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    I have had purchased screen protectors from them before and they are amazing, this time they also sent a frame that makes the applying of the protector even easier, Awesome idea and even better product, Must buy for complete protection of your phone

    Dec 04,2018

  • Alexis Salinas
    it can provide the same touching feel and even more it will protect the phone screen when accident happens, This is crazy and I really recommend to get this tempered glass screen protector for this phone

    Nov 07,2018

  • Yan Hu
    Awesome screen protectors, Bought this product for my in-laws months ago and they still have it on there phone, This Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are strong and can last for a long time

    Nov 19,2018

  • Edwin Berrios
    I've had my phone for a year and I've had no cracks in my actual screen, Amazing product, does the same job that other tempered glass screen protectors do, but at an appealing price

    Dec 06,2018

  • WalterRadz
    stiffer glass nature of this screen protector didn't even present ANY bubbles for me, Much better/easier than the thin film protectors that present many bubbles

    Nov 06,2018

  • R. Frank
    Great product, It's actually easier to put a tempered glass screen protector on a phone than it is to put a film type plastic protector

    Nov 12,2018

  • A. Tegtmeier
    Great product for a great price, Sure the tempered glass cracked but the original screen was perfect

    Nov 20,2018

  • Mr. J.G. Sedgwick
    I have used many tempered glass screen protectors, the screen protector is flexible and well made

    Dec 07,2018

  • Joey Hepburn
    Great tempered glass screen protector that goes above and beyond in a couple of excellent ways

    Dec 13,2018

  • jose castro
    there is tempered glass and this stuff is the ultimate protection for your phones screen

    Nov 08,2018