.

    Dec 02,2019

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