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  • Dennis Ream
    Right away I fell in love with the characters because they matched each other perfectly, at the end came even more tears especially when the husband would never leave is wife and when they left this world together touched my heart in a way that only a true love story can

    Feb 19,2018

  • nathen upperman
    This film is a love story - a story where the love is believable and tugs at your heart realistically, the basic plot is formulaic - rich girl falls for boy from the wrong sides of the tracks and of course their relationship can't work, which is most important in this world

    Jul 24,2017

  • Sue DeVillier
    It's a classical case of rich girl falls in love with poor boy born on the wrong side of the tracks, their love for each other went far beyond time and space and Noah never gave up on Allie even when disease had claimed the best of her memories

    Mar 08,2018

  • USC Doctor
    It is a typically sappy love story but it is also a very good story about how people deal with the pitfalls of life, not just for the beautiful love story of the young people, but for the genuine love story of the older generation as well

    Feb 12,2018

  • Sara Lane
    True love and commitment demonstrated by the decreasing number of relationships making it to marraige and the staggering increase of divorce, it's stories like these that lend a glimmer of hope and belief in a darkened world

    Nov 16,2017

  • Leslie from Aurora
    I read the book so many years ago and thought wow this is a great love story, you don't typically find a movie that was first a great read that goes above your expectations on the big screen

    Jul 28,2017

  • Shushana Grant
    The passion of just pure innocent love and how it can stand the test of time which seems like it only exist in the movies but you have to have some kind of truth to base a movie on right ...

    Jan 23,2018

  • carole fowler
    Rowlands keeps her performance just fragile enough to draw you in while Garner exudes a heartfelt love and devotion that most people don't feel in a lifetime, pure love

    Mar 11,2018

  • Myrna T. Washington
    Chalk this one up to one of the greatest love stories & maybe even THE best, the old characters telling the story from `` a book'' was priceless and the ending was perfect

    Dec 06,2017

  • Diana S. Ward
    The acting and love story are unsurpassed, the best love story since Titanic, if everyone on earth could have a love this strong we would all have heaven on earth

    Nov 17,2017