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  • Karen A Gibson
    Great, functional product with a good build quality
    Great, functional product with a good build quality. I bought this thinking it would fast charge my iphone x, but that is not the case since it does not support power delivery. It will still charge it more rapidly than an ipad charger though, provided you use a lightning to USB type C cable.

    Aug 08,2019

  • Carolynn
    A space-saving adapter for several devices
    While I use this mainly for at home, this would be a great addition to my travel bag. I can plug in my Pixel phone, and two other devices while using one outlet. The ports are lit when power is coming through, and the power routing for faster charging seems to work well.

    Aug 05,2019

  • Pablo Torregrosa
    Great charger!
    I love this thing. Works great, plenty of power to charge multiple devices at once. I especially enjoy having 2 regular USB ports and a USB C port. Works outstanding with my Samsung S8 with an Amazon Basics USB C to USB C cable.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Josh Burson
    Works well
    Reasonable size and functional shape. Charges well. Is useful around the house and for travelling. Type C receptacle is a must these days, though of course we have dozens of legacy micro-usb and IOS type cables.

    Jul 09,2019

  • ScoobyFan
    Best charger for my travels
    Tested this 60 watt charger right away. Charged my iPhone for 30 minutes. It went from 49% to 75% charged. Fast! This will now be my travel charger as it's smaller and occupies less space in my purse

    Aug 07,2019

  • Brandon
    Great Wall Hub
    I bought this so I could charge multiple devices at once, it works great however I feel like there may be cheaper options but if you want one that will definitely work then choose this.

    Jul 19,2019

  • Jade Meko Ragas
    Needed a good travel charger
    I needed to reduce the number of chargers I carry when traveling and photography and these worked great. Charged my tablet and cell phone at the same time at normal charge rates.

    Jul 22,2019

  • Alicia L. W.
    Thin and very useful
    Most multi usb charges are pretty wide and I have a difficult time trying to fit it on my power bar. but this one is perfectly thin enough to between the outlets. Works great!

    Jul 20,2019

  • Jo Picard
    Perfect Type C Wall Charger
    I received this wall charger along with a Battery Pack. It's just what was needed to accommodate the two cables used for the quick-double recharge for the unit.

    Aug 02,2019

  • TattooedCancer
    It's a charger, I don't get too excited about it but it works well.
    It's a charger, it's small, plug blades fold for travel. Seem like it's high powered enough to charge your stuff. Maybe not as fast as some others, it works great.

    Jul 17,2019