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  • Renee Van Wormer
    In my experience it's definitely worth paying more for the genuine article, some knockoff Arduinos I got recently included in another purchase are useless because newer Mac OSs make it exceedingly difficult to install the needed drivers that you don't need with a real Arduino

    Apr 26,2017

  • Roman
    Интересный конструктор, но недоработанный.
    Доставили быстро, собрали ещё быстрее, но дальше пошли танцы с бубнами. Аппарат на фото не соответствует тому, что прислали: другие гайки на ходовых винтах (пластмассовые вместо латунных), нет опорных подшипников, муфты на двигателях постоянно раскручивается и т.д.
    Но в принципе после долгих ковыряний удалось запустить и даже немного пофрезеровать. В общем нужна "окончательная доводка напильником".

    Apr 11,2018

  • CL1315
    It's a really good product, the firmware still needs a update or two but apart from that the build of this machine is quite good compared to it's low cost, time will tell if this machine is reliable and consistency of its results

    Aug 23,2016

  • Lodewijk Wallijn
    The price is great though, the only true complaint that I have about this board is that there was a weird sticky residue on the board which is most likely harmless but it just didn't look very pleasing

    Mar 11,2018

  • Joe R.
    Either one of those manufacturers supplies a good quality genuine arduino, i wrote everything you need to know to make a well informed purchase as I appreciate when people leave good reviews

    Nov 27,2016

  • Douglas P. Blakely
    With so many different printers on the market that claim to be user friendly, i am very happy with this printer and if I had to do it again I would pick the Creator Pro again

    Aug 20,2016

  • Todd Mcgeorge
    I have really enjoyed making different projects with the Arduino, it is limited to your imagination and the parts you are willing to purchase

    Jun 03,2016

  • catamountj
    Great design, same stuff and though it's not `` genuine'' and costs a little less than twice as much, i'm sure you can just donate money to them

    May 10,2016

  • Seattle Sue
    It is the new design teal color, is high quality screening, it is the new design teal color, is high quality screening

    Dec 22,2016

  • Angela Williams-Melero
    The printer has been great so far and Tang was very helpful with the few questions I had when first setting it up

    Jun 09,2017