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  • Corie Perry
    This iPhone X Screen Protector is another durable and quality phone accessory built by Maxboost, I found it comparable to other higher-end screen protectors on the market, The glass is thick enough to prevent your phone from reasonable fall damage -LRB- hip height or so -RRB- and on a variety of surfaces -LRB- concrete, This product offers three separate screen protectors for a fair price, I trust this brand to protect my cellular devices

    Aug 26,2018

  • judypink
    The price was extremely reasonable and the kit came complete with three glass screen protectors, a guide so you can't install it crooked, but I was able to get my screen installed with absolutely nothing trapped between the original screen and the protector, Now I have the peace of mind of two spare protectors as well as the one installed perfectly on my phone

    Oct 07,2018

  • J22Runner
    this screen protector falls short of the five stars I wanted to give this purchase, the Install plate makes for perfect alignment -- but the inevitable bubbles & immediate lint collection from being in my pocket is just like all the previous screen protectors that came before it, but I really wonder ... is there a perfect screen protector out there

    Sep 29,2018

  • Rob R.
    Bought these and was happy with the application, and noticed a small crack on my screen, I was hopeful that when I took the protector off my screen would be fine, Not a ding or crack on my actual screen to be seen, I'm a believer in these screen protectors now and threw on the extra one I had and ordered another set today

    Sep 17,2018

  • nathan morales
    Ok first one I dropped my phone and it cracked but the screen was fine, The plastic guide is nice and makes installation easier, My second protector went on but there were some spots where it looked like it didn't attach properly, All in all a great screen protector

    Jul 31,2018

  • AR
    Initial review : quality is good and love the new way to install with the included frame but after install I noticed that it doesn't go beyond the actual lighted screen, Meaning you see a rainbow around the entire screen where it tapers down

    Oct 18,2018

  • David
    I love it! Best protector for screen on the market. And the price is insanly good. I orderd 3 because im kinda bad at placing it but they gave discount for more! Im super satisfied with the product and the quality. Absolute favorite

    Apr 03,2019

  • Chun
    These glass screen protectors are much better than the thin flexible film types, These are easy to install especially with the guide, Just make sure the screen is super clean and lint free because if you get lint underneath

    Sep 03,2018

  • cv harquail
    I had tried another kind and did not like them because the edges of the protector were sharp and not rounded like the case-mate brand, Not sure if the protection will be as good yet but I will update my review if it's not

    Sep 30,2018

    for the premium quality, You got me fully satisfied with your optimum quality in product, For all your satisfying service, I personally thought this awesome screen protector is worth ten times its pricing

    Sep 12,2018