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  • Rose Lucy
    Great value, Good quality and Fast build time!!!
    I have been looking for this style printer, this Creality3D CR - X looks has the best build quality with a reasonable price, now, I’m very satisfied with my choice.
    Packaging: The foam packaging was formed to all of the parts of the printer and all of the parts were well protected. I am very impressed with how much thought was put into packaging this printer.
    Setup: The setup was very straight forward, with the quickly assemble design.
    Build Quality: The build quality for this printer is very nice, with all the parts put together everything is very solid. The bed, the housing box, and the spool holder everything works well.
    Print Quality: The print came out really well, very impressed at first glance.
    Overall, the quality is really good and the build time was super fast. I would definitely recommend this for either a beginner or somebody with experience looking for a 3d printer.

    Mar 14,2019

  • Wallis Longman
    This is the best you're gonna get!!!
    So, I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to review things because I'm such a picky person, but here's my review so far. I received the package, and it was packaged very well, better than I expected. The assemble is EXTREMELY easy, so far, I falling in love with the 2-color printing. This 3D print equipped with all metal extruder, which features better strength, longer service life, and self-contained elastic adjustment function. And the 4.3 inch colorful touch screen with the perfect human-machine dialogue function, bring me an unprecedented intelligent operating experience.
    Stop thinking about which 3D printer you want to buy! Save time and just buy this one, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    May 25,2019

  • Melinda
    Creality X
    Is the newest 3D printer from them, it was shipped very fast from EU Warehouse, well packages, without sign of hit on package. You have 2 PLA 1kg filament in the package. the machine is very easy to assembly, you should fix it with few screws and is ready to use it. Good feel of material, its robust, easy to use. I only had problems with the Cura software, which (I used it for my Creality 10S) isnt compatible with this model. Im happy with purchase and I recommend it.

    Mar 09,2019

  • Mantas
    Creality3D CR - X
    Fast shipping 4 days from ordering to delivery. I got it from Germany's warehouse so I didn't have to pay import and VAT taxes. 3D printer prints as I expected very decent quality for this price range. I would recommend this printer for a friend.

    Jul 14,2019

  • tonecue
    crx dual extruder
    premiere imprimante avec 2 extrudeurs , le probleme de cette imprimante est au niveau du gachi de matiere , j'ai donc remplacer la simple buse par une buse double (E3d Chimera+) et ca marche du feu de dieu. Je conseille a tout le monde de faire cette manip car elle permet de vraiment utiliser 2 matieres avec 2 diametres de buse differente.

    Oct 26,2018

  • Coldsweat
    Bonne machine: montage simple, des option comme le plateau chauffant et un revêtement ou le PLA accroche sans colle (ou autre), molette pour le réglage du plateau ainsi que la possibilité de placer la buse sur les points de contrôle via l'écran tactile, configuration de la double extrus. très simple et très facile d'utilisation.

    Nov 28,2018

  • Gloria Alice
    Great Printer for any level of experience.
    If you are looking for the perfect 3D printer right out of the box with quick start up then this is the printer for you. Extremely happy with this printer! Extremely sturdy, well designed and prints great!

    May 07,2019

  • Michell Pigou
    Great printer and Great service!
    This is a great printer! This machine is very easy to set up, no joke, in less than 20 min you should be up and running. Keep it maintained and clean, and it should last and serve you well.

    May 18,2019

  • Elizabeth Betty
    It is made of high quality material with the strict process, which is very strong and durable, and every detail is exquisite and perfect,brings high quality prints.

    May 27,2019

  • Carter Geordie
    Interesting print machine
    Equipped with double extruder can simultaneously enter the extruder with 2 consumables, then achieve double color / mixed color printing, very interesting.

    Apr 20,2019