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What the Chinese version differentiates from the Global version? The keyboard is QWERTY? As far i understood it's an easy process to just change the language in windows 10. The power adapter is different? Thanks

By Pedro Nov-30/2018 16:29:51

helloThe keyboard is QWERTY;. The power adapter is CN

Le clavier est en azerty ou en qwerty ?

By Chenar Sep-18/2018 10:31:55

Bonjour Chenar,C'est un clavier QWERTY.Bonne journée 

Hi, i just want to know what is the difference between the different warehouses, and if customs can ask for some additional fees Thanks regards Paul

By paul Feb-15/2018 12:06:50

Hello paul,They are in different countries.If any taxes are incurred, they are charged by the destination country and not by Gearbest. Taxes are beyond Gearbest's control and are charged according to local customs policies and regulations. For more details, please check your local customs website.See our FAQ's here: