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Bouteille d'eau pour chien LESOTC pour la randonnée pédestre 18oz 520 ml Bouteille d'eau portable pour chiens
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Bouteille d'eau pour chien LESOTC pour la randonnée pédestre 18oz 520 ml Bouteille d'eau portable pour chiens

- Bleu Royaume-Uni

Bouteille d'eau pliable pour animaux de compagnie
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Principales Caractérisques

[FACILE À UTILISER]: Conception brevetée exclusive, selon l'amélioration d'autres marques, bouteille d'eau pour chien de conception U2mug et bol d'eau deux en un. Le capuchon pliant agit comme un bol d'eau, et vous n'avez plus besoin d'un bol externe pour donner à votre copain velu de l'eau à boire. Appuyez sur la bouteille d'eau d'une main et l'eau coulera dans le bol. Repliez-vous après avoir bu. C'est aussi simple que cela.

[GRANDE CAPACITÉ]: un volume de 18 oz / 520 ml peut donner de l'eau sûre, fraîche et saine pour les chiots de votre copain poilu à tout moment pendant, en particulier pendant les voyages, la randonnée et quelques autres actions en plein air. Il convient parfaitement aux chiens de petite et moyenne taille.

[Pas de fuite d'eau]: La boucle rotative supérieure est conçue pour éviter que l'eau ne revienne. L'idée est d'empêcher la pollution de l'eau restante dans la bouteille. Le joint en silicone scellé à l'intérieur du couvercle permet de s'assurer qu'il n'y a pas de fuite d'eau, vous n'avez également pas à vous soucier de mouiller votre sac de voyage; la bouteille peut également être pressée sans gaspiller de l'eau même s'il n'y a qu'une petite quantité d'eau dans la bouteille car elle a un tuyau d'eau intégré.

[SÛR et LÉGER]: L'eau compacte pour chien la bouteille est en HDPE, le bol d'eau est fabriqué avec du silicone standard alimentaire; il est sans BPA, il n'a pas d'odeur et il est écologique et recyclable; les pièces sont détachables et faciles à nettoyer; seulement 0,3 lb / 140 g.

[Rappel amical]: Veuillez confirmer la propreté et l'hygiène de l'eau potable avant de remplir l'eau pour éviter les dommages causés par la consommation d'eau sale pour la santé de votre animal.


Type d'élément
Bouteilles d'eau
Le volume
500 ml
Race de chien applicable
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  • Jonathan Escobar
    Great water bottle for our dog
    We tried a couple different types of water bottles and this was the one that we kept for the following reasons:✅ Portable/Easy to carry - it comes with a strap✅ Wanted something compact - the attached drinking bowl can folds down to make it compact✅ Built in dispenser - just squeeze and water comes up✅Wanted something that could a decent amount of water in the bowl for our dog to drink out of✅Wanted something that unused water in the bowl could go back into the bottle easily✅Minimal waste of unused water - most of the water sucks back into the bottle when you don’t squeeze, but there are a few drops that don’t go back in or stick around the sides✅ Leak Proof - there’s a small locking mechanism that you twist on the top to open/close the spout✅ This actually fits in the cup holder of our car so we have it handy if the dog gets thirsty while we’re drivingThis was the only water bottle that our dog liked to drink out of. In fact, when we go to the dog park, other dogs like to drink out of it too. Had quite a few people ask where we got it so we pointed them here.Now for the negatives, not very many.❌ The locking mechanism isn’t extremely sturdy. I feel like if I apply a lot of torque, I could actually break it, just trust that when it stops moving, it’s completely “locked”...not like when twisting a water bottle cap that you twist it right to ensure it won’t leak❌ If you have big hands, it may be a little difficult to twist to locking mechanism but you should still be fine❌ You have to keep the water bottle squeezed, in order for the water to stay in the bowl so your dog can drink, otherwise the water sucks back into the bowl.All in all, this was best water bottle we tried that our dog would drink out of, and it was highly functional/efficient.

    May 25,2020

  • Ng
    Great product for walking and hiking with your dog.
    We have a 80lb gsd we take on adventures,and we all know water is important for dogs. We are fairly active, from backpacking, hiking, trail running, biking, Snow sports and various road trips throughout the year, and have tried many different ways to keep our pup hydrated. We opted for this instead of the other types of bottles because it seemed compact.Upon receiving the item, it was packaged in a nice cardboard packaging with information on the product. I took the bottle out, and opened it to wash the inside, noticing a very strong plastic odor. Noticed the packaging said food grade silicone, couldn’t find much info on the plastic itself. Hoping the plastic smell washes out.Took it on our run/walk today. Used it, and it functioned as advertised. A little bulky and awkward to hold while running, but it seems this wasn’t necessarily meant to be held while running. Dog drank out of it as advertised.Pros:- All in one, no need for separate bowl/bottle- easy to hook onto backpack- bright colorful cute design- good for day hikes, daily walks, bikingCons:- Too bulky for trail running, backpacking and snow sports. Lightweight bowl and bladder is more efficient if you’re counting weight for backpacking.- hard to clean interior- Unlike a bowl, I can’t just set it down and let my pup drink while I grab a drink or snack for myself.The item is great, and as advertised which is why I gave it a 5 star! However, if you’re an avid adventurer, this may not be the most versatile option.

    May 07,2020

  • Andrey
    Functional, compact, great quality
    This dog water bottle has completely transformed walks with my (now) 8 month puppy Marley. She is so happy with her new bottle. It’s so easy to use. No more carrying bottled water and a heavy bowl from the kitchen cabinets on our walks. I added a clip to attach the bottle to my north face Fanny pack. Even when it’s filled, it’s not too heavy or intrusive in any way. It’s compact and I love the materials it is made with. The features allow you to just stop and give your pup water within seconds at any point during a walk. The leak proof design is genius, it stops water from being wasted and whatever your dog doesn’t drink goes right back in the bottle once you release pressure (but if you don’t like backwash you can also just dump it out). The built in bowl that i just pop open is the perfect size. Impressed and everything i was looking for (and then some). Get it, your dog will thank you and you’ll thank yourself.

    Apr 16,2020

  • Julia
    Best dog accessory we own
    10/10 would recommend. I believe we purchased this for $15 and it was well worth it. We commute to work with our pup on city buses and subway and we need to have water easily on hand. This product is great because you don't waste the water that you bring, like you would with a bottle and bowl. When you release your squeeze, the water gets sucked back inside. A little gross, yes, but if you're worried about running low it's a big help. Or if you have nowhere to dump excess water (like on a bus), this feature is key. It leaves a VERY tiny bit of water in the bowl part that you can dribble on the floor (or on your dog if they're into that on a hot day) before flipping the bowl back over the lid. This is also fantastic for travelling (road trips, air travel, or just visiting a pal around the corner). We clipped a carabiner on to ours so it can easily clip onto a backpack or purse strap.

    Apr 26,2020

  • Michelle Jae
    Great little water bottle, my chocolate lab dog liked it!
    I made this video of the pet water bottle upon its first use, right out of the box. My dog is an 80lb chocolate lab, so I was concerned that it may be too small for her muzzle. But, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked just fine for her.

    The bottle has a silicone "bowl" that folds down over itself, making it very compact. The top has a valve that you open and close, and bottle has a straw going down into the bottle to allow for suction to fill the bowl when you squeeze it. Pretty simple design that works well.

    The strap that goes around the bottle has a snap for easy removal, and I walked about 2.5 miles with my dog and it was very comfortable.

    Apr 09,2020

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